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Cherry juice benefits - the tart cherry

Updated on April 20, 2012
Tart cherry
Tart cherry | Source

A true super fruit

Are you familiar with the many cherry juice benefits? Juice from tart cherries have a number of amazing and intriguing health benefits. The Montmorency and Balaton varieties are the main types of tart cherries and are grown primarily in MIchigan. Over the years they have often been referred to as the "healing cherry".

Tart cherries have long been used in pies, jelly, and jams. However, many potential health benefits of tart cherries have recently been discovered and documented, and the popularity of this fruit is on the rise. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted over the last several years that point to the truly amazing health benefits of tart cherries. They are no longer considered useful just for pies - but are now being considered a super fruit.

What are the benefits?

The huge quantity of anthocyianins in tart cherries are what gives this fruit the ability to treat many ailments. These are a type of molecule known as flavonoids. Anthocyianins are almost entirely tasteless and odorless. Anthocyianins are strong antioxidants, which help fight free radicals. The anthocyianin content in tart cherries greatly exceeds other healthy fruits like blueberries and cranberries. Additionally, tart cherries pack much more anthocyianin than sweet cherries.


Tart cherries can serve as a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help ease the pain associated with inflammation. Recent research has suggested that tart cherries may provide more pain relief than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). While tart cherry juice may not be a cure, it may provide a natural form of pain relief.


Tart cherries help provide healthy sleep, and regulate sleep patterns. This is due to the very large amount of melatonin they have. People that have sleep disorders or suffer from poor sleep may find that this natural source of melatonin may be beneficial in getting good rest. A 2010 study indicated that it may be a natural way to treat insomnia.


Amazingly, tart cherries may reduce some of the factors that are associated with diabetes. A scientific test (on animals) demonstrated that it is possible that taking tart cherry juice may cause a reduction in inflammation associated with diabetes and heart disease. Also, cholesterol and triglycerides may be lowered as a result of taking tart cherry juice. As of now, this has not been proven in humans.

Gout and arthritis

There is a plethora of anecdotal evidence that claims that tart cherries are extremely effective in treating gout and arthritis. Additional studies on animals has suggested the same. Swelling (the source of pain) was reduced in these tests. Research on humans was first conducted in 1950 and suggested tart cherries as a remedy for gout symptoms.


Research shows that a component of tart cherries may be able to stop the growth of cancer cells. These studies have reported that tart cherries reduced the growth of breast cancer and colon cancer cells. Additionally, tart cherries may play a role in reducing the risk of developing colon cancer.

Muscle recovery

In recent years, athletes have also discovered tart cherry juice as a way to assist muscle recovery from exercise and sports. Some studies have shown that tart cherry juice can significantly reduce muscle damage and strength loss from exercise. Possible decreased muscle recovery time is a benefit of tart cherry juice that has lead to many athletes trying tart cherry juice.

How to choose cherry juice?

A quality tart cherry product that is 100% fruit juice is the best choice for a cherry juice. It should not contain any added ingredients such as preservatives or sugar. Tart cherry juice is sold as ready to drink juice or in concentrate form. In the concentrate form, the recommended amount is typically two TBSP a day. Many brands can be purchased online, or it may be available in your local health food store or even your supermarket. However, usually only the juice is available in supermarkets, rather than the concentrate. It is usually more cost-effective to purchase tart cherry juice in concentrate form. A 32 oz. bottle of concentrate lasts about a month.


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