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Top 8 Uses Of Coconut Oil For Skin

Updated on July 5, 2018

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair

What comes to mind when you think of a coconut? beaches, cooking and tropical islands? but how about skin and hair care treatments? Coconut is antibacterial, soothing, loaded with vitamins that provide antioxidant and sun protection for skin. It is a great ingredient when it comes to moisturizing the skin and hair. Coconut oil can be used in many natural skin and hair care recipes, and the best thing about it is that its not overly expensive. Coconut oil is my favorite ingredient that leaves my hair and skin looking healthy and shiny. You can too experience that Hollywood treatment without leaving the comfort of your own home and without having to count out your pennies in the piggy bank to afford it.

1. Coconut Oil For Shaving

Shaving has its hassles at the best of times but when you use coconut oil it makes shaving an easier and smoother process leaving your legs feeling amazing and ready for the summer sun.


- Soothes the skin.

- Contains anti bacteria that helps prevent ingrown hairs.

- Helps the shaver glide easily over the skin, preventing cuts and damage to the skin.

- Moisturizes the skin, leaving a smooth finish.


Get a $2 sized blob of coconut oil and rub together between the palm of your hands and then apply directly to your legs, making sure that you spread it out evenly (use more oil if needed). Shave as you normally would with shaving cream. After you are finished, instead of washing it off your legs, get a towel and just dab off any excess hairs and oil. Leaves your legs with a smooth and soft feeling.

Shaving With Coconut Oil


2. Coconut Oil For Hair And Scalp

During the summer months our hair tends to dry out easier, especially when you are like me and spend your time at the beach. The mixture of sun and salt leaves your hair feeling wild and makes you want to hide your head under your beach towel. Coconut oil is perfect to help tame that wild beast that we are afraid to call our own, and help towards making you feel confident and ready to hit the beach.


- Contains anti bacteria that helps fight off dandruff.

- Seals cuticles to help prevent hair damage and split ends.

- Softens the hair and locks in moisture to create that sleek, smooth look.

- Helps protect your hair against the sun.


There are a few coconut oil hair conditioning recipes but what works well is mixing half coconut oil and half conditioner or argan oil. Massage into your hair and leave in for 5 minutes. After thoroughly rinse your hair, leaving it well conditioned and silky. If you have problems with dandruff, then you can add 5 drops of tea tree and neem or lavender oil to a tablespoon coconut oil and repeat the same process.

Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner


3. Coconut Oil As An Acne Treatment

The dreaded “A” word has revealed itself. Don’t worry we have all been through the acne faze more than once in our lives, you may be going through it now. There is nothing more annoying than to have the company of spots on your face, or anywhere else on your body, personally I find it to be a bit of a confidence killer. Coconut oil is perfect for helping fight off those dreaded pimples, so you can say goodbye to those mountainous red spots and hello to a fresh and clear face.


- Contains anti bacteria that helps prevent blocking of the pors.

- A great ingredient for getting rid of acne scars.

- Mixing coconut oil with other oils helps protect the skin.


Create a cleanser mixing coconut oil with, tea tree oil, pinch of turmeric powder and honey or grape seed oil. For very oily skin just add a squeeze of lemon juice. Apply as you would with a normal cleanser, massaging it into the face and then rinsing it off. To make a moisturizer serum just exclude the honey from your cleanser or see The Complete Acne Book for some beautifully healing moisturizer recipes.

The Complete Acne Book: Your Total Guide To Natural (And Other) Acne Treatments From Homemade Face Masks For Acne To Pimple Cleansers & Steams

The Complete Acne Book: Your Total Guide To Natural (And Other) Acne Treatments From Homemade Face Masks For Acne To Pimple Cleansers & Steams
The Complete Acne Book: Your Total Guide To Natural (And Other) Acne Treatments From Homemade Face Masks For Acne To Pimple Cleansers & Steams
Why do 73% of people now prefer natural acne and skin care products? The Complete Acne Book explains what is in commercial acne products, how they work and why natural acne remedies (all in the book) are so much more effective without irritation or side effects. Natural home remedies for acne and homemade acne products are not only easy and practical to make, but feel beautiful on your skin leaving it clean, clear, nourished and acne free!

Scrub With Coconut Oil

4. Coconut Oil Body Butters & Moisturizers (& Scrubs)

Having dry skin is never a nice feeling or look for that matter. Its very important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, to keep a healthy glow. Coconut oil is the perfect ingredient to give your skin that perfect airbrushed look.


- Moisturizes the skin.

- Contains anti bacteria to fight off any unwanted bacteria.

- Contains SPF4 which gives your skin protection against the sun.

- Contains healing properties for scars and stretch marks.


You can use coconut oil to create serums, moisturizers and body butters by just combining it with Shea and cocoa butter. You can also add coconut oil to serums and moisturizers to have a more positive effect on your skin (see Natural Homemade Skin Care Recipes for great serums and moisturizers that are perfect for your skin). Also applying straight coconut oil to your face and then rinsing it off will lock in the moisture within your skin leaving it hydrated for longer.

You can also add salt, sugar and ground oats or almond meal to make a scrub with coconut oil.

Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes: Rejuvenating Renewing Masks & Treatments For Beautiful Skin

Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes: Rejuvenating Renewing Masks & Treatments For Beautiful Skin
Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes: Rejuvenating Renewing Masks & Treatments For Beautiful Skin
Take the skin renewal challenge: Beautifying serums, moisturizers, homemade facial masks, cleansers, exfoliators, repairing treatments and secrets for gorgeous radiant skin in a month!

Natural Coconut Oil Moisturizer

5. Coconut Oil For Scars and Stretchmarks

Scars and stretch marks are a double-whammy. First you have the thing you want to get rid of (e.g. acne) and then when you think the worst is over, it decided to leave behind a mark on your skin just to remind you of it. Well now you can stop feeling self-conscious and worrying that it will never go away. Coconut oil helps in getting rid of those unwanted marks.


- Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that repairs the skin and generates collagen (the fibrous protein constituent of bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissue) when mixed with tamanu oil or sea buck thorn oil (in Natural Homemade Skin Care Recipes book).


For the perfect stretch mark cream, mix together coconut oil with rose hip and carrot seed oils. You can also make a coconut body butter recipe by mixing 1/3 each of, cocoa butter, coconut oil and Shea butter with 3% sea buck thorn oil and 3% tamanu or carrot seed oil. Whip with a mixer until light and fluffy and then apply to the skin. You can also add other beneficial essential oils like Neroli or Frankincense for fragrance and skin healing benefits.

What Do You Use Coconut Oil For?

What's your favourite use for coconut oil

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Coconut Oil For Stretch Marks


6. Coconut Oil For Wounds and Cuts

Sadly we are not 10 feet tall and bulletproof, we fall down, we get cuts and wounds that don’t always look so pretty. Coconut oil is a must to have in your first aid kit.


- Contains anti bacteria that fights off bugs.

- Helps speed up the healing process.


To create a powerful antiseptic balm for cuts and wounds mix coconut oil with neem oil and tea tree oil. When dealing with bites add a few drops of lavender oil to help soothe the itching.

Cuts And Scrape Balms With Coconut And Tea Tree Oil

7. Coconut Oil For Sun Protection

Summer is my favorite time of the year and I try to spend most of it soaking up the sun. As nice as it is, it can also be the most dangerous time of year if we don’t protect yourself from it. Sun is a key culprit in the cause of skin cancer, which is something that no ones wants to experience.


- Contains natural SPF4 protection (the same as sesame oil).

- Great for sensitive skin. (looking for alternatives to chemical based synthetic sunscreens? then natural oils provide the protection from the sun and hydration your skin needs. Many seed and vegetable oils are very rich in antioxidants, natural phytochemicals and vitamins A, C and E to protect, moisturize and heal skin exposed to ultraviolet light. Using natural oils with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 4 to 50 can support the health of your skin and leave it feeling nourished and protected).


Make a tanning oil with Coconut oil and 2% sesame oil. Oils with SPF factors of SPF4 to 6 include red raspberry (with a very high SPF of 30 to 50). Other oils that are between SPF 6 to 10 including Wheatgerm, Carrot seed oil (also great for repairing and regenerating), Macadamia, Sea Buck thorn, Jojoba, Soybean oils. You can also make a very protective tanning lotion if you include Sea buck thorn and Carrot Seed oil with coconut oil and any other of these oils in combination.

Coconut Oil Sun Screen SPF Protection

Carrier Oils With Natural SPF Protection

Carrier Oil
Almond Oil
Avocado (unrefined)
4 – 15
Carrot Seed Oil
38 – 40
Castor Oil
2 – 8
Macadamia Nut
2 – 8
Red Raspberry Seed
28 – 50
Sesame Seed
2 – 4
Shea Butter
3 – 6
Wheat Germ

8. Coconut oil for Natural Skin Care Recipes

Your skin is your largest organ in your body (the average human has around 3.6 kilograms, 2 square meters of skin), not to mention has the job of protecting all of your inner organs, so its important to keep it in good condition.


- Contains vitamin K and E, which nourishes and protects the skin.

- Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.

- Moisturizes the skin to help prevent dehydration.


Coconut oil is great for many skin problems and contains so many beneficial ingredients that helps maintain healthy glowing skin . You can add it in serums, cleansers, body butters, shaving creams, hair conditioners and tanning lotions. Its works well on its own or combined with other ingredients.

For beautiful clear glowing skin.

Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes: Rejuvenating Renewing Masks & Treatments For Beautiful Skin
Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes: Rejuvenating Renewing Masks & Treatments For Beautiful Skin
Take the skin renewal challenge: Beautifying serums, moisturizers, homemade facial masks, cleansers, exfoliators, repairing treatments and secrets for gorgeous radiant skin in a month!


As you can see, coconut oil benefits skin in many ways and the possibilities of using it to make other concoctions are huge. Coconut is a must have oil to have in your cupboard. If you haven't got some already, I would suggest going a getting some, and while you're there you might as well stock up on other oils that work well to keep your skin at its best.

You can use ingredients from your kitchen, garden, supermarket or local health store you can create powerful effective beauty treatments at home to rejuvenate, exfoliate, renew & restore your skin with a youthful radiant glow, no matter what your age!

For more must have homemade recipes see Natural Homemade Skin Care Recipes, and you too can keep your skin in check without draining your bank account.

Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes


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