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China and Global Deadly Pandemics Like Covid-19

Updated on July 12, 2020

As we all now know, the origination of the Covid-19 virus now in pandemic mode and killing millions, began in Wuhan, China. Was this a natural occurrence from bat to exotic animal to human from a market or some sort of bio-weapon research gone awry from their Level 4 secure lab that got out unknowingly among the general population via lab staff from the facility? Some Chinese medical experts have pointed to the latter and how the government tried, at first, to keep it secret. Others claim it came from bats that were eaten by rare exotic animals and then consumed by humans.

In any case, China was involved. Now, the Chinese Embassy in Kazahkstan has warned the world of a even more deadly Covid-19-like virus that has SARS-like traits that is deadly. The warning indicated that this new variation of pneumonia has created over 50,000 new cases, of which, 28,000 have pneumonia and are in local hospitals. Death rates are around 50%!

The research, so far, has shown that this new strain of pneumonia is unlike the typical virus because it has several abnormalities that have yet to be identified or understood.

If one recalls, it was back in December, 2019, when Chinese authorities first mentioned a new new virus with abnormalities. It also had pneumonia and acted liked SARS. That was when China tried to put a lid on the disclosure by key Chinese medical experts by silencing these "rumors". Well, we all know what then happened and now the world is in a global crisis.

The Chinese Embassy in Kazahkstan, where this new unknown killer is arising, it quietly telling its citizens to leave. Chinese authorities seem to be unable or unwilling to tell WHO exactly what they have found out about this new killer. For the record, the medical organization in Kazahkstan denies that this alarming Chinese announcement is wrong, that, it is just regular pneumonia that is spiking in the region.

The experience with China and deadly viruses is a bit suspicious. Is this new killer really real? Is it just prepping the world for something worse to show that China had disclosed the future? Is it another bio-weapon experiment gone awry when given to test subjects secretly and quickly spread outside to the general public?

Any of this could be true. Is China trying to promote its interests via viruses they created? Is it all just a an odd coincidence?


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