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Certification for a fitness trainer.

Updated on October 14, 2014

Do what you love and why not help others with what you love

Everyone has to begin somewhere and just to pass on basic knowledge.

I love physical fitness and never was an athlete in High School.

But, have had a love to do crazy, adventurous activities.

I enjoy fitness and yes I know training in the gym is painful.

But I think with transforming my own body, maybe doing things myself, I can just pass onto others that need a "start" somewhere.

Studying to become a Certified Fitness Trainer, there is so much to know.

But in loving working out and have always loved going to gyms and fitness centers, I just think if sharing what I love, doing I love and sharing with others that want to know and learn might be a very good positive thing.

We all need to take a first step, and if someone needs to overcome the first step, that's what I want to do, is to help people with their first step into a better life.

I will not intimidate people, make people feel ashamed if they are overweight, or have no clue what to do.

As adults, sometimes we just get stuck in a rut and yes, from what I have seen in my own life and my own experiences in my own life, from what I view a lot of people that start reaching the age of 30, their body starts changing and they suffer.

In my circle a lot of people have had the knowledge where they have worked out their whole lives and past their 40's and 50's are living a great life because they have taken care of themselves.

I think we know about health and we get to experience positive effects that help us, it would be good to pass it on to people and then they could pass it on to others.

I think when we pay it forward and help others with their health, it will be worth more than any amount of money.

You could have so much money, and never need to work for the rest of your life, but if you don't have health and are in constant pain all the time, how rich are you?

So I keep thinking the best thing I could do is share some of the things I truly love with others.

I hope this is going to gave a good domino effect, and it spreads.

Yes the plus is getting paid for something you love doing, there is nothing wrong with that.

I been going to fitness centers and gyms since I was 19 and even stepped into a dojo to train in a little bit of martial arts, but it is basic knowledge, that I have learned along the way.

I got to say, working out and wanting to get six pack abs is a lot of work.

If I can show that I can do it, without the help of a stomach surgery, liposuction, no botox, and no steroids, then maybe it will give some inspiration to others to help themselves.

Yes it is hard work and workout, is like I said painful but then again we wouldn't call it working out would we?

Of course when I see someone that is over weight, stepping into their shoes, I realize it is not always someone's fault because someone could have a medical condition or something.

So why not help pick that person up and help them.

Many people are lost and feel like giving up hope and myself, I'm not a super woman, but why not reach out to those that might feel a little lost and give them a little hope.

Yes once again as I repeat there is so much suffering in the world, and if we can just give a little hope to those that suffer and cry, or feel like ending their lives our own lives might be worth something.

I think if people have the knowledge and know how to pass things on to others that just need a little boost to get going it just has to be a good thing.

Of course once again, there is much to know about the body.

Where I kind of do a little promotion for a gym and workout there is a sign that shows the muscles of the body and I got to tell you, there are hundreds of names that are interconnected with each other and my jaw just drops.

Of course working out is just half the solution to getting a better body, but it's nutrition.

The fact that you do have to keep eating when you workout really helps you to lose weight, but it is what you put in your body.

When you do start working out more and more you are going to get hungry and you have to feed your body.

Of course knowing what is good for your own body and learning that because when someone is seeing what other people eat, might not always be the best thing for your body.

We all have things we can't digest as well as others and we just to know what makes our body feels much better when we put the good things in our body to help muscles grow.

If I can put it in an easy explanation, with muscles when we workout it is like cutting and breaking down your muscles. We need to let our muscles rest a day or so, so that it helps to build the muscles up.

It is something that you are doing over and over again.

Yes, people get bored and sometimes quit. The best advice I can give to anyone, when you do feel like, switch up your routine and do things different.

If need be, take a day off and not think about working out, go to a movie or something and even though people may not agree with me, it is ok, but sometimes people get so overwhelmed and if once a month if you feel the need to have a cheat day or rest, do it.

Progress sometimes just take time.

I know my first step into helping others is to get certified and I know because I found a certification program that is not that much money, within a month I can sign up, study and get certified, that is a start.


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