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Chiropractors help kids

Updated on January 24, 2014

What does a chiropractor do with a child?


In this article I wanted to highlight a news segment from ABC news, I found on twitter. It was posted by a fellow chiropractor and demonstrates some of the benefits of children using regular chiropractic care.

Please note that the initial head crunching and body twisting adjustments shown in the initial stages of this link are NOT used at Hands on Health - Family Chiropractic. Instead I use a technique that has been specially developed for the paediatric population, Neuro Impusle Protocol (NIP) . NIP has been so successful on on children that it has been further developed to use on all ages. It is so comfortable that children (and adults) enjoy their treatments. Children often jump up onto the couch, and adults often breathe a sigh of relief as they feel so relaxed afterwards.

Unlike the chiropractor in the link children/paediatrics is my area of special interest, having completed my Masters of Chiropractic (Paeds.) through RMIT (Melb. Aust) in 2003. I have also lectured to other chiropractors on this subject as a guest speaker for Mc Timoney College of Chiropractic where the Masters programme is now run.

It is interesting that Dr Lonnie Zeltzer uses a wide range of therapies for Chronic Pain in the Paediatric population, including Cranial Sacral Therapy. This is an excellent use of integrating therapies. However, she is of the understanding that chiropractic might paralyse a child, however I have seen nothing of this ever reported in the medical journals. Further using NIP, a low force technique, similar to that used in the video link there is not any reported injury for this type of treatment in children or adults.

As Dr Beth says at the end of the video "Keep and Open Mind". If you would like to know more about how chiropracitc can help you or someone you know please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or your local chiropractor.


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      Arlington Heights Chiropractor 6 years ago

      I also work with a lot of kids and have seen some amazing results. Many parents do know about chiropractic for kids so thank you for posting this article. Chiropractic is a great way to ensure healthy development and growth of kids.