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Color Healing of Root Chakra

Updated on October 21, 2015
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Anamika S Jain is a social media consultant and blogger. She is passionate about topics like astrology, numerology, feng shui and gemstones.

Healing the Base Chakra with Red Color

Color Healing is one of the most popular methods for treating the Root or Base Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and groin and is associated with adrenals, kidneys, muscles and blood. This Chakra relates to our most basic connection with life and survival instincts. This Chakra is associated with qualities like patience, stability and confidence etc. The color representing the root chakra is red. Red is the color needed when one needs energy and confidence or want to feel sexy and desirable. Some diseases and conditions associated with the Root or Base Chakra are Constipation, obesity, anemia, anorexia, back pain, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, piles, colitis, frequent urination, high blood pressure, kidney stones and impotence. A balanced and healthy root chakra can make one courageous, strong willed, confident, humanistic, strong willed, spontaneous and honest. On the other hand an imbalance in this Chakra can make one insecure, dull, over aggressive, indulging in self pity and fearful.

Color Therapists use Color Healing to treat diseases and conditions related to the different Chakras by using the color related to that Chakra or its complimentary color rays. Given below are some of the methods of Color Healing for Root Chakra.

Color Healing is one of the most popular methods for treating Problems of the Root or Base Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and groin and is associated with adrenals, kidneys, muscles and blood.
Color Healing is one of the most popular methods for treating Problems of the Root or Base Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and groin and is associated with adrenals, kidneys, muscles and blood.

Methods of Color Healing

There are a number of ways colors can be used to heal or treat the Root Chakra and correct any imbalances. Given below are some of the methods of Color Healing.

Colored Lights

Healing with colored lights can be done using healing lamps meant for this purpose which can be in the form of desk lamps, spot light etc. When treating the root Chakra is normally exposed to red colored lights for 5 to 7 minutes. In addition to the color of the chakra normally a gel of the opposite or complimentary color is used by color therapists for a shorter period of time to balance the color energies. The complementary color ray for red rays is blue.

Raw Foods and Juices

Most red colored fruits and vegetables carry the red energy and are effective in stimulating and vitalizing the Root Chakra as they are rich in Iron, Potassium etc. Some of these foods are cherries, beetroots, strawberries, plums, red apples, water melons, radishes etc.

Juices can be used to treat the Base Chakra. Juices can be made with a base of Apple Juice by adding other vegetables and fruits to it. These can be Beets and tomatoes, Beets, Strawberries, Oranges etc.

Colored Liquids

In this method red rays are introduced to water by placing water in a container with red color filter on top or red colored glass bottle and placing it in strong sunlight for about an hour. This water remains effective for 1-2 days in a refrigerator and should be consumed in the morning. Honey can also be charged with red energy in a similar manner by allowing it to absorb sun and moon light for 3 days and then stored in a refrigerator and consumed one spoon a day.

Color Visualization or Meditation

Visualizing Red color or meditating on the color is another way of treating the root chakra.

Some other ways Color Healing of Root Chakra can be done is by wearing red color gemstones jewelry, red cloths etc.

Signs of an Imbalanced Root Chakra

Healing Meditation for the Root Chakra

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