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Causes of Epilepsy

Updated on July 10, 2009

Epilepsy is poorly understood disease by people and they are always afraid of it. People normally mistake epilepsy patient to be abnormal, but in reality epilepsy is a normal disease and anybody can suffer from it.

The society has stigmatized epilepsy and families with it are always afraid and sometimes ashamed of them due to the stigmatization of epilepsy’s, many people associate epilepsy with mental illness or disorder.

 In a society where people do not understand epilepsy, they normal believe that it is as a result of bad spirit or a devil struggling and controlling the body.

One myth associated with epilepsy’s is that it could be passed on to someone through saliva, urine or just by getting into contact with somebody having it, the fact is epilepsy is not contagious and cannot be passed on this way

Epilepsy’s are idiopathic; the fit is as a result of an abnormal electric discharge from the body to the brain. When the brain has malfunction or disorder they may cause the fit.

The neuron cells in the brain are always discharging electrical impulses transmitted as messages from the brain through nerves cells to the rest of the body giving instruction of what the brain wants to perform

Epilepsy can be caused when one is born with abnormal nerve cells which frequently sent out abnormal impulses resulting from wrong messages to our body, they the body translates into fit

An epilepsy person will always fall down because the body gets rigid as a result of abnormal impulses forming the abnormal neurons causing muscle contractions. When these happens you will always see a fit

Air will be forced out through the throat as a result of contraction of the chest muscle, this force epilepsy victim to produce what is known as a cry or grunt. There is contraction within the body including jaw muscle.

But there is still no curative of this fits, but with the use of drugs, one can control epilepsy, good exercises is needed on a daily basis, and the victim should live a normal life, society should avoid stigmatization of epilepsy.


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Enlightening important Hub. (All I knew about Epilepsy was that people had fits). Thanks for sharing.