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Channeling Your Anger into Passion

Updated on January 30, 2017
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Anastasia Egleston is a professional content creator who writes self help articles on emotional chaos and loves to code html/css.

So fierce!
So fierce! | Source


The pressure inside you finally ignites with fury shown on your face. You held back from saying your thoughts out of consideration. But now the harsh reality has provoked you into becoming head over heels angry. Too many times you've been pushed to this point. You know if you don't find a way out, you'll end up just like others. The ones who decided to let themselves fall into the habit of being angry.

After you shout every piercing word, you are certain to burst into tears. You'll regret losing your temper and seeing that it only caused more wounds. This outburst likely would have been towards the people you love. In your right mind, you would not do such a thing to them. But, it happened anyway and not only did you lose control, you lost a part of your happy compassionate side.

Every time you succumb to anger without healing, you allow the emotion to control you. We are amazing yet dark created beings because of what exist insides us. Emotions are one of the most complex tools inside us. Yes they are tools, not things we can just allow to run our lives.

Anger is by far one of the strongest emotions which is so unstable and hard to control. Because, it's specialty is being elusive and distracting. Anger is social, meaning it's mixed with feelings of pain. This emotion is usually triggered by painful thoughts. It's used to take immediate action as defensive, but acts offensive to the thing that was hurtful. Anger also hides pain, this is where the emotion can be blinding and deadly.


Brief description of the Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is good example of how something small can start a cycle of anger problems. If you're not familiar with this term the butterfly effect is a phenomenon. Where something small in the span of a minute can have lasting large scale effects. This phenomenon can carry on in another time frame later in life.

The butterfly effect can exist within other emotions besides anger. But, I will reveal how devastating the butterfly effect is with anger involved. And how important it is for you to take conscious action over this emotion.


The danger of the Butterfly Effect with anger

Imagine you're outside in the woods taking a walk and you decide to sit on the ground by a lake. An ant unnoticed by you, crawls along your forearm. The ant is proudly carrying the biggest, high quality food back to its colony. Unfortunately for the ant, you decide to get up and walk back home. While your forearm is in motion, the ant loses its grasp on that delicious meal for the day. It gets agitated at first, but, then it fears for its life as everything around the ant is shaking viciously. The ant instinctively bites your forearm and you react by smacking the ant off.

As you're walking home, the ant bite on your skin grows irritated, itchy and painful. It swells with pain and becomes rather bothersome during your walk back home. You arrive home and perhaps you have a significant other to greet you. You decide to sit down, but, your loved one decides to hug you first. By accident, their arm crosses your forearm with the ant bite. It causes you a great amount of itching, throbbing pain.

You snap with irritation without giving reasons for your moodiness. They're blindsided by the sudden aggression you've displayed. Your loved one reacts by shouting at you in retaliation and stomping off to bed for the night. Your loved one has been feeling depressed lately. Because, they've been under some serious stress at work.


But, they didn't have a chance to inform you about their situation. Because, you both acted aggressive towards each other. They were hoping to be embraced with affection. But, they were only to met with anger leaving them feeling rejected and more stressed. The next day while your loved one is driving to work. They start to feel depressed about yesterday and end up in a car accident.

The car accident wasn't your fault, but, what will both of you think of each other next time you meet? Will both of your thoughts from yesterday's blowup trigger another butterfly effect? This all could have been different. If one person would have chosen to express their anger in a way that didn't hurt the other person.


Changing your anger by focused thought patterns

Recognize that your anger is a tool that you can use and is susceptible for others to use if you allow it. Consider choosing an option where you're able to express your emotions. Without causing a butterfly effect that will likely lead to an unpleasant outcome.

Misunderstandings and lack of communication is a breeding ground for anger.

By reacting in a calm way while still expressing your anger. You can diffuse the situation and prevent it from becoming worse. It's likely that by calming down you'll remember something that had hurt you. Something that you neglected to mention to the other person earlier. You'll be able to talk things out and they'll be able to understand the source of anger.

More often though in life, we're unable to settle certain things that cause us great rage. No matter how calm you act, the other person will keep stirring things up that cause you daily strain. Or you've had a series of hardships carry on for a few years, leaving you with some deep wounds that have festered. During those moments of pure rage where you're reflecting inside your mind. Allow your passions to surface. Concentrate that aggressive energy into a breakthrough to better you and your life.


Learn to prolong the energy that's produced from your anger. You can direct your thinking so that it'll feed your passion. You'll become an inspiration to yourself and others. You won't dread those deep wounds as much. Because, you'll know how to heal them into tools you can use for your life and teach other people how to do the same.

How will you deal with anger causing a butterfly effect in your life?

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    • Anastasia E profile image

      Anastasia Egleston 11 months ago from United States

      I'm glad this article was able to provide some insight for you WalkinEagle. The butterfly effect is a strong force even though it's so small. Also, I'm currently working on posting my third article so stay with me! lol

      ( P.S. Omg, thank you for pointing that out, I'll correct it immediately!)

    • profile image

      WalkinEagle 11 months ago

      I am rally enjoying your articles. Too bad there are not more. I have had the butterfly effect cost me precious time in several relationships in my life. One cost me 25 years and the others are ongoing. I now realize what happened. Every time it was because I did not know what was going on in the others life and they knew nothing about what was going on in mine. I am going to try hard to better communicate during those times even if the other does not. Thanks again for your help!

      (P.S. Section: The danger of the Butterfly Effect with anger, paragraph 1 is there twice :) .)