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How to loose weight ¬Common reasons of weight gain

Updated on December 13, 2013

Common eating habits that leads to weight gain

We all have different eating habits. Some People munch around whole day,some takes small portions of food several times a day and some likes to take 2-3 big meals in a day. Eating habits include eating when you are hungry or eating just because it’s a time for eating. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly you tent to eat more and your weight keeps on increasing.

Here are few very common eating habits which leads to weight gain

  • Eating Fast: If you eat fast that’s not a good habit for some reasons. Firstly it is not good for your digestion. Secondly if you are eating in hurry obviously you won’t get the taste of food and you won’t satisfy with the taste and then tend to eat more. Study shows that it takes about 20 minutes to realise that tummy is full and if you eat fast by the time the brain gets the signal you have already overeaten. Don’t be in rush, give some time for eating, eat slowing and chew nicely for better digestion then you will realize even by eating lesser you will feel satisfied.

  • Eating while doing some other activity: If you are reading newspaper, watching television or browsing, texting or playing games while eating, then you tend to eat more because sometimes you just like to munch and unknowingly you are ignoring body signal to overeat. That makes harder for you to realise how full you are.

  • Chatting while eating: We often tend to eat more when eating with friends or family because we enjoy the company. Sometime just to give the company we keep on adding more servings to our plate and end up eating more than needed.

  • Habit of finishing off the food in the plate: If your parents have taught you to finish the food in the plate then later in life this habit will make you overweight. Many people hesitate to leave the meal on the plate or have mentality of not to waste. To avoid this situation think before you serve your own plate, understand your body and then decide how much portion of meal you need.

  • Serving too much food in your plate: Often in parties when there are many food varieties people often overload their plates with all the dishes. Thinking you can’t get them again or the meal will finish off quickly. Then you start to finish up all the meal in your plate which is more than needed .Take only the food which you like most. Eating large amount of food in one sitting is an unhealthy habit.
  • Skipping the breakfast: Often people just take one-two coffee or Tea in the morning and leave for the office, skipping the breakfast and eat only at the lunch time. At that time you have not eaten anything after 15-16 hours of break so you will be hungrier and tend to eat more than needed because of intense hunger. Make sure you eat breakfast regularly. Starting your day with a bowl of cereal or fresh fruits will be a good idea and will increase your metabolism.

Which is your most common eating habit?

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