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Health - Why Do Guys Drink Beer?

Updated on April 20, 2012
Christofers Flow profile image

Christofer has been a paralegal for 25 years. He has 4 children and 8 grandchildren. He and his mother studied astrology for over 40 years.

Health and Long Life Series

There is a reason why guys drink beer. Actually, there are several reasons why guys drink beer. I am referring to the calming quality of beer that goes beyond the effect of alcohol. Beer's uniquely calming feature in beer is a special property makes that gives it the "beerness" of this ancient brew.

Beer's Calming Agent and GABA -

No, this is not a morality lesson here. Its an interesting question. Don't say "Cause of the alcohol". Sure that's a big reason. But why beer? First of all, you can't drink tequila for too long before you are a wild-eyed, vision-seeing Chupakabra. Beer? Guys can throw beer down for hours and hours and hours. Unfortunately.

The answer regarding Beer is Hops - those strange 20 foort high flowers that they grow in Germany and around the world. Hops is the thing that gives men that warm calming feeling. Beer is the basic "guy response" to stress-filled living. Then you throw in the all the additional elements - Hooters, Sports, Picnics and Bar Hopping and you get the "Beer Drinking Culture" for lack of a real official sociological term. So, in one breath, I am not saying Hops is everything, but I am saying it is overlooked as a reason for Beer's allure. You will notice that many of the micro-brewers talk about the Hops -- its quality and quantity and how they put it in their beer. The major brewers are talking in the advertising more about Hops too. Its not a secret, its just not something men chat about while they are imbibing.

Look up Hops and see all of the interesting effects it has. There are places in which you can see references to a stimulative effect BECAUSE it is relaxing -- on the male sex drive. Ironically, since it comes along with the alcohol in beer, there may be counter effects neutralizing that factor. This article is not about Hops, its about GABA. I bring up Hops because GABA similar qualities. What we are seeking is a place to be in our minds and bodies with that mild "buzz" that we do not have when we are in the middle of our stimulant-driven dailiness.

I have recently experienced the marvelous effects of this supplement for a variety of benefits. From a personal perspective, I can not come up with a better calming agent and sleep aid. Anyone who is pushed along by the coffee-soaked, charged up, stress-flooded American lifestyle has to sleep soundly and rest deeply. We all want to sleep soundly and rest deeply.

If I had known about this supplement in my 20's, 30's, 40's, my life would have been much different. Those of you who toss and turn even though you have worn yourself out all day, need to slow down your neuronal firing a bit.

GABA - "Don't bother me, I am building muscle and burning fat while I sleep." -

GABA is a natural alternative to drugs that have a sedative effect. A search on the web will show you how many pharmacological agents work off of the GABA receptors in the body and brain. It is said that GABA stimulates the anterior pituitary, which leads to higher levels of HGH - Human Growth Hormone. HGH is both muscle building (anabolic) and fat burning (lipotropic).

GABA is anti-stress, anti-uneasiness, calming and relaxing. This is truly a non-addictive tranquilizing alternative. (Please see its potential negative effects if you are considering taking). The good thing about GABA as a natural supplement is that if you take a little too much, you back off. There is also material that says that GABA and Niacin work together to help the body fight stress. So go ahead and consult your health care professional, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

GABA has been shown to improve sleep cycles, leading to more restful sleeping and more interesting and vivid dreaming. It has a stabilizing effect on blood pressure. GABA has been shown to be a very effective analgesic (pain reliever). It elminates discomfort from chronic conditions, such as the lack of ease and discomfort from pain in small joints and lower back (psoriatic arthritis sufferers take note. I have seen particular benefit as a sufferer).

A little more about its features. Gamma-aminbutyric acid (GABA) is a non-essential amino acid that helps promote normal brain function by helping to block stress-related messages from reaching receptor sites in the central nervous system. GABA helps reduce feelings of anxiousness and may be helpful for treatment of disorders linked to emotional stress, such as reduced sex drive and hyptertension.

GABA is manufactured in the body from another amino acid - glutamic acid. It essentially acts as the body's most powerful tranquilizer in the body.

Subduing the Firing of Nerve Cells in the Brain -

It is thought that epilepsy and attention defidit disorder could be helped by GABA. And, back to our BEER question, research indicates that it may also help treat alcoholism by reducing alcohol cravings. Individuals with enlarged prostate glands may benefit from GABA, as it helps regulate sex hormones in the body. It is available in capsule and powder forms at health food stores and from on-line distributors. Proceed with caution on the dosing. Too much GABA may increase feelings of anxiety and to cause numbness, tingling and shortness of breath.

The really easy short answer on why guys drink beer is that we need to have a relaxation phase to our life. Inhalation - Exhalation, Pump the heart - Relax the heart. Guys drink beer for lots of reasons, but mainly, we need to RELAX! However the beer drinking solution is extremely limiting and narrowing of health, family life and truly relaxing interraction free of alcohol. Need I also say that alcohol is very disturbing of sleep. While hops probably aids in sleep, alcohol works against sound sleep. Children and wives do not often benefit from excessive beer drinking escapades, and even though women also drink beer, the beer drinking culture is usually inclusive of non-wives and others' wives.


GABA tea is said to be a miraculous treatment for high blood pressure. It reduces the blood pressure level by allowing the arterial and venous muscles to relax. It prevents muscle contractions, as our veins and arteries are creased with the muscles, drinking GABA tea aids more blood flow through our veins and arteries.

GABA is most important and the copious inhibitory of our nervous system. It acts as a neurotransmitter of the brain which induces relaxation and sleep. A neurotransmitter helps in transmitting impulse of the nerve across synapse. A synapse is an area from where the impulses of the nerve are transmitted to the various terminals of axon. GABA slows down the FIRING when so many other elements work to speed up and continue the firing of the neurons. Anxiety can be described as the excessive firing of our thinking.

Beer drinking guys are going to be beer drinking guys, and that is something that is not that destructive of health as long as there is moderation. Those who realize that perhaps they are seeking a calmness that beer can not actually meet, people might turn to GABA to see how its manifold and numerous benefits could be a wonderful long term aid to health and a peace of mind that they might not naturally have otherwise.

Stella Artois or Heineken -

While you are contemplating the potential benefits of GABA, go out and do a lilttle research and find out what beers have the MOST hops. Sample them and see if you do not feel the difference in that famous herb in your system. Then read about the effects of Hops, and you will see that Hops is kind of a cousin to GABA. Not a bad experiment to add to your body of knowledge. Besides, you might impress somebody as you watch your football team and your buddies are gathered around. Just grab a Stella Artois, or a Heineken or some beer like that, and let them ask about your choice. Then once you are done with your fantasy football choices, there will still be some room for gourmet talk about that strange little crushed flower blended into your brew.

And then you can bring up a new topic and say, "Hey dude, have you ever tried GABA?"


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have seizures. It is totoally irresponsible to suggest that alcohol can help them. First of all, it interacts badly with anticonvulsants. If you do imbibe, it will suppress the brainwaves. I have talked with people who didn't seize when they were drinking, but the next day they had the worst seizures of their lives.

    • AlanSwenson profile image


      8 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Hops have nothing to do with a "Calming feeling" they are added to beer in for Bitterness, aroma and as an antibacterial agent.

    • profile image

      Kevin Schofield 

      9 years ago

      Good hub. I love beer. I once set out on a pub crawl in Manchester and ended up in Edinburgh - 200 miles away. To this day I have no idea how I got there. Beer is magical. Thanks for a great hub and enjoy your beer adventures. Kind regards, Kev.

    • rmart29 profile image


      10 years ago

      Beer does not have a large amount of vitamins/minerals to reach your daily needs. To me, that means I get to drink A LOT in order to stay healthy...

    • CinKat profile image


      10 years ago from Cincinnati, Ohio, Midwest, USA

      I don't know if epilepsy or A.D.D can be helped by GABA, but if they can, the method of delivery shouldn't be any alcohol...LOL! The worst hangovers I ever had were beer-induced!! Never again!


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