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Chromosomes Importance

Updated on July 14, 2012

Chromosomes Family

A child's health is very important. During pregnancy, after pregnancy we all as parents pray and hope that our children grow up to be as healthy as they can be. Have you taken the time to sit and actually think about how we are able to use our fingers and type and walk and do all the normal things that we all take for granted? Chromosomes is what makes us all unique. I have a special needs daughter that I call my "Sunshine", because despite what she has gone through in her short years of life she brings joy and brightness to her family. She has a very unique chromosome disorder, which I never knew about until after her extended stay in the hospital after her birth. The way a baby is created is a gift, and things can happen during this process. There are new and exciting save ways for soon to be families to check out the genes of their baby. Stanford University and other researches across the globe have discovered new processes that can shed light on the condition of your baby.

Nowadays it is so important to make sure you are healthy, your atmosphere around you is healthy, your friends and family. No matter what happens with the results if you choose to find out about the genetics make up of your baby, you can and will have the tools needed to prepare you for the unknown. When my sunshine was born, I did not know what to do, and was scrambling to find out all the information I could to better prepare myself for the tons of questions I needed to ask the Dr. and the questions that would be asked of me by family and friends. The better prepared you are the better you can overcome this minor speed bump in your newborns life. It is not something that will hold you back, it is quite the opposite. Keep your head up, stay strong, and handle all obstacles thrown at you. Your new family addition is strong enough to make it to this world, you are strong enough to break down all barriers that will try to prevent your baby for enjoying a full natural fun life.

Thank you.

Map of Male Chromosomes

Free Info available for public use, check out the website
Free Info available for public use, check out the website | Source


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