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Changeling Children

Updated on August 30, 2020
JamiJR profile image

Thanks to anti-vaxxers sending me death threats I've becoming more educated on vaccines than they'll ever be.

Vaccines cause adults.

When one digs into Celtic folklore, specifically the folklore of fairies, one cannot help but stumble across the lore of the Changeling Child. It is said that the fairies, unable to bear healthy children of their own, would either enchant their own children or some object like a piece of wood to look like a specific human child and switch them around.

Now when you compare the descriptions of the behavior of a Changeling with that of a child with Autism, you’ll find that they pretty much match almost word for word. So long before ignorant people blamed vaccines for Autism, they blamed the fairies.

The way to get your “real” child back was horrifying. Shoving red hot irons down their throat or up other orifices. Forcing noxious “potions” on them. Even throwing them into a fire and burning them alive, thinking that this would make the fairies return the stolen child.

Not much has changed when one looks at the abuse anti-vaxxers put their children through, even if the child is not Autistic.

Essential oils have a super high risk of causing chemical burns (which is why you’re not supposed to put them directly on your skin or at least use a carrier oil), seizures, organ failure, and death. Especially in children and animals. Yet anti-vaxxers use these on their children and have even posted on sites like Facebook and Instagram of using them in food instead of extracts or real herbs and spices.

Colloidal silver can build up in the tissues, discoloring the skin permanently, and cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and other organs.

And then there’s Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution AKA MMS. A product toted by former Scientologist Jim Humboldt, who founded New Genesis “Church”, as a cure for everything including Autism. However, what MMS actually is is an industrial strength bleach meant for bleaching wood pulp. In very minuet amounts it can be used as a water purifier, just a few drops to several gallons, then let to sit for a few hours at the very least. Yet anti-vaxxers force their children to drink large amounts of it or hold them down and use it as an enema. They then will post pictures of what they claim are “rope worms” and “Autism causing parasites” to their social media. What they are actually taking photos of is their child’s intestinal lining.

There’s a reason I often say anti-vaxxers are morally no different from serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

They also keep insisting vaccines cause the most ridiculous of things. Visit VAERs, the “vaccine injury” reporting site sometime and you’ll see that their fictional vaccine injuries include gunshot wounds, bad bleach jobs, motorcycle accidents, suicide, STDs, and murder. I’ve seen them on Facebook claiming that mass shooters are “obviously vaccine injured.” Then there’s the utterly insane claim that there’s “fetal DNA” in vaccines (no there isn’t) and that a vaccine can “turn” someone gay and/or transgender. Their theory being that if a boy gets one with too much of their imaginary girl DNA it’ll turn him gay/trans and vice versa for a girl. Oh, but don’t worry, some go on to say that you can detox the foreign DNA and turn them straight/cisgendered by feeding them a raw, organic, vegan diet.

The fact is that vaccines are safe. They do not turn anyone Autistic (Autism is 100% genetic), gay, trans, a mass shooter, make girls cut themselves (a lie toted often on Twitter by anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr), or turn them into a Satanist.

Vaccines cause healthy adults.

Measles, chicken pox, rubella, etc causes brain damage, sterility, deafness, blindness, and death. They are not harmless childhood diseases. They are deadly and dangerous.

Now you have anti-vaxxers saying they won’t get the Coronavirus vaccine because “it contains a RFID tracking chip,” or “it’ll alter your DNA.” All of which is bogus. And if you don’t want to be tracked then why do you own a cellphone or computer? The government doesn’t need to give you an ID chip in a vaccine, you already bought a tracking device willingly.

They would rather risk death and keep us from achieving true herd immunity all for their completely made up beliefs that vaccines turn people into gay, Autistic, mass shooting Satanists.

The fact is, anti-vaxxers are selfish, child abusing monsters. They are not concerned, loving parents. A real loving parent vaccinates their kid.

At this point I say we should just go ahead and make vaccines mandatory. No real religion forbids them and most Christians are pro-vaccine as they understand that being anti-vaxx is breaking both the 6th and 8th Commandments. Unless there’s a legitimate medical reason such as being immunocompromised, everyone must be vaccinated, period. And if a parent refuses to vaccinate, they lose their kids for life because they are as unworthy of being a parent as any child abuser.

After all, better a quick, simple, healthy, safe vaccine that’ll give you lifetime immunity to a deadly disease than your parents holding you down and squirting bleach up your anus.


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