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Clear Out Your Ears Naturally

Updated on April 15, 2014

My Ear Story

Last January, I was in Florida for an extended period of time. I had gotten into the habit of working out in the mornings and then going for a quick swim. On one particular morning, I dove into the cold water pool at our clubhouse. I felt an instant shock to my whole system and especially my ears. After I got out, I noticed that my left side of my ear was plugged. This actually went on for about 4 days. It was not getting better. In fact I started experiencing ear fullness and pain. Worst of all I could not hear properly. Everything seemed muffled and I was so discombobulated.

All day, I was moaning and groaning about my poor ear.

I finally decided I had to go to a Doctor about this.

Finally after 4 days of ear tension, Dr did a warm water - hydrogen peroxide flush in my left ear and I could hear again, and my ears were back.

I didn't do anything to get excess what our of my ears.

One Way to Clean Your Ears Naturally


Our Ears Are Self Cleaning...

You know the self cleaning button on your oven? Well, your ears are constantly self cleaning too. They just do it automatically with the small little hairs that are there.

Wax is actually a good thing. But sometimes it builds up.

- you may have pushed it too far in the wrong area with ear plugs

- you got too much water in your ear from swimming (that 's what happened with me). The water stays in the ear canal and forms bacteria.

- wax just may have naturally built up over time

What does our ear look like on the inside?


What Not to Do with Your Delicate Ears..

  • Don't stick q tips in your ears on a regular basis, especially deep into the ear canal
  • Don't stick bobbi pins in your ears
  • Don't stick any object into your ears
  • Be Careful of ear candles for wax removal

Don't Make it a Habit to CleanYour Ears with Q Tips

Sometimes you need some QTIPS For Cleaning your ears on the surface, but definitely not for deep cleaning.
Sometimes you need some QTIPS For Cleaning your ears on the surface, but definitely not for deep cleaning.

They do this at the Dr's Office Too

Now the doctor takes a scope to look further in the ear, an otoscope, but with just your everyday flashlight you can see a lot. Also, what have been your recent activities: have you been doing a certain amount of swimming, have you been using a-tips often, etc. do you have a history of wax building up in the ear.

Wax...It builds up over time.

You may have a wax build up... You can relax I will soon tell you an easy way to get rid of it and feel better. Let's first determine if it's wax.

Have someone simply look in the ear.

What does it look like? Is there wax on the outside and in the hole to the ear or ear canal. Do thing appear red and swollen, do you have pain, are you running a fever. If you have any of the last three it may be more than just a wax build-up, it might be an infection.

Get a Peri Bottle and Fill it with Warm Water and Hydogen Peroxide

Step by Step Instructions

Here's a great method to clean out the ear and get that wax out.

  1. Get something that you can spray waster in the ear. A plastic squirt bottle works well such as a peri bottle works great. The pressure won't be too much and they're easy to get. I got mine on Amazon. See Below.
  2. Fill it with warm water and hydrogen peroxide. About 6 parts water and 1 hydogen peroxide will be fine.
  3. Tilt your ear. So if you are cleaning the left ear, tilt your head to the right. If you are cleaning your right ear, tilt your head to the left.
  4. Have someone squirt it in your ear or do it yourself.
  5. Hold a cup or bowl under the ear so the water-hydrogen peroxide water can come right out. You might even see the wax come out.

You will often see little chunks of wax that came out. The peroxide helps to eat that wax away and get it broken up, and using mild pressure with that spray bottle also helps to push it out.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% First Aid Antiseptic Solution 16 oz. Case of 12 Bottles by Swan
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% First Aid Antiseptic Solution 16 oz. Case of 12 Bottles by Swan

You want to get the 3% antiseptic solution for your ear cleaning.


Hydrogen Peroxide and How it Effects Your Ears and Health in General...

What is your most natural way to clean your ears?

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