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Changes in Life

Updated on November 9, 2015

Daily Changes,mental Ups and Downs.

Staying Sane

Sometimes my life is mentally sore,

sometimes my life is a total bore.

Some days i feel i could literally cry,

i hold it together,let out a sigh.

Some days i experience a euphoric high,

sadly it changes in the blink of an eye.

I try to take each day as it comes,

weighing up my debts,doing my sums.

Some days i feel ,i could disappear,

when the thought comes to me,i fill with fear.

Suffering from depression is a dreadfull thing,

sadness and downers,then highs and i sing.

My kids pull me through the worst of the days

They give me happiness my memory prays.

Being strong minded definitely helps,

from the daily grind,the inevitable skelps.

I plod on as much as i can

i need to be strong,i am the man.

My family have a need, to see me as strong

Some days i feel, im doing it wrong.

Try hiding the downs,concentrate on the highs

Hopefully no one will hear my cries.

I need to believe ,i will see the other side

Of depressions hold,this i will abide.

May take a day,may take a year

whatever the wait,i will be rid of the fear.

Mental days.

some days I go through so many emotions it's scary.i feel sometimes I have no place to turn,i get so down i struggle to get back on an even keel. Having family close at hand is a great help.having kids keeps your mind active,or having many hobbies helps to keep your mind distracted. I write,cook,walk my dog,do DIY,look after five kids,anything basically that keeps me does help. Very rarely am I left alone mentally to ponder over the bad days. I find the more I have available to do,the better mood I tend to be in. Just talking to people in general keeps you mentally happier as well.

If all else fails.

if at the end of your tether you feel your at the edge of doom,speak to a doctor,they genuinely have your best interests at heart. They can help with medication or therapy. The worst thing to do is to let it build up inside you,as that is a recipe for disaster. Even if your not comfortable talking to a GP,talk to anyone who is willing to give you a friendly ear to talk in to. I let my depression go on for too long without seeking help,eventually I did a test at the Doctors confirming I had depression. It's been the best appointment ive ever made,as he has helped me immesyurably .

Twisted and grave.

up and down the emotional ride

often emotions are hard to hide.

focus on happy,try ignore sad

feeling sickly,feeling quite bad.

head starts pounding,heart slows down

i walk for miles all over my town.

try to blot out the feeling of dread

sometimes I imagine what it's like to be dead.

try lift my spirit,think of all the good

inevitable drop back in to a mood.

Below being happy.

below I was happy,even though i look low

on a day I felt confused,no where to go.

i woke up ok,sad as the day followed through

by midday again I was feeling blue.

happy for an hour,downer for the rest

im sick of the moods,they're a bloody pest.

never know where I'm going to be even or turned

emotions unhappy more memories spurned.

A good day.

The total.

On an average day,how happy are you?

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Hope This May Help..

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