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Cerebral Palsy+Five Natural Treatments to Improve Symptoms.

Updated on September 11, 2020
Hina Mushtaq02 profile image

I am a Nutritionist and Dietitian by profession from University of management technology, Lahore Pakistan.

Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy (CP)?

Cerebral palsy is derived from two words “cerebral“means linked to the brain while “Palsy” means uncontrolled body activities (movements).
It is a brain disorder that affects the coordination, motion,and motor skills of muscles in the human body. It obstructs a person’s capacity to walk from one place to another place causes some involuntary movements and does not maintain the equilibrium and posture of the body.


Cerebral palsy is caused by destruction and abnormal development of the brain before childbirth,but it can also appear as during birth and first two years of life. This injury affects each part of the brain that controls the mental functioning, body physical movements, sensations, postures,and coordination. In most of the cerebral palsy patients, the effect is unidentified. Bleeding into the brain, lack of oxygen, infant infection, fetal stroke, jaundice, intracranial hemorrhage,traumatic head injury, and maternal infections, etc. are some common factors that are the leading cause of brain improper growth and development.

Sign and Symptoms:-

The sign and symptoms can depend on the severity of the disease and depends on each part of the brain that is most affected in a person during childhood to adulthood, including:

  • Absence of voluntary movements of muscles
  • Over or under-development of muscle
  • Poor muscle tone and require more effort
  • to move when doing some physical activity
  • like exercise.
  • Imbalance in the muscle tone such as too rigid
  • Difficulty in the speaking skills and speech sensations
  • Facing difficulty in learning something.
  • Facing difficulty during writing something such as writing on paper
  • Delay of carrying a message by motor nerve such as sitting on a chair, eating a portion of food, etc.
  • Have an insufficient range of motions like walking, jumping, running, etc.
  • Uncoordinated movements and poor mental health.

Five Natural Treatments to Improve Symptoms:-

Sometimes, there are numerous body parts that are affected by cerebral palsy symptoms and make it hard for a person to live a healthy life. There is no proper treatment available for cerebral palsy but medications are commonly prescribed by a doctor to a patient to help to fight against this mental disorder. However, there are several other options available for people of different ages to help to deal with these physical and mental difficulties. This natural treatment can not properly cure but can be overcome with cerebral palsy symptoms from severe to mild. Some of the natural treatments to improve the symptoms including:

  1. Provide a speech and language treatment
  2. Provide a physical therapy
  3. Use of devices for supporting
  4. Provide psychological support
  5. Provide an occupational treatment

1. Provide a speech and language treatment:-

Patients suffering from cerebral palsy are feeling trouble in speaking well because the muscles of their face, throat, neck, tongue, and head are affected. Language and speech therapists can provide therapy to a patient to overwhelm this
problem and then a patient may be able to pronounce a word and speak more openly. Speech can continuously improve by on going practices by the patient. If a cerebral palsy patient is not able to speak then he/she can express their point of view from other ways like sign language.

2. Provide a physical therapy to a patient:-

People who are suffering from cerebral palsy have stiffness in muscles that especially affects the lower parts of the legs.This can create a problem during growth, balance, posture,and walking. There are numerous exercises available but stretching, strengthening, and flexibility are the most common exercise in this disease. Cerebral palsy patients are improving strength, posture, equilibrium, motion of body and enhancement of overall health while doing physical activities.

3. Use of devices for supporting (like walkers, bracers):-

The use of assistance (supporting) devices for cerebral palsy patients may help to improve the movement and function of the body. These devices include walkers, crutches,wheelchair, braces, and orthotics, etc. These assistance devices have beneficial results when these therapies are linked with another therapy like physical and occupational.For example: orthotics are commonly coupled with physical treatment which helps to lengthen and stretch the muscles for normal development.

4. Provide psychological support:-

Patients suffering from cerebral palsy are feeling anxiety, embarrassing, and depressed with their mental and physical abnormalities. This therapy provides regular interactions between a psychologist and patient or their parents and can also provide support on how to improve health, recover from this disease,and overcome feelings of anxiety or depression. Then, a patient can change their behavior and feelings positively.

5. Provide an occupational treatment:-

Occupational therapy provides a cerebral palsy patient to complete their daily tasks like eating and preparing food,getting a dress, brushing teeth, writing on a paper, and use of scissors, etc. This therapy is provided when you have movement issues. This can increase a patient's self-confidence, independence, movement, and functions in different ways.


Cerebral palsy can b appear prenatal or postnatal during pregnancy. If you do not want this disease to happen to your child so you will take some preventive measures like to get vaccinated against the disorder like rubella, avoid smoking or alcohol, and do not take illegal drugs during pregnancy. If you don’t take some prevention then your child suffers from brain abnormalities. If this chronic disease(CP) happens to your child there is no such cure available but some other natural treatments are available to overcome the symptoms.


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