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How To Choose The Right Hypnosis Training School

Updated on June 10, 2012
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When Rachael isn't in her studio dyeing yarn (her real job), she's called to her passion for writing, and so here she is : )

There are a lot of training courses out there for anyone who wants to learn Hypnosis but it’s hard to know what the good ones are, and which ones you should stay away from.

So how DO you determine which training school to use?

Here are some guidelines for selecting which training facility you will hand your hard earned money over to for your training:

Are you required to put in any face to face time with the school or the trainer?

Some schools offer correspondence training which seems kind of ridiculous. Hypnosis is a method you need to learn by seeing and practicing.

Simply reading about how to work with Hypnosis is never going to make you a great Hypnotherapist. The National Guild of Hypnotists recommends that you need to be putting in at least 75 hours practical classroom time.

What kind of certification will you receive?

It is important to understand what certification you will achieve with your training, without having to go back and do more training.

Do you receive a certificate, or a diploma? Is you certification recognised internationally, or just as recognition that you went through a particular school?

Is the person training me a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist?

To receive good training, you need to be trained by a good Hypnotherapist.

Anyone can regurgitate information about how to work with Hypnosis but it takes someone who has a good working knowledge with appropriate experience to train you to a higher standard.

Check out your trainer’s credentials, whether they are practicing full time (and are not a hobby hypnotherapist) and take a look at their website if they have one to read testimonials about how good they are at their work.

How comprehensive is the course material?

Before handing over your fees, ask to see an outline of the course material.

What topics are covered? And in how much detail? Are there any gaps you can see and are concerned about?

It is useful to know a rough idea of what skills you will come away with before you start.

How large are the classes?

If a training school is packing as many students as possible into each class, you can almost guarantee that you won’t receive a good quality of training.

You need be given the time and attention to ask questions, to practice your skills, to receive feedback and with too many students in the class, this becomes difficult.

What is total cost of the course?

Some websites for Hypnotherapy training mention only the fees for the course, and forget (or fail) to mention the added costs of other course materials including work books, CDs, books and any in class costs.

Make sure you know EXACTLY what the full costs of achieving your certification are.

And beware of ‘Free’ or cheap offers for Hypnosis Training. There is never a free lunch.

Selecting the best hypnotherapy training school is important for a great start in a career in hypnotherapy. Don't be tempted to cut corners at this crucial point in your professional development. You won't regret quality training at a reasonable cost but you will certainly kick yourself if you invest in substandard teaching.


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