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Pain... Chronic Pain... How To Beat It Now

Updated on March 19, 2011 Green Self Sustained Matriarch Society and Lifestyle

The Universal Language Of Love
The Universal Language Of Love

Answers, Facts, and Real Life Success With Nutrition

Attitude Is Everything!

I spent much of my young adult life studying, and playing chess because I was sick from a medical malpractice case that happened when I was 23. I'm now 43. It drastically changed my life, and also threw me into educating myself with a driven passion of anger. I turned that anger into something positive. I was so angry because it had basically ended all my plans in life.

I had just graduated modeling school 2 weeks prior, and had done some work for the garment industry in NYC. My face was on a post card that went all over the world, and my modeling career was moving forward...until this happened...then it was over, because my face had been cut open severing the 7th cranial facial nerve, and they had broken my nose, and punctured my main sinus. I had to have 21 surgeries to try to fix what had been done, to no avail. It was over, and there was no more help.

At one point I heard one of the ER doctors say: "She's back". That was it for me, my case was obviously too complex, and there was too much damage to contain. I wasn't the typical patient you give a once over, and tell the secretary to have her come back in a month. I required actual thought of solution, and that didn't happen.

In 1992 I was scheduled for 7 more surgeries, and I felt that not enough attention was being put on the fact that I'm living with a deadly bacteria, that is now rampant throughout my bones, and blood. I was such a high risk patient, but they were not factoring it into the equation.

The day they called me for Pre-Opp (I had thought long and hard about my next move...) I told the Nurse, to please close my file that I would not be having anymore surgery. I also told her not to call me, I'll call them.

That was the day my life began again. That day I threw all the medicine in the garbage, went straight to the health food store, and got all the vitamins, and supplements I felt I needed. Which was about $350.00 at the time (less than one Doctors visit). Seven days later I was up making coffee, cleaning up, taking a shower, and feeling really good. I had been bed ridden for a period of 2 years straight (1990 - 1992) near the end when they had me scheduled for the 7 surgeries.

(Wait until you hear what else I went through while all this was going on, starting with 9 Car accidents, Legionnaires disease while pregnant, followed by my fall on the ice at 7 months, my husband being run over by a drunk driver, and left for dead in the road), (right after my daughter was born).

I am here to share how I did this, and how I turned everything around, and why. I am still living with a deadly Bacteria, and I have found ways to manipulate IT, and my health status to keep me functioning. I have 4 pages of illness that I currently live with. At some point I will list everything I currently live with. I will also be listing what I take, and don't take to keep all of the illness in check. Including what I eat, and don't eat, etc. Stay tuned & find out why I am able to maintain a really positive attitude, and still love life!

Today nobody can tell I am sick. I am still sick, but I manage it, and I'm stronger than "IT" now because of what I've done, and applied to my life, and lifestyle. It can be done, I'm living proof that nutrition really does save lives. I'm here today to share it with you, because it absolutely saved my life. I am so happy to be alive, who cares if there's problems that pop up, I am allowed to be alive to solve them! This is all a game a chess, and I now control the middle of the board!

One of my secrets is: I SMILE...All the time! I trained myself first, but shortly after it comes natural. Smile your way to good health! Always SMILE!...It will change everything about your life! Smile everywhere you go! Test it yourself: Take one day & just Smile at everyone everywhere you go. The next day: walk around with no smile, maybe a frown. Share with us what happened!

Another secret is I insist on having a Positive Attitude. I have partitioned my brain in sections that go in priority. I alphabetize everything, and react only to sections I can control, or manipulate. If an event I cannot control happens, I process it for about 3 seconds, and quickly reach the conclusion I have no power to change it yet, therefore I cannot spend any precious time on it right now. I will get back to it, when I have the power to change it. I wasted 3 seconds of life to decide to push it to the back of the line so to speak. The point is not to dwell on things you cannot change, or past events that have happened.

Choose to be happy because it's a choice you get in life. Maybe someone forgot to tell you. I survived many events that were very traumatic, and life altering. I have a 4 page list of things I "could" be depressed about. There are much more important things to be concerned about. I actually suppress depression, or should I say Compress it, and throw in a zip file. Nevertheless it's segregated off into it's own toxic little isolated section which I give little attention too. It's there...but it's only a thought, and memory.

There's no time to waste being depressed. It's like you're standing in line, and they're handing out "Lives", and they get to you...and you say...Nah, can't be bothered I'll pass. There's your life flying right by. The moral is: Time is way too precious to waste on depression. There are so many ways to conquer it naturally. I was there, I conquered it without anything but natural vitamins, and supplements.

In spite of all the bitterness available to me, which would probably be publicly acceptable...I choose to fight it with nature, and my own mental strength and drive. I maintain a very up beat positive attitude, with a big smile on my face every day. Just because I am so happy to be alive!

P.S. Does my picture above reflect a face of Pain? Heck No! That's my normal up to date look. I do have a list of Pain that I live with, but... "I'm" now in control, as opposed to "Being Controlled" by the variety of things I have wrong with me. Nine car accidents alone would probably cause enough damage to be lonely, sad, and depressed for the rest of my life...right? Add in 21 surgeries, and the host of illness, and deadly bacteria they left in me, and I could throw a depression party! lol

Instead, I am so happy, and honored to have survived all of this, to end up being the "me" I am today. I appreciate every moment of my life, and welcome the new moments to come. It's funny how sometimes, one person in the bunch get's the whole big picture, and spreads the word from there. Think about it for a moment. History...The history "we" just made.

Reading this article has in fact changed history. I am alive, vs. dead. Which was technically the way it was supposed to go. Instead, being the fighter I am, I decided to take a much different approach to the damages, and the pain. In turn ending up here (today), as opposed to a lonely, bed ridden, bitter, whining, weak, sickly person, which I could have easily become. I see sickly people every where I go, every day. It's intensely disturbing to me.

For a person like me, it's virtually torture having to literally watch people kill themselves, through poor living habits, poor eating, and complete lack of nutrients. Completely indifferent to the profound signs being presented in their own appearance, weight, skin tone, color, energy level, and more.

Your body tells you when something is wrong, and if you ignore it... then you end up later living the those particular consequences. Just like an Alcoholic who refuses to stop drinking, even though they were told they now have liver failure. The Power within us is really there. Waiting for you to engage it, and conquer any health problem you have. Everything "can" be managed. I know, because I'm your living proof.

I went through the trial and error, and raced against time to educate myself fast, to save my life. Upon getting educated, I became more motivated to continue because I was so angry that this critical information has literally been erased from all aspects of life: learning, (school), Society, the Govt., etc. As if Nutrition has just just been pushed aside, because it's much more important for our industry, and manufacturers to profit, at our expense, right?

Putting man made ingredients in food that cause Cancer, and Obesity is no problem, right? You'll just be shuffled over to the medical world for them to make money on you next, after you get sick. It's all right on schedule, and the people are dropping like flies. The medical industry, and food Mfg. Industry are doing quite well with their master plan. Who will control "Your" life? Will they get you too? A Nationwide Non Profit Corp.

The Universal Language Of Love
The Universal Language Of Love

MSM 1000 Can't Live Without!


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Hi Karen! :)

      Thanks so much for the comment. I will always continue to share knowledge I've aquired through my studies. I'm glad you liked the article. You may want to check out the one I did on Depression too. It quite uplifting, and positive.

      I am a Positive reinforcement for anyone who wishes to join to the positive side of life. It really does exist! lol

      Welcome to hubpages, if I can be of any assistance to you, please don't hesitate to ask. Many of the people who are on my fan list will also be glad to help you as well. It's a pretty nice group here, and it's really growing well.

      Take care, and enjoy being here, we're glad to have you on the team! :)

      Still Smiling! :)

      Thanks again!

    • profile image

      Karen Braschuk 

      10 years ago

      Hi Brainfire,

      I'm new to this site and just came across your article. Thank you so much for posting this. As someone who has also lived with chronic pain for most of her life, I truly appreciate your candid comments and how sensitively you shared your own journey with the rest of us.

      I hope you continue to share your wisdom and insight.

      All the best,


    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Thanks for the comment Royzone, I hope you're taking MSM 1000...This will definitely help that pain you have. I've been taking it since 1992 religiously, because I live with broken bones & other damages from 9 car accidents. It made a huge difference in the, I can walk now...I couldn't before.

      A full page article was done on this natural substance in Newsday for James Coburn, the actor. He was bedridden near the end, from Arthritis. All he wanted was to do one more movie. He got his wish, thanks to MSM. It was "so" amazing, they had to put the article in Newsday and boast about it.

      I am also proof that it definitely works...please try it! It's not expensive, it's all natural, and there are no side affects, or dangers. It's a natural substance our body seems to stop making when we get older. You can see fantastic results with this, as I have.

      Thanks for reaching out!



    • profile image


      10 years ago from Burnaby,B.C.,Canada

      I feel the same way now as I went through hell with 5 back surgeries. Started with a herniated disc at L-4-5 and ended up with part of my spine being removed and the worst pain there is for 20 years. All the doctors,physio and accupuncture never did anything for me so I used Demerol ,Morphine etc.,in the form of pills and injections from varous unscrupulous doctors that didn't give a damn about me or anyone else. The worst part was dealing with my employer and WCB and being cut off my wages and loosing my job.

      I came to realize that with all the BS going on in my life that I wasn't able to deal with the pain. I had a knock at my door one day just before I had had enough and it was a woman from WCB. She came inside my house and found out how we were living,,seperated,no money,bills unpaid and loosing our house. She settled my claim with a cheque with a great deal of money and told me I was going to get better real quick now. She was pretty close to being right as the pain started to subside and my bills got paid etc. I then was more relaxed and could deal with my pain more naturally and got off the heavy drugs. I could hardly walk with a cane . gradually I got walking more and more and threw away my cane and now I can lead a more normal life but still have to take some Tyl 3's every day for the rest of my life .

      I just couldn't deal with everything at once and now we are together and far from easy street but I can deal with my life. I am now 60 and still in pain but ??



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