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Chantix Review and Results: Week One

Updated on December 28, 2011

Chantix Review and Results

10/6/2010 and I am still smoke free!

This is a review and the results I had while taking Chantix to quit smoking. I am not getting paid by the company or trying to promote this product.

I quit taking the Chantix on 3-6-10 and am still smoke free. I will not be taking anything to help with the cravings now. The Chantix helped me stop smoking but it wasn't a magical pill.

Keeping up with the cravings is hard work, plain and simple. I have to avoid smoking, I really do want to smoke a cigarette at times. So far thank God I have been strong enough to say "No".

Avoiding food is hard as well. I am not hungry, just feel the need to nosh because I want to keep something in my mouth. I do not want to gain forty pounds, LOL. So far plastic straws, chopsticks and peppermints are my good friends!

I never felt depressed while on Chantix and the other side effects were easy enough to ignore. I do not feel like I am "coming down" from a drug since I stopped taking it.

Side Effects I Have Experienced While Taking Chantix:

From 2/24/10 to 2/27/10

  • Bloating
  • Suppression
  • Livid Dreams
  • Constipation
  • Frequent Urination
  • Dark urine (not blood)
  • Loss of food and drink enjoyment. (Nothing has much taste anymore).
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Excessive gas
  • Excessive spending
  • Not wanting to share my things with my husband
  • Lack of work motivation
  • Mild to moderate irritability

My own, personal opinion about the Chantix is that it is a very dangerous medication. I cannot help but feel the government approved it for some nefarious reason. I think it may be true that it changes your brain permanently if taken for any extended period of time. I do wish I had tried harder to quit smoking, naturally.

If you are afraid you'll start smoking again, try using an electronic cigarette like the Bluetip Electronic Cigarette. I have to say, I am not sure if rechargeable cigarettes are really safer than the real thing. It is just something to look into.



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Hope! This dead tree is surrounded by yellow daffodils every spring.
Hope! This dead tree is surrounded by yellow daffodils every spring.
Cheery Yellow Tennessee Daffodil.
Cheery Yellow Tennessee Daffodil.

Chantix: Day 1

I smoked double what I normally smoke during day/night one. I expected as much as the thought of quitting smoking was scary, happy and exciting. My taste buds were not affected.

A.M Pill

I took my first pill in the morning. After about an hour I started to feel a bit giddy and energized. I cleaned house a bit and wrote a Hub.

We went to town a bit later and this is when I noticed a problem. I am normally a very good shopper and most of the time I will not spend more than $10.00 at any given store (if that). The first stop we made I spent over $40.00. I was literally on a shopping high. I cannot explain the feelings I had while shopping, I will try though.

I was in a "bubble" and was basically alone in the store except for my three year old. There were plenty of shoppers- I just didn't "see" them. I suppose I was "in the zone".

I found this effect can be controlled by simply staying home or being consistent in telling yourself "no".

I did not feel sick to my stomach, have head aches or bad mood swings (except the giddy ones).

P.M Pill

I took my second pill a little while before bed that night. Big mistake. I had the hardest time falling asleep. I was very tired (it felt good for some reason) but I couldn't go to sleep. I got up and down constantly for a few hours before I was able to sleep.

I had odd dreams that truly did feel like I was there. They were not nightmares. I dreamed I was picking at black heads on my husband's head.

The dream then turned to his cousin's house. They were taking down a tree house by sawing the tree into pieces.

After that part I was thrift store shopping and really buying a lot of things at good prices (including bottled brine shrimp!).

I can explain why each of these dreams happened.

I picked at hubbies head before bed.

I saw a tree house in town and was considering buying it for our son.

And the shopping was probably due to the fact I was spending too much money at retail stores. I am a huge thrift store fan so naturally my dream lead me down a cheaper path.

All in all day one was good. Thanks God!



I can feel new life.
I can feel new life.
Hope resides.
Hope resides. | Source

Chantix: Day 2

Day two on Chantix was a bit different than day one.

A.M Pill

I smoked a little more than I normally smoked before Chantix.

Cigarettes began to taste a bit "off" on day two.

I am experiencing a loss of appetite while on Chantix. I have to force myself to remember to eat. Odd. I am not sick, just not hungry.

I didn't have much energy; I was slightly sedated. I was lacking drive and didn't want to do all that much.

I made myself work a bit; it wasn't impossible, I just didn't want to do it. I cleaned some and played with our son.

No depression; I felt suppressed. There is a big difference between the two. I just told myself to get off my butt and work through the suppression. That worked for me.

My coffee did not taste as good as it usually does. I did not get as much satisfaction from it as I have every day of my life for the past several years. This was saddening.

I felt more tolerant of my son's temper tantrums. I was less likely however to let normal husband comments/jokes-etc. get by me. I don't like crude jokes and sometimes, being a man, my husband forgets I am a woman and talks to me like I am one of his hunting buddies. Ugh.

I also wouldn't let my husband borrow my new Dremmel tool. At all. So, maybe I am a bit less tolerant of the lovie man of my life, lol. Nothing he cannot handle though! (It is MINE and brand new and he might leave it outside or something! Wah!)

P.M Pill

I took my pill about two hours before bed. I was able to fall asleep in a good amount of time.

At this point I cannot remember my dream from night two. It wasn't nightmare though. I do remember it being silly and very vivid. Probably an Ebay shopping spree dream!

My day was basically normal for me. I wasn't depressed, didn't have headaches, was able to do stuff with a little nudging and wasn't badly irritable.

I slept better than I have slept in so long. I am pretty sure I hit a deep R.E.M sleep and am grateful for it. Thank you God.



Hubbies redbone hunting dog, Roy.
Hubbies redbone hunting dog, Roy.
One of my daylilies.
One of my daylilies.

Chantix: Day 3

I feel more suppressed on day three but with more energy. It is odd I know.

A.M Pill

Smoking less than on day two. Yay!

Still having to make myself eat.

I am not as tired as I have been for the past few years. I am waking up more refreshed. I was not expecting this!

No headaches, only a little bit more irritable than days one and two. I have to pee a lot. More than normal, it is a bit annoying but better than lung cancer.

I feel easily distracted but can still concentrate if I concentrate on concentrating (lol).

No depression but I do get weepy over The Last Unicorn and other silly things like that.

I worked trying to go through my son's baby clothes; that is as close to depressed as I have been so far. I just didn't want to put them away or let them go to a good home. This is normal for me, only it was a bit stronger while on Chantix. He was so teeny tiny and such a cuddle bug!

My coffee is even less satisfying now as it was on day two. I have to say I got a bit ticked over that.

Bit more irritable with hubby than on day two. Not verbally abusive or anything, mostly in my head or giving him a look.

Still feel suppressed, not depressed.

P.M Pill

Slept, I think. Cannot remember my dreams but no nightmares. I remember having dreams but I honestly think I was partially awake. Must not have hit R.E.M. It was odd but I felt fine the next morning.

I can say this, influencing my dreams is much easier while taking Chantix. If I concentrate hard enough on something I enjoy before bed, then I will have good dreams. I will avoid scary movies, the News, thinking about Satan (I am a Christian if you didn't gather thus far, lol) and other terrible things as much as I can.

God is good!



Our family vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains.
Our family vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains.
I hated to see them caged- they enjoyed the treats and did tricks. Still, I wish they were free. But mother "I was born free". Sighhhhhhhhhhh
I hated to see them caged- they enjoyed the treats and did tricks. Still, I wish they were free. But mother "I was born free". Sighhhhhhhhhhh

Chantix: Day 4

A bit more suppressed than before. No depression.

A.M Pill

I have smoked a total of one cigarette today. Usually I would have had at least three.

Cigarettes taste pretty nasty now. I am not craving them like I was. I forget to want one.

A little upset stomach but not much. I didn't eat enough before taking my Chantix. My fault!

Not any more irritable than before. Feel okay.

Still not enjoying my coffee though. I am down from over 60 cups a day/night to not even 10 cups. I know, I know that much coffee is very bad for me. Shame on me. I guess I should thank Chantix for helping to wean me off. This lack of caffeine may be part of my irritability problems. (Duh.)

P.M Pill

Just took my P.M dose for tonight. I got a little work done so I can have an actual paycheck hopefully, lol.

I did clean more of my house than I have in a while. Been having problems organizing myself enough to handle working, cleaning and taking care of Boo. The suppression seems to be helping me focus a bit better than usual.

It is now 7:04 P.M and I have had less than two cigarettes all day long. The Chantix is working for me. Cigarettes now smell like old stale carpet, they don't taste much better either. Not really craving a smoke and still feel no depression.

No more side effects that I can tell. I have thought about my coffee problem. I just tried to concentrate on tasting the flavor of freshly brewed Maxwell House from my cup. I cannot taste much of anything. I just ate an egg sandwich and a banana and I couldn't really taste them either. I can't really smell the coffee and I took a huge whiff. What the heck?

I do hope this medicine doesn't cause long-term brain damage. I have this feeling our government made Chantix pills for nefarious reasons. This isn't the pill talking, I really am that paranoid. :-P

Update; I am at 13 hours with less than two cigarettes having been smoked!

God, you are my rock!



Vintage Simplicity Bathing Suit Pattern. It is too large but is simple to resize.
Vintage Simplicity Bathing Suit Pattern. It is too large but is simple to resize.
Chopstick to suck on. These are all saving my life, literally!
Chopstick to suck on. These are all saving my life, literally!

Chantix: Day 5

I am missing bringing a cigarette to my lips this morning. I am sucking on a chopstick and it seems to be helping. Maybe I'll buy a pacifier. No calories in that!

24 hours and have only had two cigarettes! Not feeling homicidal, lol.

A.M Pill

I didn't smoke a cigarette this morning. I wanted to but I said no and then moved on. I visited Ebay but didn't buy anything (yay).

I don't feel depressed and I fell less suppressed today. Have a tad bit more energy. I didn't get to sleep until after 2 A.M but that was in part to me getting a new retro sewing pattern I had to cut out and baste (lol).

Boo was sleeping so well and it was nice to just have some "me time". Felt good to unwind (and sew)!

Well, I was a bit depressed when I saw how low my PayPal funds were! All that shopping and not working really stings, lol. Hubby has been good with it, guess he knows it is helping me cope? I really haven't spent that much money, it is just that I rarely ever spend money so it seems extravagant when I do.

I can concentrate pretty well- didn't take me long to cut out and baste that pattern last night. Didn't even mess up once. How nice! Hope it comes together well. Sewing bra tops can be tricky if they aren't properly lined up.

P.M Pill

The latter part of the day and this evening have been hard. I swear it is like some people do not want me to quit smoking. Now that I am succeeding people seem grumpier than usual!

That is fine, I am nearly done with cigarettes. I haven't had even a small puff of one all day. Even with my husband smoking and me smelling it (it stinks now by the way) I haven't been terribly tempted to try one. Yay!

I did not realize how badly they smelled until today! I can only imagine what I will be smelling once my senses have returned to normal, nonsmoking days!

I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight, yay!

Thank you God for your blessings!



Mine and Boo's snowy footprints.
Mine and Boo's snowy footprints.
Florida Evening.
Florida Evening.
Bella and Kitty.
Bella and Kitty.

Chantix: Day 6

Slept late today, it was nearly noon when I awoke. Feel good though! Must have been tired- I remember Boo kept waking up the night before so I won't blame the Chantix. Bad three-year old! lol

A.M Pill

Still not a cigarette to be puffed. I am sucking on valentine's day suckers when I have a craving twinge. I am not feeling bad at all and not really craving a cigarette. Thank God!

I am starting to detox now. The coughing has begun and I catch myself getting hoarse at times. Yay!

I don't feel as grumpy today as yesterday; it helps that my husband is in a better mood I'm sure. :-P

I am looking forward to day after tomorrow when I can start to slowly wean myself off of this drug. I know I have a bit of a hump to climb when I am fully off of Chantix, but the good Lord will help me over it!

I'm still sucking and chewing on chopsticks. I found that sucking on the end of a pen (the bottom part without ink) allows me to "draw" better than a solid chopstick. It was more satisfying.

I may actually feel like working tonight!

P.M Pill

Still doing great! Not a cigarette smoked, even though my husband is still smoking. I have craved one a few times today. After busying myself with sewing (nearly finished that retro top tonight) and other chores the "need" passed.

Tomorrow is my last day for this first week of quitting smoking!

Still thanking God, especially during the hard times!



Baby Platy
Baby Platy
Peacock Eel "Elvis".
Peacock Eel "Elvis".

Everything is A-O-kay!

Slept pretty good, even with Boo waking up. Not craving a cig right now so yay!

A.M Pill

I ate instant strawberry oatmeal and it was yummy! Still feeling good and no cigs to date! These suckers are yummy!

I feel really good today, I can feel the junk breaking free in my lungs. I am getting hoarser and clearing my throat more than usual.

My appetite is not all that great, I still have to "remember" to eat most of the time. Tonight I should be able to get to work and make an okay paycheck.

My head feels clear and I am not too irritable. Yay.

I spent even more money on Ebay. I bought this killer Llama Skin Tote bag. It is just the right size to carry all my mommy stuff (wipes, diapers, snack etc.) It was only ... $4.98 after shipping! AFTER shipping!!!

P.M Pill

No cigarettes and feeling great. Starting to detox though. Yay!

Next week will be how I do while taking a half dosage of Chantix. Wish me luck!



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