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Coconut Oil moving towards Super Food?

Updated on September 13, 2016

Tree of Life


Was Science unfair to Coconut Oil?

Looks like science erred in declaring Coconut Oil as avoidable food item in the context of "Risk Factors" for coronary heart disease. Coconut Oil is making a strong comback as a super food which is yet to be established fully. The literature on health benefits of coconut oil is surging on the internet but the rebuttal of such claims by scientific bodies are still quite strong.

Coconut oil has a strong case in view of the fact that a vast number of societies have been consuming coconut extensively for thousands of years without any pattern of major health isssues. From a commonsensical viewpoint the age old traditions of consuming coconut oil without any adverse health implications has a stroger case than the scientific studies carried out by certain bodies. Then there are organized lobbies and the instances of manipulating the instruments which influence public perception for the greed of earning wealth.

At times science has suffered from limitations when it comes to passing judgement on food items. The classic case is that of Indian spices. Till recently these spices were considered harmaful but the latest research declares that spices like turmeric having some amazing medicianl properties including the ability to prevent or fight certain types of cancers. Perhaps a day will come when science will declare coconut oil as a favorable food item taken in moderation. There are evidences that coconut oil abets liver fat.

The claim of beneficial effects of Coconut oil include favorable impact on Alzhiemer, dementia, weight loss, diabetese, immune system etc. The claims may be exaggerated but coconut oil deserves more studies, exoerimentation and validation. One video which is in the limelight is that of Dr. Newport's effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer's where a personal experience of magic like effect of coconut oil in Alzheimer is sensational. Such experiementations are to be continued.

Devastating Alzheimer


Coconut Oil for Brain Health - Alzheimer and Dementia

The staple food of the brain is fat which boosts the mood and functions of brain. However the claimed benefit of coconut oil lies in the special type of fat it contains, the Medium Chain Fats (MCT) which bypasses the digestive tract and directly goes to liver where it gets converted into Ketones. The brain absorbs these Ketones which helps in enhanced focus and reduced mental fatigue. The coconut oil is claimed to stabilize the blood sugar a favorable facvtor for the overall brain health.

The modern day treatment is unsuccessful in offering a foolproof, reliable, consistent and sideeffect free treatment for majority of brain diseases including anxiety, depression, dementia and Alzheimer. Majority of patients are continuing the treatment more due to hope than improvement in the symptoms. Dementia is caused by damage of the brain due to several factors i.e. Alzheimer, series of strokes, chronic mental illness like anxiety etc.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain's nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes. There are many claims including personal videos where Coconut Oil has shown promise to ameliorate the Dementia and Alzheimer symptoms. Googling Coconut OIl benefits for Alzheimer and Dementia will throw enormous literature and video.

Fat constitutes 60% of brain by weight and preferred type of fat in our daily food is essential for ideal health of brain. Low fat diet is under the scanner as one of the possible factors for epidemic level of brain sicknesses like anxiety, depression, ADHD and may be dementia and Alzheimer.

Nuts, cold water fish, olive oil and avocado are becoming preferred sources of fat for the brain health. But Coconut oil is rising up the chart of healthy fat for brains and being labeled as Super Food. The most ideal type of fat for brain is Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which is found in abundance in the breast milk. What interesting discovery! Coconut oil and mother’s milk have the same fat. It is no wonder that coconut milk resembles breast milk. The plant based fats contain Long Chain Triglycerides having larger molecules are hard to break and are stored as fat. The MCT fats contained in coconut oil breaks down easily to supply instant energy to brain. Intense studies are required to validate the claims that coconut oil has favorable impact on Alzheimer and Dementia. It will be a boon for humnity.

Coconut Oil appears to have favorable impact on Diabetese

Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia describes the study of coconut oil on animals where the oil helps reduce insulin restance in the body and does not cause accumulation of fat. This helps in preventing diabetese. But the metabolism has one disadvantage i.e. there is a risk of fat build up in the liver.

Fat storage is determined by the balance between how much fat is taken in by cells and how much of this fat is burned for energy. When people eat a high fat diet, their bodies attempt to compensate by increasing their capacity to oxidise fat. The medium chain fatty acid (coconut oil) diet was more effective at increasing the oxidative capacity of muscle than the long chain fatty acid (lard) diet leading to less fat storage in muscle and better insulin action.


The Heart Associations are the biggest opponenets of coconut oil as it contains saturated fats which is detrimental for the heart disease. Many prrestigious publications refute the claims of the myth of coconut oil being a superfood. But thousands of years of cionsumption of cocnut oil by a vast population without having any adverse health effects is a formidable truth. Studies are required to see the incidence of health problems among these races as told by scientific bodies. Meanwhile I suffer from decline in memory, cognition and executive function due to severe stress for last many years. I tried cold pressed virgin Coconut oil purchached online. It did help in feeling better. I felt a kind of fluidity and stability in the brain. I cannot describe the effects. But I felt better in the brain in 2 days. I am continuing with the same may be at the risk of coronary disease and fat in liver. Brain seems more important.


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