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Children yoga online course

Updated on September 9, 2014

Get inspired and take action

Some months ago, I took an online yoga course. I found it very interesting and inspiring. I was thinking it is a good idea, especially for someone who like to practise at home whenever they like. I am teaching children yoga at family centers in Berlin and so the idea of making a children yoga online course flashed to me very fast.

I don't have a big online audience like those celebrity yoga teachers and don't know how to make one (honestly). But the wish of producing one children yoga online course for parents to learn how to do yoga with children at home, continued to grow inside me.

So I produced it anyway with my family. It was not as smooth as I thought. We used a Nikon d7100 to record the video and a Samsung Galaxy S4 to record the audio (we thought we can avoid the long wire from built-in camera microphone). But it turned out that the audio was not very good and we were requested a re-do from (the online platform where we put our online course).

I looked up at comments at their instructors facebook page and their support page. So we bought a good line-in microphone and was satisfied with the results. We filmed for several weekends, because it was the only time that we both had the time. Filming was smooth as everything scripted in my mind. As long as you know what your content is, it should not be a big problem to film (given that you solved your technical problems).

Now we had a lot of raw videos and here came the edting part. I had some experience in editing before. But we decided not to buy any professional editing software at that moment. I used Microsoft movie maker. It was okay and served my means. Again it costed me two weeks.

Finally I produced it and sent them to do review. They returned after some days and asked me to modify some parts. I was good as they are professional in this field and I trust their advice. I was very happy as they requested only minor modifications. After some days, my course has been alive at their marketplace.

But now a big part came....HOW SHOULD/ COULD I DO MY PROMOTION?

It is all about promotion

It is like, I blindfolded myself and walk in a jungle. I have no idea how to promote my course. I read their blogs and realized that if I produced some coupons and publicized through my channels. I would get the most earnings. Udemy also promotes for me, but it is on commission bases. I think it is fair as they do the job and gives me also something.

Perhaps you think this hub is a promotion of my course. I don't want you to think in this direction.

My message is, do something you like and don't care whether you know how to handle it. You will learn how to do it later, but you just need to take the first step.

My course reached 50 students and I am sure people will keep coming.

© 2014 Tracy Wong


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