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Child's eye swelled due to a bug bite

Updated on May 30, 2013
Two year old with bug bite causing eye to swell
Two year old with bug bite causing eye to swell

When our son's eye started swelling closed we didn't know what was happening

The night before it happened, we laid our little boy down in his bed, read him his bedtime story as usual, tucked him in, gave him a hug and kiss, and left him snoozing away. We had noticed a bug bite above his left eye, but it was small and didn't look bad. We had been out playing in the yard, and thought it was probably a mosquito bite.

The next morning, my wife woke up our son. The bite still looked the same. It wasn't puffy, wasn't too red, and there wasn't any cause for alarm. She took him to the daycare, where she worked, and went on about her day. It wasn't until after nap time, when he woke up, that the swelling started.

I got a call at work at about 2:30 in the afternoon. It was my wife, and she told me about his eye and how it was about half swollen shut. I went and picked him up, and when we got home, I gave him some Benodryl. The swelling didn't get any worse, and it actually may have looked a little better. However, by the time my wife got home at about 4:30, I had time to think about it a little more. I thought about how we really didn't know what it was that bit him. I suspected that it was a spider bite, but I had no idea what kind of spider. Now, we live in central Illinois, and there are not too many dangerously poisonous spiders in this area. When it comes to my son, though, I don't take any chances. So, I had my wife call the doctor. The doctor said he wished we would have brought him in right away, but since it is not getting any worse we can continue with the Benodryl and also give him children's Tylenol.

By the next morning, the swelling was nearly gone. I talked with my mom about this (grandma's usually have the best advice), and she informed me that my older brother never made it through a summer without his eye swelling from a bug bite. She said all she ever gave him was Benodryl. This made me feel much better, and sure enough, the swelling went away.

I write this hub not to make it sound like swelling near the eye is nothing to worry about, because it is. If it happens again, I will probably call the doctor again. In writing this, I just hope to bring a little comfort, as I was scared to death when I saw my little boy at daycare with his swollen eye. We all know what it is like the first time around with a small child, and I just want to share my story and maybe take away a little of the anxiety (until next time).


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    • preservemypics profile image

      preservemypics 5 years ago

      That is true jackieholt. Thankfully, my boys take it pretty easy on me.

    • preservemypics profile image

      preservemypics 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment teacher. It's just one of those things - if it hasn't happened to you, it can be scary.

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      This happened to my daughter when she was young, as well. I took her into the doctor and he told me that it was a bug bite and to give her cleared up fast and unfortunately, it happened several more times during her childhood...I assume that she probably had/has an allergy to some bug and this is how she reacted...