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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CMS Causes and Cures

Updated on May 28, 2011

Do You Feel Constantly Tired?

Is your mood blank and libido low? You feel like you are constantly tired and sleep doesn't help at all? You are too tired to get yourself motivated and this is taking toll on your entire life?

Seems like you're having a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you don't have any medical condition that requires regular drugs intake, that are responsible for your fatigue, and you are not suffering dehydration, then you most likely have vital nutrients deficiency and your overall immune system needs a boost.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition of prolonged and persistent tiredness and fatigue that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by specific conditions.

The exact causes of CFS are unknown. However, there are several possible causes behind it:

  • Nutrients deficiencies

You should get yourself examined for infections and medical conditions mentioned above, if you suffer from persistent fatigue. If you have no medical conditions, however, then your problem roots in your life style, in particular stress and its long-term effects on your body.

Stress puts strain on your body. It is an evolutionary mechanism to speed up energy transfer and responses in your body in order to survive and/ or cope with a demanding situation. However, it is meant to last for a while and then settle back to calm and normal. But, in the fast-paced modern life, stress levels can remain high for prolonged periods of time, even settle as the norm.

Although stress responses in the body are triggered by exterior stimuli, it can also be triggered by psychological tension. When stress levels are elevated, your endocrine system produces large amounts of hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine. When stress levels are kept high for prolonged periods, your body eventually gets exhausted and its resources are gradually depleted. At this stage you begin to feel tiredness and persistent fatigue. Your immune system weakens and many other complications may follow from this, especially in the long-term if you don't replenish your body and rejuvenate your immune system.

Prolonged high stress levels are know to cause:

  • Problems with the digestive system (ulcers, bad metabolism)
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular problems

And your weakened immune system, in turn, makes you much more susceptible to infections. Your body and your psyche are one interconnected system that is entangled and if one element becomes out of balance, many other will follow in a chain reaction. So, as with many other health problems, this one must also be treated in a holistic approach. And you should start with learning to Manage Stress. As stress is the most likely underlying cause for your CMS.

You must learn to manage your emotional responses to stress and improve your ability to cope with it. You must learn to manage yourself, overall, in order to become a more balanced person. You shouldn't let stress overcome you, you should strive to be positive, to assure yourself of your own skills and abilities to cope with the stressful factors and most of all, you shouldn't take things too seriously, you do need to integrate a more calm and philosophical view towards life and the problems people are bound to have along the way.

Find things that inspire you, appreciate the beauty of nature, the sheer mystery of life. Begin to exercise, whatever regular physical activity will keep your libido, mood and overall feeling of well-being high. Smile more. The very physical act of smiling signals positive emotions to your brain. You need to change your mindset in order to gain new perspectives. Make a change in your lifestyle too.

I do not recommend to turn to pharmaceutical medicine in treating your fatigue. There are well established herbal and vitamin supplements that will help you better and with no side effects in the long term.

The first important supplement you need is a good B Vitamins complex. B Vitamins are essential for your nervous system, boost your immunity, give you energy and uplift your mood. I can recommend these quality and well priced brands:

(if you are sensitive to natural Niacin though, try Now Foods B-50 or B-100, can be found in iherb, as well)

Rhodiola rosea root is used to diminish fatigue and maximize the body's natural resistance to various stress factors. This supplement is excellent in both price and quality:

You should also supply yourself with Vitamin C with bioflavonoids for better absorption. As Vit. C is a powerful antioxidant and immune booster.

You can also try an anti-fatigue formula in combination with the above for the first month, to give you an initial boost in your start up recovery. Here is a suggestion:

  • FutureBiotics EnergyForce (can also be found in iherb, just copy and paste the name in the search box there)

If you are new to iherb, you can use this discount code at check out - DOB496 - to receive a 5$ OFF your first purchase + Free samples. You can also get Free shipping if your order is above 40$ and you live in USA.

So, drink plenty of water, supply your body with the vital nutrients for your immune system's optimal performance and incorporate some sports or exercise in your lifestyle on a regular basis, be positive and don't look at the glass as half empty, but always see it as half full. Appreciate the now and what you have, this is the key to happiness.

Have a healthy mindset and a healthy body!

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. To whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead. His eyes are shut."
Albert Einstein

Appreciate the beauty and magic even of the smallest things. Sometimes the biggest joy is in the smallest things. Open your eyes!


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    • Inspiration88 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from this Galaxy

      Yes, the lack of rest can worn your immune system down. But the lack of proper nutrion can have the same effect. As in my case. I have always slept quite a fair bit of time, but I used to eat very little and very incorrectly, my diet almost completely lacked vegetables and various fruits, at some point my immune system went bust and I began to experience chronic infections - yeast, allergy-like conditions, I had a period when I felt extremely fatigue.

      What helped me was a change in feeding habbits, I started exercising regularly, trail hiking and herbal supplements also helped me significantly, where regular pharmaceutical drugs did nothing for my health. I started taking vitamins as well and in end, that is now, I appreciate that my health problems were due to a prolonged insufficient intake of vital nutrients, such as the essential vitamins.

      Now I regularly take B vitamins and vit. C. These are really essential. And so on. I wish you overcome your health troubles and get better for good (hug) :)

      I do a lot of reasearch before I try any herbal supplement, not only in reading other people's reviews. So the ones I recommend are not just a blind pick from the list.

      As for the reviews, I have seen a lot of such from people saying it helped them with their ME on many different products (I have browsed through iherb inventory a lot). Here is one that I looked at yesterday and kept it in my wishlist especially to share it with you:

      How come you have tried a lot of different products and none helped, even a little? Maybe the products you tried weren't good enough.. or weren't made to help in the way you need..

    • aslanlight profile image


      7 years ago from England

      But that's what I mean! A lot of people burn themselves out at work or by studying too hard like I did. I'm still studying for a degree but I don't let it rule my life now. I think so many of us work and play too hard and don't rest enough and enjoy nature etc. Stress is a terrible thing!

      It's not to do with being skeptical, it's that I've spent a fortune on supplements and this and that over the years and I suppose when I see something telling me I need this or that and I know I can't afford it, and it probably won't help anyway it just makes me want to groan.

      I'm sure living, fresh food and herbs are doing me a great deal of good and I'm watching my pocket. I have to pay bills.

      Yes I've used iHerb a fair bit. The Grapefruit Seed Extract's good for Candida and it's helped my son with toothache and a stomach infection.

    • Inspiration88 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from this Galaxy

      The reviews on the products. There is a tab "Reviews". Have you searched with keyword "Fatigue" in iherb? You can read a lot of reviews on the different products. Also, the article is for Chronic Fatigue (CFS) with no known medical reason. But you said it, a change in lifestyle is needed. I feel like you are too skeptic. A change in mindset is also essential.

    • aslanlight profile image


      7 years ago from England

      I don't think I did vote it down. Where are the reviews? I was going to ask where you get the information for your claims from. And where can I find the many people with ME that say these supplements have changed their lives?

      I'm open minded enough to listen when evidence is referenced.

    • Inspiration88 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from this Galaxy

      Well, Aslan, I do approve your comments (I don't agree with censorship), but I don't see why you are voting my hubs down, only because you think the advice is not worth it. I can tell you that many other people find these supplements helpful and many of them say that such supplements have changed their lives for the better. Do you read the reviews for the supplements? I guess the effect is individual. And again, only because it didn't helped you, doesn't mean that won't help someone else.

    • aslanlight profile image


      7 years ago from England

      By the way I said rest and being cared for. The cared for part seems to make the difference in many people.

    • aslanlight profile image


      7 years ago from England

      I didn't say nutrients aren't required, it's obvious that everyone needs them, but like myself many ME sufferers end up paying out huge amounts of money over the years that we can't afford because few of us work, on this or that supplement that we're told we need or even, 'are essential'.

      The way to get the right nutrients, living ones, is fresh fruit and vegetables. Sproutung seeds and beans is excellent. I grow herbs in my garden and eat the leaves.

      Super immune system strengthening foods include beetroots, grapefruits, avacados, shitake mushrooms. There are immune system helping herbs.

      Gentle yoga, EFT, mindfulness techniques, right attitude are all free and help immensely.

      I'm glad you're trying to help but I wish people would stop encouraging me to throw my much needed money away. Even if I bought the supplements I wouldn't be able to keep buying them for the length of time it'd take for them to help.

      I'm sure you understand, you seem intelligent enough.

    • Inspiration88 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from this Galaxy

      Yes and people get discounts too - a win win situation. However, rest itself doesn't help your body recover its nutrient deficiency, as many people say that rest doesn't make them feel any better, even if they sleep all day long. I don't know what you have tried, but I strongly disagree with your presumption that nutrients make no difference. Very wrong. Nutrient deficiencies lead to many health problems, apart from general weaking of the immune system. And when your immune system is weak, you begin to experience all sorts of symptoms that you just can't understand what is causing them.

      Rest itself is equal to wasting your time passively, I don't want to fight with you, please. I completely agree that a change in life style is needed and it requires a resupplementation of vital nutrients to your body as well.

    • aslanlight profile image


      7 years ago from England

      'These two are essential for your recovery.'

      That's quite a claim! People recover in their own way and in their own time. Most that I've heard of recovering have had a time of complete rest and being cared for.

      The nutrients you mention probably won't make any difference. I've been battling ME for 7 years and tried it all! It requires a complete life-style change and as I said rest.

      I too had an email from iHerb offering me discounts if I refer people.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I agree - you mindset can affect your health! Good links!


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