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Confidence in the Covid-19 Era

Updated on June 20, 2020

A Deathly Virus

All of us in the world find ourselves right now, in one way or another, facing difficult situations due to this Covid-19 virus. Fear that some of our loved ones will fall sick because of it, isolation, loneliness, fear and anxiety in general are those scares that come to mind first. Not to mention the concerns and fatigue of frontline workers, such as doctors, caregivers, nurses, and all the other people who risk their lives on a daily basis for the benefit of others who are in need.

Concern about job losses and all of these sudden business closings can be very exhausting for families already facing difficulties and uncertainty about what could happen in the coming months. The governments of a good number of countries affected by the pandemic have made some provisions with their temporary financial support for the most affected labor sectors, but these measures may not be enough to help all workers.

All this tension has consequences of all kinds: Broken relationships caused by high levels of stress, a notable increase in concerns of the monetary type, the collapse of businesses or the possibility that one or both breadwinners of the family will die from this virus. , especially if they are elderly people.

During this pandemic, marriage counselors have been inundated with calls and also telephone lines or websites dedicated to counseling children and young people who may be at risk. The amount of violence within homes has increased in a way that exceeds the limits of human understanding. What’s left to do, then?


Coronavirus | Source

Staying strong

We must stay strong and endure the confinement and social distancing for a little longer and make an effort to try to find a little haven of peace in our daily walks. Now more than ever, if that is the case, you surely learned to value some of the great little things in life, such as having a garden in your house or having enough space for your children to play without leaving home.

It may sound you a little strange, especially if you're feeling a little depressed or angry towards life, but it is worth remembering that in these difficult times is when we should practice gratitude the most.

If you think you have no reason to be thankful, just think of those who did not see a new dawn, while you are alive and you can feel the blood running through your veins.

Yes, we are living in difficult times, and nobody likes to stay home without hugging their loved ones, but remember that this will also happen. There is no pain or joy that lasts forever. It is just a matter of being patient and not losing your cool.

It's easier said than done, but focusing on the positive helps keep you from losing your sanity during quarantine.

I know you would like to party and go out with all your friends, and maybe tomorrow, you and I will be able to do what we like best. But for now, please take care of other people by staying at home.

Use this time in isolation to disconnect yourself a little from the madding crowd and try to find some peace within yourself. It is not easy, but if you wish it and work very hard to achieve it, you will succeed in the end.


Try to stay calm
Try to stay calm | Source

Be Thankful

Be thankful for the beautiful little blessings in your life.


How can society be helped to repair itself in the midst of such troubled times? People are suicidal, they feel hurt inside, they are afraid of not knowing where to go or who to ask for help. The uncertainty is compounded by the fact that, as long as there’s no available vaccine or scientifically tested cure, there is no certainty that there will be no further spikes of the devastating virus. Some countries have managed to flatten the virus spread curve, and yet it has attacked again.

Amid all this despair caused by covid-19, even more black men in the United States have been killed by the police. These injustices have shocked human beings of all ages around the world, which has led to massive demonstrations in the main cities of many countries, which in turn has caused people to defy the rules established at the beginning of the pandemic and the social distancing. It's scary to think how many infections this could cause before a month passes.


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