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Change Your Life in 10 Steps

Updated on November 28, 2017
Nitika Mehra profile image

Nitika is a psychologist and has been working with an NGO, a school and two online counseling platforms.

We are so caught up with this fast-paced life we forget the basic rituals we should follow to have a healthy body and mind. health of our mind and body is always inter related hence we need to take care of them both. Let's start with how to start our day.

1. The first thing to do in the morning should drink a glass of water. Drinking it with focusing on every sip you take can do wonders for your health. It offers e following benefits:

a) Balances your lymphatic system. The glands present in the lymph are responsible for the immunity of the body against various infections and diseases.

b) Makes your skin glow. The toxins present in the blood are drained out from the body vi sweat and urine and your skin is free from dullness and infections.

c) Helps in losing weight. Researches show that drinking at least 16 ounces of chilled water can boost your metabolism by around 35 percent.

d) Helps in the formation of new muscle cells and blood

e) Aids nutrient absorption. on drinking on an empty stomach.

2) Indulge in Nature and fill your heart with gratitude.

If possible, walk on the grass, witness the sunrise and breathe in the fresh morning air. Being one with nature gives us internal peace and calmness of mind, which is crucial to kick start your day. Walking on the wet dewy grass has amazing health benefits as per to science. When we thank God for the good things we have in life, we shift our focus from the negativity to positivism. And we put ourselves on a frequency to receive more and more good in life.

3) Practice good self care.

It musters self-confidence and keeps us occupied. You can decide the extent according to your choice and comfort. Some people find it good to go to spas and salons and some are happy giving a good self massage to themselves by using essential oils or even using a good moisturizer after bath. It all depends on you.

4) Practice at least one good deed every day.

As they say what goes comes around, we never know when our gesture of goodness might pay us back in a great way! So why not enjoy the feeling of being a helping hand and also making a way for cultivating our own good karma!

5) Love what you do and do what you love!

This doesn't seem easy to do the former. How can we like our jobs if they give us stress? The answer is we have to do it anyway to make a living, then why not take it a little and try to do it in the best way possible? This automatically decreases our work stress and increases our self worth. Nothing is perfect. Coming to the latter, doing what we love is also very important as it offers us a little escape into our own world may it be stamp collecting, gardening or painting! It relaxes us and paves a way to seek appreciation for our work!

6) Exercise at least half an hour in a day.

Many health issues are as a result of obesity, lack of proper oxygen and blood circulation in the body or hormonal imbalances. Doing exercise daily takes cares of all these issues. When we exercise, our breathing rate increases, resulting in intake of more oxygen than usual. oxygen reaches the deepest of tissues and keeps our body healthy, improves metabolism and even decrease the chance of diseases like cancer!

Exercising makes the heart pump more blood in a time period and it reaches all the tissues and muscles in the body making the body energetic and healthy.

7) Go organic.

Organic food has the least amount of chemicals and pesticides used at any step of its preparation. Be it veggies, fruits, staple foods or even makeup! Always prefer organic.

8) Respect your elders and take care of your emotional wellness.

They might not be advanced as we are, but what always will keep them ahead of us is their vast experiences in their life. The are very far sighted and thus, the advice they to offer might not seem significant or useful, but sooner or later we come to realize that they also impart valuable suggestions.So always look up to them and give them the honor they deserve.

Being happy emotionally is also a great factor for well being, so try to spend adequate quality time with your near and dear ones and always remember that good and constructive communication is the key to relationships. If you express love or anger, it should be done appropriately.Last, take time off from your busy schedule to talk to your children, because in the coming generations its going to be difficult for them to have real person to person interaction due to the advancement in technology and modernization of the world. They should always have a reassurance they can always look up to their parents.

9) Practice meditation and prayer daily.

If you sit with yourself for at minimum 10 minutes in a day and do mediation, prayer and self introspection, it will give you enormous inner strength and endurance to tackle the day to day problems of life.

10) Learn when to let go.

This is important for our mental and physical health. Yes we are ambitious, we are hardworking, we should not give up till we succeed! But we should also know when to stop. Because it is us, who have to take care of our body and its our responsibility to not to be harsh on it. We should understand that not everything can be in our control, whether it may be career goal, any relationship or anything. Being content is also a secret to happiness. So work hard, take care of yourself and leave the rest up to the Almighty.

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Shine, Just the Way you Are

© 2017 Nitika Mehra


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