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Carrot seed oil: the aromatherapy and health benefits of carrot seed essential oil

Updated on August 21, 2009


Carrot seed essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild carrot plant, Daucus carota. The plant is perhaps better known as a roadside weed and meadow wild flower, by the names Wild Carrot, Bishop's Lace, or Queen Anne's Lace.

The light, woodsy smell of carrot seed oil makes it a good base for natural perfumes, but it also has many interesting healing properties.

Carrot seed oil is safe for use both internally and on the skin, and it can also be used in a aromatherapy oil diffuser for restoration of the mind and body.

In aromatherapy products, carrot seed oil is used both as a base, and for its own beneficial properties.

This photograph is of Wild Carrot / Bishop's Lace / Queen Anne's Lace, in flower. Image in the public domain.
This photograph is of Wild Carrot / Bishop's Lace / Queen Anne's Lace, in flower. Image in the public domain.

Health benefits of carrot seed oil

Carrot seed oil's strongest healing effect is on the digestive system in general.

It was, in fact, used widely in the ancient world as a carminative, or gas-reducer and general digestive.

Taken internally after a large meal, carrot seed essential oil can aid digestion, lessening the probability of indigestion and gas that comes with a big meal.

More specifically, carrot seed oil is very healing for the liver and kidneys. It can be taken at the rate one drop per day to help with the effects of diseases like jaundice and hepatitis.

Carrot seed essential oil can detoxify the liver, and it can help with liver cell regeneration, meaning that carrot seed oil actuall helps reverse liver damage.

Carrot seed essential oil is an excellent supplement to take during detoxifying diets and fasts, as it will boost the function of the liver and will make detoxification take place more quickly and efficiently.

Although homeopathic and alternative medicine practitioners tend to focus more on carrot seed essential oil as a liver tonic, it has similar effects on the kidneys, helping clear them of disease, detoxify them, and regenerate them during and after bouts with certain illnesses.

Carrot seed essential oil detoxifies not only the liver and kidneys, but also the rest of the body.

Diseases that can be caused or worsened by the build-up of various natural toxins and manmade chemical toxins - such as arthritis, gout, endema, and rheumatism - can be alleviated with carrot seed oil taken internally or rubbed into the muscles.

Carrot seed oil helps boost the function of the liver, which is the organ that pulls most of the toxins from the various body systems and organs. In this way, carrot seed oil cleanses toxins from the entire body during a detoxification process.

In a vaporiser or diffuser, carrot seed oil has an excellent effect on the nose, throat, and lungs.

It is believed to help strengthen the mucus membranes in these organs, ensuring that they can better rid the body of diseases associated with the respiratory system.

In fact, carrot seed oil is sometimes used for the relief of cancer patients who are having trouble with the throat and lungs.

Because of this, an aromatherapy oil diffuser containing carrot seed oil is an excellent home remedy for bronchitis and influenza symptoms, and it can help shorten the necessary recovery time associated with these diseases.

As with all essential oils, they should not be used in the place of proper medical care, of course.

Carrot seed oil and skin care

Carrot seed essential is perhaps most noted for its effect on the skin.

Because it helps cells regenerate, carrot seed oil is an excellent remedy for any number of skin problems and diseases. It can alleviate the symptoms of eczema, and it also is an excellent remedy for dry skin.

While carrot seed oil is good for almost any skin type because it has a balancing effect for both dry and oily skin, it is especially recommended for aging skin, as it helps the skin regenerate more quickly, and it helps prevent and reverse the effects of wrinkles.

Further, carrot seed oil used in facial preparations adds color and vibrancy to dull skin because it regenerates the cells quickly as it helps exfoliate the old cells.

Carrot seed oil is gentle enough to use undiluted on most skin, although each person should test her own skin for reactivity and allergies.

Because of its gentleness, carrot seed essential oil is often used as a base oil for skin moisturiser preparations, although this oil can be expensive and should be used wisely in this case.

As an alternative, the oil is very effective when used as just one part of an oil mixture based in a more affordable base oil such as sunflower seed or jojoba. One excellent attribute of carrot seed oil used for the face is that its very light yellow or orange color adds a healthy glow to the skin.

Carrot seed aromatherapy

Besides all these wonderful attributes, carrot seed essential oil can be used in a warm bath to relieve muscle pain, and its light, unobtrusive scent in an aromatherapy oil diffuser helps relieve pressure and rejuvinate the mind after a long, stressful day.

Experiment with carrot seed oil in different combinations. In aromatherapy massage and aromatherapy products, it blends particularly well with spicy scents like bergamot, citrus scents like lemon, and floral scents like geranium and lavendar.

Different combinations will have different effects, so blend small batches to try for different purposes.


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