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You Need a Colonoscopy

Updated on September 5, 2016
It is important to drink plenty of fluids daily
It is important to drink plenty of fluids daily

Chronic sufferers of constipation occasionally feel bloated, bogged down and sometimes downright uncomfortable from having too much toxic waste built up in the digestive system. There are many colon cleanse products on the market that help you feel invigorated and full of life.

Being raised on white bread, white rice, and white sugar causes intestinal problems. I became aware of how my eating habits as a child had scarred my digestive system for life. I then began trying to repair the damage by eating whole grain food with plenty of vegetables and fruits. It did help some, but still I suffer from sluggish plumbing.

Diet affects digestive system

I also have liver problems and I was diagnosed with chronic primary biliary cirrhosis. Because of this, I must be very careful what I put into my body. My system does not work as well as in some other people. If I take a stool softener – it does absolutely nothing. I get hard stools that feel as though I am having a small baby when I try to push them out. Sorry to be so graphic, but sometimes that is how it is.

Kind people always suggest prunes, papaya, drinking gallons of water, and eating tons of fiber, but none of these has really helped. I “get” to have regular colonoscopies where they usually find polyps that have developed due to my lethargic gastrointestinal tract. On occasion I get migraine headaches which seem to be attributed to my constipation and at times are debilitating.

Colon cleansing for me is a must from time to time to prevent the buildup of toxins in my system. Besides the bloating and fatigue, I usually get itchy blotches of skin that move around to different parts of my body, and they usually itch most when I am trying to get to sleep. When my tubing is really backed up I also suffer from skin outbreaks similar to acne. Woe is me!

Regular exercise is a must for me or I will pay later. So I garden, doWiifit, bicycle and walk quite a bit. If I sit for too long, I suffer

I am aware that there are many available colon cleansing agents on the market, but some are very harsh. I find enemas are good at times, and also my doctor has prescribed some colon cleansing medications that have been effective for a while. Some work better than others, but I have found that I cannot just stick to one treatment, but I have to rotate the treatments to get some relief.

I get really excited when my stools come out effortlessly and qualify as a normal bowel movement, but they are few and far between. I try as best as I can to keep my system clean so that I can absorb the proper nutrients from foods that my body needs.

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Your doctor may suggest that you get a colonoscopy. This is to check for polyps that may eventually turn into colon cancer.

Before your colonoscopy, you are required to totally empty your bowels. This involves being on a liquid diet from one to two days. You can drink bullion, clear juices, and jello as long as it is not red. This is because it may be mistaken for blood.Then you drink Miralax mixed with 32 ounces of gatorade. This preparation will evacuate the bowels so the doctor can exam all the twists and turns in the intestines.


Prior to the colonoscopy, your medical history will be taken to and you will be asked if you are allergic to any medications. Since you will be going under anesthesia, you will be asked about tolerance to previous anesthesia. The risks and benefits are discussed by the nurse and technician. Your physical condition is also assessed to make sure you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Your heart rate, oxygen saturations, and blood pressure are all monitored throughout the colonoscopy.

Besides checking for polyps, any other irregularities are noticed. You receive a picture of the inside of your colon with impressions or findings.

Since you were sedated, you may continue to be drowsy for the new few hours It is necessary for you to have someone drive you home.

Comic Relief

In order to avoid any complications after a colonoscopy, you should report back to the doctor if you have any fever greater than 100 degrees, bleeding exceeding two tablespoons, severe abdominal pain, chest pain, nausea or vomiting and black or "coffee ground" stools. These are not laughing matters.

The doctor will given a recommendation for when you should have your next colonoscopy. If you have a history of colon polyps, it is usually five years.


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    Whisky works

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    Kind of a poopy topic, but everyone relates. Aloha!

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    Interesting topic. Thanks for the wonderful hub.