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Conquering Bi-Polar

Updated on August 29, 2019
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I am a writer for years and part of my relief from this disorder was by writing. I researched as much as possible compared my feelings.

Know there is help out there!

You are not alone
You are not alone

Signs and Feelings of Bi-Polar Person

One of the most difficult disorders to cope with is bi-polar because a person not only has their own emotions to deal with but often the family may not understand or accept the fact that you do suffer from the disease. A person who suffers from bi-polar is riding a roller coaster when it comes to their emotions. One day they are high laughing and enjoying life. The next day down in the valley to the point of suicide. This may seem an extreme version of bi-polar but it is not! Depression and anxiety attacks often accompany this disorder which are more common to notice than the highs. However, those who have the problem realize when they are high today lookout tomorrow. You are not alone as there are many others with the same disorder.

Bi-Polar and Shame Kills!

Bi-polar can only conquer you if you let it. There is help there and when you are on a high that is when to ask for it. The lows will keep you from asking and even put you in the wrong frame of mind. Famous people have committed suicide because of this disorder. Unfortunately, those with power and money are afraid that admitting the problem will demean them in the public eye. The natural tendency is to cover up the problem with drugs and/or alcohol. This is a huge mistake because the use of substances cover up the problem and only give some temporary relief. I like to dedicate this to the families of those who suffer from bi-polar in hopes they can recognize the problem and help their loved one to get the needed help before it is too late.


The Hand First Line of Defense

The first line of defense is the “hand” because you can use it to help with your coping to difficult situations. Unlike other disorders bi-polar can kick in because of personal problems, outside influences, financial problems, and even happy events. When you find that you are in a conversation with a person who is causing you grief, presenting arguments that you do not understand, or making your life miserable then tell them to talk to the hand.

Put it up and simply say go away or talk to my hand. This may seem awkward at first but it really does work. Most of my life I have stood and took being harassed or hurt by others. I swallowed hard at the time then went home and cried but never let on like I was hurt. Only one time in my life someone hurt me so badly that I had to put up my hand and say talk to my hand. It was my daughter-in-law and I loved her but she did not even have a clue to the real situation.

I could not speak to her because I was afraid that I would say or do the wrong thing. Since I loved her but could not cope with her and the situation at hand, I used my hand. I told her to talk to the “hand.” I am not sorry because no ill words were spoken and we still can talk to each other. I still love her and hope someday she will understand. Life is hard and often it is the one’s we love the most that hurts us the most. This is a means of signaling to someone else I am not coping right now.

If they know you and understand your problem, then they should stop and let you catch your breath. Also, it is your way of letting them know that you love them very much and that you are not able to comprehend and make a judgement on the situation. When you suffer from Parkinson Disease often bi-polar will be part of that disease as well making your life even more difficult. This is difficult when family does not understand.

The Wall - Protection Barrier
The Wall - Protection Barrier

Often, I have been asked what is the “Wall?” The wall is a protection barrier that you build up over the years to help protect you from a nervous breakdown. The fact is that daily life is tough and riding a roller coaster daily, weekly, and seasonally can eventually cause a nervous breakdown. The things that happen over your life span are enough to cause a normal person to breakdown at times. Of course, medication helps during very harsh times such as death in the family. We need to always depend on God for our help in times of great strife and even in the good times.

Even today it is difficult to truly express “The Wall”. At times, you are hiding away from society and other times you want to be visible even noticed. No wall is 100% safe. It just gives you leverage to start coping with your problems. If you let depression overcome, you then are acceptable to other health problems. Some people eat too much to get over being depressed. Then they gain weight causing them to develop heart problems, diabetics, swelling in body, and possible heart attack. Take care that the wall does not become a crutch but instead a protective barrier so you can breathe and think how to solve problems that affect you the most.

Keeping a journal is a wonderful way of keeping up with your down days and you’re up to high days. I like to mark my pages green if I am way to high, yellow when I am mellow, and red when I am depressed and almost at a stop. I can go back later and note if these mood swings happen a certain time of the week, month, or season. Even certain events can cause mood swings. For instance, I use to always get depressed when “Football” season approached. My husband taught me about the game and now we watch it together. My whole attitude changed! I feel like it is an okay game.

Bi Polar Awareness Ribbon Wear with Pride
Bi Polar Awareness Ribbon Wear with Pride

Whatever your emotional problems are remember you are not alone. Conquering Bipolar means to conquer your personal problems as well. First step admits you are having problems, next see a doctor and let them recommend a Psychiatrists, then follow the recommendations of your doctors. Take medications prescribed, visit with the Psychologist, and confide with those in the family who will understand and help you. Do not leave yourself alone to face Bi-Polar! Depression and suicide happens often in this country today. It is needless waste of life. Many people who suffer from Bi-Polar highly intelligent, artistic, or musically inclined. Einstein one of our smartest men suffered from depression and diagnosed as Bi-Polar. Robin Williams a famous actor was Bi-Polar. The list goes on but this is not you. Who are you? Find yourself and turn yourself into someone of value because you are.


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