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Coffee Benefits And Disadvantages

Updated on November 18, 2012

Coffee is the second most universally consumed liquid substance, second to water. Coffee was discovered as a beverage in the ninth century, originating in the middle East.
There are many health benefits with coffee and a also few disadvantages, coffee affects the body in many different ways, the most obvious affect being an energy boost, which is the main reason why people drink it. Here are some of the affects coffee can have on your body, both the benefits of drinking coffee and the disadvantages.

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

  • Coffee increases your metabolism, accelerating digestion.
  • Prevents age-related diabetes.
  • Drinking up at least 4cups per day can reduce the risk of cirrhosis to the liver 80%.
  • Regular coffee consumption can improve memory and concentration.
  • Can increase your flow of thought, and alertness.
  • Can temporarily aleve drowsiness and fatigue.
  • Can reduce the rick of gallstones by 45%,
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer up to 25%
  • Reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease by 50-80%
  • Can increase physical performance.

Additional Coffee Benefits

Other things coffee can be used for:

  • Some moisturizers contain caffeine for it's skin tightening and smoothing properties. A skin cream that contains caffeine can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and large pores.
  • Coffee can benefit your garden, grains can be combined with soil to make a good fertilizer, and also to keep snails and other garden pests away.
  • Coffee can be used to get rid of odours. IE: If the fridge isn't smelling too fresh, put a bowl of used coffee grains in there to destroy bad smells. Or rub used coffee grains on your hands after handling particularly smelly food products, such as fish to lift the odour.
  • Used coffee grains can benefit the condition of your hair, (rubbed through between washing), to increase shininess and strength. If your hair is dark, this will also create highlights. You can use used coffee grains on your pets fur too, apparently it repels fleas.

Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

  • Too much coffee can cause nervousness and anxiety.
  • Over-consumption which initially caused a high, may result in a 'low' later on, causing you to feel irritable and restless.
  • EXCESSIVE consumption is basically poisoning yourself, and you can expect to the get the chills, vomiting, fever, headaches, head-spins, and mental confusion. (At 10grams - about 100 cups per sitting-, coffee is potentially lethal!)
  • Some coffees have higher acidity levels than others. Coffee with high acidity can be overly bitter tasting and can cause stomach pains and abdominal discomfort. (Darker roast coffees reduce the acidic taste.)

In my opinion the benefits of drinking coffee far outweigh the disadvantages. With all of these desirable coffee benefits in mind, i will draw the conclusion that coffee is the second greatest liquid substance on earth.


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