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Clean up what you can't you can

Updated on February 10, 2010


Tips for keeping your indoor air clean

 Realizing most people are not as sensitive as myself where immune system issues are concerned. Coming from a family with a long record of auto-immune disease and allergys are a big part of that!  

I live in what I call my "purified box". My home has enough hepa filters to start a high speed wind! My water has to be purified to the highest standards because of mold spores! Mold is everywhere and there are over 100 thousand types. The outside air is bad in itself and I watch for the air quality within the weather broadcast. However mold is bad for everyone and weakens the body's defenses! When a person is already sickly, it can and will become deadly!

My tips are based on catching mold before you can see it! By the time it is visible in your home,  the damage  could plague you and your family with at the very least headaches, depression, flu like symptoms and worst case scenario like myself....causes lung and breathing issues, such as asthma and central nervous system problems, such as weakness, seizures and vision issues!

   The first course of action is to get a quality return filter for your home. They cost about 19 dollars but well worth the extra money. I keep my return air on at all times. With the newer air/heat units,  some of the companys have told me that it will not void your warranty as they are made to handle full time running now, but check to see on yours!

Second tip is to run a small hepa filter in each room that is slept in and anywhere there is running water...bathrooms,  laundry room  kitchen,ect. Mold loves water and humidity! Keep the lids up on washers after use and also toilet seats too. Light and airy keep it much cleaner and free of mold growth!

The kitchen is the place that can be a  great hazard to ones health.......even if you are a great cook! Put bread in the freezer until you are ready for that sandwich. It saves waste and keeps it fresh  and mold free! The bread will start turning white before the darker molds grow, thus leaving one to think that it probably is just flour .Take food trash out promply as it only takes a few hours for bacteria to start breaking the food down....that is the first process for the mold to become welcome guest! I actually keep a bag in the freezer for food that needs to be taken out, so that I don't have to do it at that moment or next hour!  Watch your fruits too....keep them in the fridge and eat them daily......good for you and you will be keeping an eye on them too! Wash dishes pronto....don't leave them in the sink with food and a splash of water on them! That is molds favorite place to feed!  If you must use your dishwasher...use it daily....the water stands in the bottom...where you can't see and has a field day there too!

What is floating in the air is going into you and your family! Dust, chemicals and yes....mold! However if you dust and vac frequently(one a week for most) Use very little harsh chemicals and keep your air quality the best it can will see that people sleep better there, taste things more and really start seeing the difference in their life!  I have done the test with a few of my friends and family, now they all live like me.....well almost!

I use the inexpensive plastic coverings for pillows and mattresses, as they actually work better! Mold and dust can be wiped off easily!

   All in all cleaning the house now is not the chore it once was! Where there is little mold to scrub away now...... Remember when you can see mold.....that is a small amount,  the rest is in the air waiting to fall and find it a new home...yours!

 Clean up all wet spills quickly and make sure all is dry within an hour or two! Take your shoes off when you come in...saves the carpet and keeps mold and dirt at bay!

Check your water pipes and wipe down the shower and tub after use! That sounds like a pain but it is self cleaning as you go and becomes habit soon! Open your windows and wipe them down every once in a while! You may find that you have leaks and can prevent further water damage to your home!

 Discard old clothes (donate if possible) and books too! Clutter is a messy name for a mess that is not being used normally! They hold mold and dust too!   They say that indoor air is worse than outdoor air...well not in my home! If that were the case my frail immune system would be completely gone!

We only have one body and life.......and too bad most schools, hospitals and most business offices do not adhere to good air quality standards , much less high quality,  However we can make our homes a safe haven for ourselves, children,  elders and pets!!

                                      Happy Cleaning



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    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 4 years ago from North Carolina

      And Rexy thank you for reading and kind comment :)



    • rexy profile image

      rexy 4 years ago

      very nice advice and read... thanks for posting..