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Coconut Oil for Healthy You

Updated on April 29, 2016
Coconut Butter
Coconut Butter

A. Skin Benefits

  1. Moisturizer : Coconut Oil is an effective natural skin moisturizer for all skin types. It should be used instead of commercial moisturizers full of chemicals. Petroleum Based Moisturizer can clog your skin pores and skin also feels hard to breath. Coconut Oil can be applied just the way we apply normal moisturizer. Its healthy habit to wash your hands properly before touching your face and applying moisturizer (Coconut Oil). Coconut Oil get easily absorbed by our skin and it doesn’t feel greasy for long. You can even mix it in your daily lotion.

  2. Body Lotion : You can apply Coconut Oil all over your body to moisturize different parts and keep them healthy and good looking. Soothing Body Lotion can be prepared at home by mixing coconut oil with Shea butter.

  3. For Dead Cell Removal : Coconut Oil help in removing excess dead cells and makes your skin shine naturally.

  4. Night Cream : Coconut oil can be used as an effective night cream.

  5. Sunscreen : Coconut Oil is found to block 20% UV radiations from sun and keeps skin safe from burning. Its a natural sunscreen with no harmful effects or chemicals :)

  6. Anti-Aging Cream : Coconut Oil can help in delaying sagging problem and wrinkles. It can delay aging of your skin and keeps it healthy & smooth. It can also help in lightening dark spots and removing cellulite.

  7. Treat Skin Problems & Skin Infections : Coconut Oil can help in treating skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis etc. This is why coconut is used as base in variety of skin care products like creams, soaps and lotions. Coconut oil can also be used for healing skin from sunburn and as natural anti-bacterial cream. It can also be used to heal itching and can be applied after mosquito bites.

  8. Massage Oil : Coconut oil is very healthy for skin and can be used as massaging oil.

  9. Make-up remover : Coconut is very effective make up remover which also takes care of your skin and eyes while removing makeup.

  10. Diaper Cream : It can be used to keep your baby’s bottom safe from harsh diapers.

  11. Body Scrub : Coconut oil mixed with sugar can be used as body scrub.

  12. Lip Care : Coconut can be used as lip moisturizer, lip scrubber if mixed with sugar.

  13. Homemade Deodorants.

  14. Heal feet skin problems : You can mix salt and coconut oil to scrub your feet.

  15. After Shave Lotion or natural Shaving Cream

  16. Fight Against Acne Problems by apply coconut oil daily.

  17. Tannig Oil

 Coconut, broken into halves
Coconut, broken into halves | Source

B. Hair Benefits

  1. To Soften your Hair : Coconut Oil can help you soften hair texture and make it frizz free.

  2. To Protect your Hair Strands : Coconut Oil protects your hair from damage from air and sun. Make sure your apply coconut oil at least one hour before washing your hair, it will help in strengthening your hair.

  3. To Protect Your Scalp and Hair Roots : Warm Coconut Oil and apply on your scalp, it has healing capabilities and promotes hair growth.

  4. To Cure Damaged Hair : If your hairs are damaged already due to blow drying, straightening, heat or chemicals then its time to apply Coconut Oil. It can really help you get over that damage, prevent protein loss and bring life to your hairs. You can apply warm coconut oil on your scalp and damaged hair.

  5. As Hair Serum : You can use Coconut Oil as hair serum to keep your hairs in place and moisturized. You can get rid of all those frizzy hair by applying a little Coconut Oil to ends of your hair.

  6. Natural Moisturizer and Conditioner : Coconut Oil can be used to effectively moisturize your hair naturally.

  7. Dandruff Free Scalp : Massage your scalp with warm Coconut Oil to be free of dandruff.

  8. Treatment for Lice : Mix coconut oil with apple cider vinegar to get freedom from lice naturally and easily.

Oil Pulling

C. Oral Benefits

  1. Oil Pulling : Coconut Oil is also used in oil pulling as mouthwash to kill germs and harmful bacteria present in mouth. For this coconut oil can be mixed with a drop of oregano oil.

  2. To reduce bad breath.

  3. In Home made remineralizing toothpaste.

  4. Whitening Toothpaste : It can be used with baking soda or alone can be used for whitening your teeth.


D. As Cooking Oil

  1. Baking & Frying : Coconut Oil can be used as replacement to butter baking and frying purposes. Healthy snacks can be made using coconut oil.

  2. Energy Booster Supplement for daily use.

  3. For creaming coffee.

  4. As a replacement of vegetable oil.

  5. Good for High-temperature Cooking.

For what purpose you use coconut oil?

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E. More Health Benefits of Coconut!

  1. To kill yeasts and yeast infections : Coconut oil can even help in killing intestinal yeasts or parasites.

  2. It helps in Digestion.

  3. For healthy functioning of thyroid.

  4. For Boosting metabolism : Coconut has high MCFA and Lauric acid content

  5. Allergy inside nose can be prevented by applying coconut oil.

  6. Improve Insulin levels and cholesterol ratio.

  7. To Recover from Cold or flue you can mix a tbsp of coconut oil in your hot tea.

  8. Reducing Arthritis : Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

  9. Lose Weight easily by daily intake of coconut oil. It supports immunity and stops sugar craving.

  10. To Promote Sleep.

  11. To boost hormone generation, blood circulation.

  12. As Nail Cuticles Cream.

  13. Against Heart Disease : Coconut is good for heart as it contains lauric acid which helps in keeping your heart safe from problems like high blood pressur and high cholesterol. Coconut oil contains Saturated fats which are not harmful as compared to vegetable oils.

If you have not yet purchased Coconut Oil then its time to do so!

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