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Chemical Balance Gives The Body Life

Updated on May 18, 2012 The Answers To Good Health  The Universal Language Of Love The Universal Language Of Love

Body Mathematics Chemical Balance

The Body functions based on our Chemical Constituents. The firing of Brain Cells happens constantly, causing our thoughts, and reactions, etc. It's imperative to be aware of your Chemical Balance, by monitoring your pH Balance, (Nitrazine Paper from the Drug Store). This will alert you to what your current pH Balance is, thus guiding you with what to do to manipulate it.

Having too much Protein for an extended period of time would indeed cause damage. You could even monitor the damage with the pH Paper while it's happening. When you cause a Diet to shift over to one extreme, everything in the body is offset, and no longer correctly balanced.A "Complete" Nutritional Vitamin, Herb, and Supplement regimen as a "whole". I see many people trying to manipulate their health in "Parts". It doesn't work that way. You either treat it as a whole, or you end up with no results.

Vitamins, herbs, and supplements work with each other in a complete, complex arrangement. They are also a catalyst for one another as well. Our environment and planet has now reached a level of damage, that "dictates" the urgency present to make sure "You Do" take all the necessary vitamins, herbs, and supplements to combat the dangers that loom from poor quality air, pollution, contamination, smog, car exhaust, radiation, I could go on obviously.

Our grand parents got to live in a much cleaner environment than we did. Our bodies need to be protected against what's here, and now. Way different from when they were kids.It's important to examine your "Mathematical" make up, Starting with your pH Balance, to see where you're at: Too Acid/Too Alkaline. There's a Chart on the back of each cartridge. Next would be a simple Blood Test detecting which Vitamins you are deficient in, and what your numbers are, as far as vitamin/nutrient levels.

Once you have this information about yourself, you can proceed to get all the Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements that are appropriate to your specific needs. Doing it any other way is shooting blind, and you could potentially be taking more of something you don't actually need. For instance "Iron" is not a good thing to take, if your body doesn't need it. The minimal amount in a Daily Vitamin will suffice. Even then you may learn you don't need it, and be shifted to the Daily Vitamins with "No Iron".

My Favorite Nutritional Book is: The Prescription For Nutritional Healing. This is the best reference to have handy, and learn from. It contains full lists of supplements needed to combat just about any problem. I am "Your Living Proof" that Nutrition definitely saves lives. It saved mine. All health issues can definitely be manipulated greatly. With much surprise to many people.

The point is: Never take an exaggerated amount of anything, with out knowing first, that your body needs it. Herbs can be experimented with, and tried here, and there, but Vitamins cannot. You could be hurting yourself, and not know it. Three (3) steps will get you there, so you know exactly what your body needs, and lacks, with accuracy. Then you can add in other Herbs, that are used for various ailments.

There is a whole section on Herbs in this book, and it tells you what they're for, (Alphabetically). A must have for anyone wishing to gain control of their own health, and bodies.The body must be Chemically Balanced correctly in order to fend off disease, and lurking deadly killers. Causing the body to go to any extreme, is a path that will cause weakness.

Bacteria, cancer, and any kind of deadly organisms thrive on weakness. That is how they gain strength, and you get weaker. You have to look at the "Math" of that whole scenario. Your 80% weak, and the deadly cause is at 100% because of your "Status" of "Weakness", plus, your remaining 20% strength. Which puts you in the negative, the "Red". Once you introduce correcting Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements, (as a "whole") to the equation, suddenly the numbers change. Now your at 60% Functioning Strength, 20% Disease, Pain, Threat, etc., and the disease/illness takes a back seat to your "Self Manipulated Status" of correct Chemical Balance.

This is where you start, and continue over to eating habits. All Diets should consist of 75% "Raw Fruits, and Vegetables. No matter what else "You Mentally Insist" on eating, Fruits, and Vegetables should be the "Main Staple". Followed by Whole Grains, Pasta, Raw Nuts, Home Made Soups, and Fresh Juices. So many fantastic, exotic foods can be derived just from Fruits, and Veggies all by themselves.The bottom line is, if you want to function at your Top Level, you will not have an option of ignoring your Chemical Balance. It's the entire Mathematical Equation, that equals...You! It's non negotiable, and will toy with your health if you try to ignore it.

The idea is to be well aware, and on top it...Putting you in the controllers seat, dictating the level of performance, as opposed to being controlled by the dysfunction. Allowing that to happen, would be altering history, because "you're" actually "Not" who you were supposed to be yet. The correct Chemical Balance will allow you to function properly, including your thought process, and decision making abilities, thus affording you the opportunity to reach your "Actual Full Potential". The one that was originally "Pre-Destined for you.

The "You" that you used to dream about...The Dreams, and Goals you "used" to have. Grab it back in minutes! Make the "One" Real decision that "will" actually change your life for the better...Take "Good" care of yourself. You're the "Only" "One" of "You" that exists! The Planet, and it's people needs all of us to complete our missions in life.

Our Lives depend on it.All Nutrients taken, including Protein should be balanced in accordance with what your specific needs are. Doing this will make life flow more sensibly, and logically, including your attitude, coping ability, and state of mind. It is absolutely the Foundation for a Quality Life.


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