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Meditation Music for Deep Relaxation. Download audio, listen, alter brain waves.

Updated on December 11, 2013


It is easy to feel the affect sound has on us. It can cause you to feel relaxed, sad, aggressive or scared. Your physical and mental abilities can also be influenced by sound. Some sounds can cause rare mental states like deep relaxation. Words can be powerful. In guided meditation and hypnosis you listen to a guide that gives you instructions. It is not only the words but how they are said.

If you listen to a guided meditation or hypnosis session, follow the instructions and do not resist then you can become more and more relaxed. The guide tries to talk in a way to reduce your resistance to the instructions. Simply hearing the phrase "You are becoming more and more relaxed" in a calming voice helps me relax. Special meditation sounds or music can put you into a relaxed state without words. It requires less effort on your part because you just need to listen.

Meditation music is good if you want to relax and experience the many benefits of meditation but there is also special music that can put you in the zone. Listening to the music can put you in the optimum state of mind for specific mental or physical tasks. It can improve your memory, make you better at sports or exercise, wake you up like caffeine, make you more efficient at work, etc.


Brain Waves

EEG machines record the brain's electrical activity. Brain cells produce electrical impulses. The rapid voltage fluctuations form patterns called brainwaves. When you change your mental state the frequency of your brainwaves change. Brainwave frequencies are measured in hertz. The main frequency ranges are named alpha, beta, theta and delta.

Sounds that are designed to change your brainwaves to a specific frequency are referred to as brainwave entrainment. It works by synchronizing your brainwaves to the frequency of the sound. Alpha is associated with stress reduction, creativity, healing and peak performance. You would be alert but relaxed. It is good for sports, hypnosis and brainstorming. Beta is associated with being alert, active and stressed. People are often in this state most of the day.

Theta is associated with dreaming, floating sensations & paranormal experiences like astral projection. You can enter this state by becoming deeply relaxed or by falling asleep. It is very easy to fall asleep when you do theta meditation. Delta is associated with the unconscious mind, detached awareness and healing. To reach this state you would usually need to be in deep sleep. However it can be reached through meditation.

Finding Good Meditation Music

There is lots of meditation music online that you can download to your computer. Good sound files that change your brain waves often cost money. However there are lots of free samples you can try. Like most things they require practice and they do not work the same for everybody. If you listen to one try it for at least a week. The first time I listened to a meditation session I could feel it working. It made me feel relaxed. After using it a few more times I became deeply relaxed and it took less time feel the affects. Guided meditation using words also takes some practice but works really well.

If the meditation music you are using works for you then there will not be any doubt. You should be able to easily feel the difference in your state of mind. The brain wave music and guided mediation using words both work on their own but I prefer meditation sessions that use both. Other mental states are more subtle. I used music designed to give me more energy and it worked as well as drinking a can of coke. For some of the music I tried I was not really sure if it was working or not. If you are in already in a good mental state for remembering things then listening to music to improve your memory probably will not help much. If your brainwaves are close to the brainwaves induced by the music you will not notice a difference.

There are free samples, free trials, and risk free trials that you can cancel. If you get a trial make sure you have enough time to listen to it daily. You don't need to limit yourself to audio files. Videos can also help you meditate. I found some nice meditation and hypnosis videos on YouTube. Try out different meditation sessions from different companies. It is worth paying for a meditation program or session if it works for you because meditation has a lot of health benefits and it is easier to enter a deep state of meditation using meditation music than it is to do it by yourself.

How to Meditate for Beginners describes how to guide yourself into a deep state of relaxation without listening to meditation music or a guided meditation session.


To listen to meditation music you should be in a quiet place where you will not be distracted. Meditate one to three times a day. It can be done in as little as fifteen minutes. A pair of good headphones is recommended. Get comfortable but not too comfortable. Sit up straight and don't lean against anything. It will help you stay awake. If you fall asleep then you are no longer meditating. Listen to the meditation music or guided meditation session at the same time each day and in the same place until you can quickly and easily enter a deep state of relaxation.

Try to be in the moment. Focus on what you are doing. Never listen to meditation music when you are busy doing other things like driving. You should be sitting or laying down in a safe place. It can quickly cause you to experience an altered state of consciousness.

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Sounds in Nature

I experience The Relaxing Healing Power of Nature by spending time outside in the woods, at the beach or a long shore lines. Outside you can find relaxing sounds for free. One of the reasons I like lake and bay shorelines is because I like the sound of waves. When I am near a stream I like to listen to the sound of the flowing water. In the woods I like to listen to the sound of the animals and the wind moving the tree branches. The sounds of nature can be very relaxing.

Of course nature is unpredictable and sounds can travel a long ways. There may also be other people around. So you may hear some sounds that are not relaxing at all. While going for a relaxing walk in the woods I got to hear a coyote growling at me. Sometimes when I go to the beach I hear people arguing. You can not really depend on the sounds unless they are recorded.

At the beach I like to listen to the waves.
At the beach I like to listen to the waves. | Source


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