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How to look like Elle MacPherson with the Clean and Lean Diet

Updated on April 21, 2013

I came across a diet book that helps to shed weight and maybe help you achieve the body like Elle McPherson. Wouldn't that be brilliant? However, I know realistically, that my body could never look like hers, so it may do as it is. I can achieve a healthy and toned body by following the Clean and Lean Diet - 14 daysto your best ever body.

James Duigan is the author, Personal Trainer to Celebrities especially to Elle McPherson and developed Bodyism System that helps you transform your body to become healthy, lean and fit.

His Clean and Lean Diet - 14 days to your best ever body explains why we get fat and doesn't believe the myth that the human body clings on to fat. The body knows that's not the way it functions best. The reasons why your body clings to fat is when you eat or drink processed foods, alcohol, bad fats and refined sugars, your body is then overloaded with toxins that cling to fat. This will then create love handles and paddings of fat around your tummy thus becomes bloated.

The book explains how important it is to eat more organic foods that is better for you and melts away the fat. You start to have more energy, better concentration, sex drive and mood.

There is a guide of foods and drinks that shows which one is Bad, Better and Best.

For instance: BAD- Cow's milk Better- Goat's Milk Best - Organic Rice Milk or Oat Milk

There are suggestions as to what foods and drinks you should have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but remember that this is like detoxing all the CRAP we have stored in our bodies.


  • White refined sugars
  • Commercial fruit juices
  • Bad Carbs
  • Alcohol
  • Cakes, sweets, cookies, ice cream
  • "Low fat" foods - Loaded with sugar
  • Ingredients ending in "ose" - (sucrose, lactose, dextose, and frutose) or "syrup" - "high fructose corn syrup" (HFCS)

Once you complete this regime, you will then avoid foods loaded with CRAP as you will feel the difference.

You are allowed coffee and tea, (yes) ! only organic coffee and he recommends Green Tea only as it is an antioxidant and a great detoxer for the body. It will get rid of metal toxicity that is toxins from the environment. Having excess coffee stimulates the nervous system that causes adrenal glands to pump out cortisol to help respond to stress. This inturn stores fat hormones and adding extra calories of sugar and milk doesn't help either.

There are helpful tips and hints to achieve a better you. The exercise programs only takes 8 minutes of a workout - I like that very, very much. The receipes are great especially the breakfast dishes. My personal favourite is The Egg Stack - Poached eggs with Ham, Tomato, cooked mushrooms and spring onions. Yummm....

Why have cereals that are loaded with processed wheat, sugar , fats and sitting in supermarket shelves for months? It's nasty and not fresh. The body just knows the difference between good and nasty foods.

So, I highly recommend buying this book and other cookbooks that James Duigan has wrote. I have provided James Duigan segment on the Today Show with another great receipe for breakfast.

Clean and Lean Breakfast Receipe


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