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Causes and remedies of toothache

Updated on September 24, 2015

As social animals we all like to participate in festivals and other ceremonies. Since we love to attend these occasions it is pretty much obvious that we can’t avoid eating sweets unless we are diabetic. Eating sweets and fast foods trigger a very common but yet very painful problem-toothache. People who have faced toothache, they know how painful it can be. Along with the painful experience the yellow appearance of teeth can make it really embarrassing though it is not necessary that toothache and yellow teeth will come together. Here is a description of the causes and common remedies of toothache. We will also try to understand about the stains on the teeth. Toothache is of many types, it can be throbbing, sharp, shooting, or constant which is worse of all. There are many causes of it, and if not properly treated, the tooth may have to be eventually extracted. I have listed some of the most common causes.


1. Toothache is directly proportional to tooth decay. The decay of tooth takes place when acid reacts with the tooth calcium. Acid is formed when bacteria breaks sugar.

2. Gum diseases like scurvy can cause toothache.

3. Regular intake of cold drinks can damage teeth which later results in pain.

4. Eating chocolates, smoking habits and having tea in excess and harm teeth.

5. Taking something which is too hot or too chilled, harms teeth.

6. Jaw Disease - also known as TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) dysfunction.

7. Sugar isn’t the only dental baddie that destroys healthy teeth. Acidic, low-pH foods like sour candy, soft drinks, fruit juices also soften teeth.

8. Crack in teeth due to accidents summons bacteria.

9. Tooth root sensitivities also results in toothache.

10. How can one forget improper brushing of teeth? They are one of the biggest contributors in toothache.

These are the most common causes for initiation of toothache. Considering today’s lifestyle, it is next to impossible to avoid few of the factors which cause toothache. Now let’s discuss few of the very simple remedies of pain which is not only effective but also easily available.


1. Chewing raw onion kills bacteria in mouth.

2. Pouring a few drops of vanilla extract gives instant relief in toothache.

3. Application of clove oil mixed with pepper powder can also give relief in toothache.

4. Bark of ‘Margosa’ tree and 3-5 cloves can be boiled together and the outcome can be preserved for instant toothache relief.

5. 6. Mixture of mustard oil and turmeric powder can be applied to teeth it’s highly beneficial to cure all kinds of teeth problem.

6. Put clove in between the paining tooth can also give relief in pain.

7. Putting ice pack on cheek can also give relief.

8. Lime rich source of vitamin C not only averts tooth decay but also helps in pain relief.

9. Oil of oregano is very good for tooth

10. By squeezing a wad of cotton wool soaked in brandy against the affected tooth helps numb the pain. I can see smile on the face of people who love to drink already.

11. Wheat grass juice cab is an excellent mouthwash.

12. Garlic can help you to overcome toothache.

13. Gargle after every meal and also floss before retiring to bed. Use a toothpick to remove any embedded food particles from the cavities.

Tooth Stains

Smile is one of the most precious things we have been gifted with and if you can’t smile or laugh without any hesitation then it is a bane. Of course, there is nothing much we can do if there is any other reason but if that reason is stain on your teeth perhaps I can help you.

Why Stains

1. Too much fluoride can contribute to teeth stains. Normally, fluoride is quite beneficial to the health of our teeth but not in excess.

2. Oral hygiene is as important as teeth. Ignoring it makes teeth to look unattractive and discolor.

3. Medication is something we cannot stop but it makes teeth to discolor.

4. Chewing tobacco is one of the prime reasons of tooth’s ugliness.

5. Treatments like chemotherapy cause in discoloration of teeth.

6. Brushing teeth with high pressure also discolors teeth.

7. Genetics plays a part in the whiteness of teeth.

8. Aging brings discoloration.

9. Excessive intake of tea, alcohol, coffee and smoking can cause stains on your teeth.

Keep Smiling

1. Treatments like bleaching, veneers, bonding etc. are available and we can opt for the right one with the help of a dentist.

2. Proper brushing.

3. Over-the-counter whitening agents can be used to get back the shining teeth.

4. Generally people use peroxide to clean tooth. That is a bad idea, keep it for only wounds.

5. Clean teeth with lime.

6. Try plaque dissolver.

7. Strawberry consumption can really help in whitening the teeth as they are the natural whiteners.

8. Use straws while drinking soft or sports drinks.

Toothache and stains on teeth can be cannot be considered as diseases but in fact they are a bit worse then it. The pain can be as severe as one of the most horrendous experience we have ever had in life. Along with it there is one more problem closely connected with toothache and tooth stain and that is bad breath.

How to get rid of Bad Breath

1. Drink lots of water.

2. Medication can be a cause but we cannot help it. Consult doctor.

3. We can also suppress the bad breath by gums, tart candies and adding bread in meal.

4. To avoid bad breath saliva plays an important role. If one have any issue in excretion of saliva then it is better to consult a doctor.

5. Do not allow your tongue to become dirty floor.

There are many common problems which we human face since we are getting away from nature and natural things. I could not find many instances of toothache a few decades away or in the time we were more close to nature. So my suggestion will be to take care of you by avoiding which is more of a habit than a requirement.

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    • profile image

      nilu 5 years ago

      Good things are given here. I think we should follow these things and take care of each tooth.As tooth ache once led me to pain of death