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Con-Cret by Promera : Strengthen Your Muscles And Build Endurance

Updated on October 21, 2011

Con-Cret: Concentrated Creatine by Promera

Con-Cret: Concentrated Creatine by Promera
Con-Cret: Concentrated Creatine by Promera
Con-Cret: Concentrated Creatine by Promera Micro-dose
Con-Cret: Concentrated Creatine by Promera Micro-dose

How Con-Cret helps you build endurance and stamina.

Con-Cret by ProMera is the world’s first concentrated creatine. In fact it is the world’s only concentrated creatine. It is specially conjugated and contains zero calories, zero fillers and zero sugar. Con-Cret helps in preventing muscle fatigue and bloating and works on scientifically proven mechanism- Micro-DosingTM as per which 1/4th of a teaspoon is sufficient per 100 pounds of bodyweight. Con-Crete is specially designed for serious professional and amateur athletes to help them condition their muscle and give them a competitive advantage over others. Con-Cret was also designed for individuals who are seriously committed towards fitness, strength and a healthy living.

Con-Cret is made up of creatine in its purest forms and helps our body to accelerate the production of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate an important source of energy consumed and released as a result of cellular metabolic reactions. ATP is essential for smoother muscle and cell function. Con-Cret works wonders and has no side effects mostly because it can be taken in micro doses. Unlike other creatine products Con-Cret produces no negative effects such as water retention or bloating or any other gastro intestinal issues that commonly occur with other creatine product. This is not only my feedback there have been researches and laboratory tests that have confirmed that Con-Cret is %9 times more soluble than other leading creatine brands. The positive effects are enhanced performance levels and many steroids like effects. You will soon see the difference in your endurance, muscle recovery and strength.

Con-Cret is officially a power packed, legal and natural substitute of illegal and banned high-performance drugs and steroids. People have reported instant burst of energy and a sudden rise in endurance. After taking one micro-dose of Con-Cret I felt I could go on and on with my exercise routine. I kept on doing repetitions after repetitions and to my pleasant surprise there was hardly any muscle fatigue. Other athletes have reported similar increase in endurance and stamina. After receiving such positive feedbacks ADA, ACSM and Dieticians of Canada decide to conducts laboratory test and discovered that creatine was the only ergogenic product that enhance muscle performance to such an extent and among all creatine products Con-Cret was found to be the purest and safest creatine product available. A 48 servings Con-Cret Creatine powder sells on amazon for as low as $33.99. Check the price and buy now.


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