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Horror in the O.R

Updated on August 14, 2008



Last Friday I went to the hospital again. Thank God it wasn't Friday the 13th. After my stay on the ER for over four hours a few weeks back, that wasn't exactly what I hoped for, but it seemed necessary because the muscles in both my upper legs start to dysfunction. After a visit to the neurologist, they decided they wanted some skin and muscle tissue from my right upper leg, since they didn't have a clue what was happening to me. They never saw it before of course, just like the 8 doctors that saw me at the ER as the two doctors and the professor I met later on. So on to the surgeons. They had a surprise for me. The anesthesia. Because they had to examine the tissue, they weren't to anaesthetize the muscle, only the upper skin. Hallelujah!

If they didn't have their masks on, I'd almost think they were smiling in an evil way beneath it. But oké, if I wanted to find out what was wrong, I had to work with them.

There came the needles. Normally I would watch them put the needles into the skin, but this time, no way. I saw how my boyfriend's skin tone turned into white and I knew it was best I didn't look. He had to leave the room. The surgeon had to use a little more anesthetic for the skin than usual, but I made it through the first painful part.

She started drawing a nice pattern on my upper leg with a marker, so I knew how much they wanted from me. And believe me, doctors can't draw. She proved to be better with the scalpel. It was almost like Chucky performing surgery, but I like Chucky, so I watched every step she made. At least the part when she cut the skin tissue out.

This was the right time for asking for a Liposuction. It's just unbelievable how much fat was under that piece of skin. But they didn't want to grant that wish. And with a nice smile underneath her mask, she told me the hard part was going to happen.


I started wondering if she'd read the novels of Robin Cook when I heard an "Oops". I didn't feel a thing then, but while she told the nurse to phone for another doctor to assist, she told me she accidently cut a blood vessel. Nice sight. I never saw Chucky running for more bandages to stop the bleeding, but she did.

Dr Frankenstein came in and told the other doctor how to easy make the vessel whole again. It took a while to find the vessel, because it acted like one of those creatures from Tremors, but after cutting the skin a little further, she finally found it and fixed the vessel like Dr Frankenstein ordered.

But I'd better lie down now. The muscle tissue didn't look quite oke, so they wanted four pieces of tissue now instead of one. And because this part wasn't numbed by anesthetic, it could hurt like Hell.

And yes it did. I started screaming like the victims of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I couldn't stop. In the mean time I almost twisted the arm of the nurse who was trying to comfort me, but I didn't care at that time. Even got angry when she wouldn't let me hold her other arm too. It was a shame I couldn't be like Regan at that time, I'd loved to throw up on them . But I couldn't sit up and my head didn't want to twist into the right directions to hit everyone in the room. So I only cursed a lot, called them names and looked at them with my most evil eyes.

Finally it came to an end. They put a lot of stitches into my upper leg and called my boyfriend to get me out of there. Chucky and Dr Frankenstein were finished.

I'm going back this afternoon. I still don't feel the right side of my leg. I'll bet Chucky hit a nerve while fishing for the blood vessel.

I think I'm calling Stephen. I ‘ve got some nice idea's for a new movie.


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