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Childbirth Labor Boost Tip With Caster Oil Guess What Else?

Updated on September 1, 2010

Recipe For Delievery

I am not responsible. Try this at your own risk!!!!!

This worked for me!!!!

I was having steady contractions, then they would quit, when I was expecting our third child. I was miserable and my sister had the solution...

First you need to eat pepperoni pizza, then make a chocolate milkshake and put 2 table spoons of caster oil and mix well.

Prepare to spend time in the powder room. After your cleaned out you will notice contractions will regulate more..( They did for me...this may not work for everyone, if your body is not ready it usually won't). I started labor and headed to the hospital and had a baby boy several hours later.

Only try this if you are close to your due date or late.

Newborn Blessing


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    • profile image

      juliannova 7 years ago

      Never would have thought of that. I wrote a guide on black castor oil here do you think it will work...i mean black castor oil.

    • LarasMama profile image

      LarasMama 7 years ago from a secret location, Australia

      Good to hear it worked for you! It worked for me too...

      I've written a hub guide about it including info for those critics who claim that it can be bad for baby...