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Cleaning your earwax everyday right or wrong? When should we clean it?

Updated on May 25, 2015

I mean how gross is it when you are trying to hang out or just talk to someone when you can see a clump of ear wax.

Some people love cleaning earwax daily because it gets the water out from the shower too. They tend to use Q-tips to do that. Q-tips are actually bad for your ears. They should never be used to clean them out. It just pushes the wax in and can cause problems. Some people do multiple times a day. It’s not good to do that, but they just can't stand it, or the feeling of greasy ears!! Most people use Q tips after every shower or swimming. They can’t stand the feeling of water in their ears. Q-tips are the only ones that get the job done right and feel right. The rest are usually too soft or too bendy. Q tips are the worst offenders for ear ruptures and infections these days.

Unless all of you go to the doctor to clean out your ears professionally, you run a great danger by taking a cotton swab and "cleaning" out your ears. You can actually push the earwax farther back into the ear, and that can be very painful. Secondly, earwax is a natural protectant of your ears and you do not need to have your ears cleaned out everyday

Some people believe you should always clean your ears no matter how clean they are. You can personally use oil prescribed by your doctor and drop them in your ears and rinse out there then clean as a whistle.

You should not dig in your ears! You could do damage! You can from time to time, put a drop of peroxide in your ears & that cleans them out pretty good!

You are supposed to have earwax to protect your ear, so cleaning it out everyday isn't really good at all, although that doesn't mean you shouldn't clean your EARS. However, if you are around loud noise a lot, by loud we mean +120db, then you might have to do it a little more often since your ears are trying hard to protect themselves. The wax should naturally dry and fall out.

Sticking things in your ears daily is not only dangerous, but unnecessary.

Some people don't think you are supposed to clean out your ears at it cleans most of it out but what also happens is you push the earwax down to your eardrums and clogs your ear.

If someone is referring to wax OUTSIDE the ear canal, I use a Q-Tip to clean that area whenever I shower and if some wax "escapes" into that area for some reason. If you're asking about wax from INSIDE the ear canal, then my answer is never, as it's well known that nothing smaller than your elbow belongs in the ear canal.

Wax does not need cleaned out - most people do not have excess. If you think you do, see a doctor who will advise as to how often to have it professionally cleaned. Do not clean your ears. People who regularly do THINK they need to clean them more as they may start to itch with the irritation of scraping/cleaning them, but in actuality it's rare for them to need any cleaning at all. The wax that is there is there for a reason.

Ear wax serves a purpose! It protects the ear canal. If everyone is sticking things in their ears to get it out, then they will eventually have hearing loss and possibly a perforated eardrum!

Cleaning the earwax out is specially done using a cone that you light on fire and the smoke makes the earwax come out and when it is done you can see it collected in this device. If you want to try you'll need a cone that you can find at the grocery store or pharmacy and somebody who is able to supervise and help you to do it but it is extremely easy!

People who are getting over a cold and colds lead to trapped fluid behind their ear drum more often than not. So they have been using alcohol-based ear drops to get it to drain out. It also takes any ear wax with it. Not that pleasant, but it eventually works.

Ear candles do not work. The residue left over inside the cone is from the candle itself. They can cause burns. There is no scientific evidence that they work. Ear candles do cause: a fire burns to the face, ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear injury to the ear from dripping wax ears plugged by candle wax puncture of the eardrum, delay in seeking needed medical care for underlying conditions such as sinus and ear infections, hearing loss, cancer, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. (TMJ disorders often cause headache and painful sensations in the area of the ear, jaw, and face).

An ENT doctor uses special tools and really goes deep. the doctor is the best way to clean your ears. They have a little water hose they clean it out with. A cheap, safe and effective way to clean your ears is with a dropper and peroxide. Lie on your side and have someone put 3 drops in each ear. Stay on that side for a few minutes. Then do the other. If there's a build up, it will come out when you turn your head. We have exocrine glands for a reason.

When you notice your hearing going down, you should clean out the excess earwax. They don't recommend using the ear candle more often than once every three months.

Earwax has a purpose to protect your ear from bacteria, bugs, etc. It's only located in the outer one third of your ear canal, and naturally cleans itself out in a cycle. However when you put something in there, like a q-tip, it pushes the earwax closer to the eardrum where it won't naturally get cleaned out. Also when you swipe your ear with a q-tip it irritates and damages the delicate skin (which thereby starts making you addicted to swiping) . The damaged skin cracks and invites fungus and bacteria to come in.


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