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Complete Job Description #2: Part 3 of a series on Personal Care Assistants: A Guide to Hiring, Training, and Firing

Updated on May 3, 2012

Alternate Job Description

This job description comes from a friend of mine. He is also a quadriplegic in his 50s. I thought it might be useful to see how someone else does it.

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TK's Job Description


Note – this IS NOT a comprehensive list

Personal Care

BOWEL & BLADDER CARE- Bowel program every 3 days and as needed, External “Texas” catheter

BATHING - Partial bed bath (from waist down) and sink bath (from waist up), occasionally assist in shaving, clean electric razor, shampooing hair, soaking/washing feet


TRANSFER – Transfer from bed to chair and occasionally back to bed using Hoyer lift

FOOD PREPARATION - Breakfast, lunch and occasional dinner

CLEANING - My bedroom (sweeping, dusting, trash can, etc.), bathroom (inc. Floor), kitchen, Sweeping living room, dining room and hallway (sweeping area where my wheelchair rolls), van (occasional sweeping), wheelchair

LAUNDRY - Mainly folding and putting away clothes, occasional washing and drying

INVENTORY - Listing supplies

SHOPPING - Drive me to store and assist in buying items (i.e. putting items in cart, stacking items at the check-out, carrying bags into house, putting away groceries, etc.)

Other Duties

DRIVING - driving van to various locations, gassing up, keeping me informed of the need to gas up

Empty & Clean Spittoon

Keeping Table Areas Uncluttered

Business Duties

Folding, Cutting, Retrieving Paper, Stacking, Packing, Putting Together Boxes, Etc.

Basically the business duties would be anything I could normally do if I didn't have my injury, but because of my injury I can no longer accomplish.


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