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Conquer This Tendency To Achieve Fat Loss

Updated on May 11, 2011

It is a known fact that we should adopt a two-pronged approach for reducing excess body fat. A good diet regimen and regular exercising will do the trick. While diet plays a major role in fat loss around your waist, the efficacy of regular exercises can not be under-estimated. In fact, a judicious diet regimen will help you to the extent of 80 per cent and exercises, to the tune of 20 per cent for reducing your fat. While you will not stuff your body with hundreds of unnecessary calories if you follow a good diet pattern, exercises will give you a sense of well-being.

But, there is a general tendency with people who do their exercises regularly. It is definitely appreciable that they are following a good exercises routine regularly. But, unfortunately, this tendency can derail their efforts to lose their excess fat. You may be wondering what this tendency is, that is blocking their attempts. The tendency that is being discussed here is the over-confidence you get with your regular exercises. Due to this over-confidence, you may think that eating belly-full will not result in fat gain.

Almost every person who does regular exercises tend to think like this and eat large meals. They erroneously assume that their exercises will take care of the excess calories they consume. But, this is not the way to succeed in your attempts to become slim.

The following tips may help you in losing your body fat:

- The most effective step is to stop eating large meals. This advice should not be construed as an advocacy for crash-dieting. You need not reduce your intake of calories at all. But, you should split your total calories into six or seven meals and eat them at intervals of every two or three hours. By doing so, your metabolism will greatly improve. You will also be supplying enough calories for your body and brain to function effectively. All the calories obtained from these smaller meals will be burned completely, thus helping you to lose your fat.

- Another very good step that will help you lose your excess fat is to drink plenty of water daily. Water removes the toxins from the fat cells of your body and when the fat cells become weak due to the absence of such toxins, you can easily get rid of your excess fat. Further, if you drink a good amount of water before your meals, you can reduce the intake of your food. Likewise, if you drink several sips of water during the course of your eating, you will feel full sooner and so, will not over-eat.

- Eating slowly is the third important step to help fat loss. This step is to counter the slowness of the brain in realizing that we are eating. The brain takes about 20 minutes to realize our eating and the problem with us is that we over-eat before our brain realizes about our eating. But, if we choose to eat slowly, the brain realizes our satiating level and orders us to stop eating, thus helping us in avoiding overeating.

By following the above 3 steps and also by avoiding the tendency to over-eat, you can definitely reduce your excess fat and become slim. Once you reduce your overall body fat, you can even bestow a special focus on your stomach region and try to have six pack abs.


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