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Clearing Up The Confusion on When To Stop Eating at Night

Updated on October 19, 2014

When to Stop Eating!!

Ok so yes most of you know by now that at night is the worst time to pig out or get drunk or give in to those munchies! But you also may have heard something like "it's best to not eat after 7pm" Well that is not entirely true. The rule is you should be eating all day to keep your metabolism going strong, but you want to go to bed on a somewhat empty stomach so that you burn fat in your sleep for energy. Since your body is undergoing a ton of changes while you sleep, it is still using energy and burning calories. If you have food in your stomach it will use that, if you don't it will use stored fat! So a more acurate rule is to not eat for about 3-4 hours before going to sleep. If you know your going to be sleeping by around 12 lets say, then stop eating at 8 or 9... get it? So if you have dinner at 7, feel free to have a nice low calorie preferably high protien and or vegatable snack 3 hours before you think you will fall asleep, and then stop eating. If you get too hungry and have to cheat, cheat with something low to no fat, high in protien and low to no carbs. Something like veggies or egg whites is good, but no fruit!! No Sugar!!! Ok I hoped that cleared up the rule for most of you! Happy eats!

Adam Kipling
Adam Kipling | Source


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