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Constantly Runny Nose? My Nose is Always Running.

Updated on December 4, 2012

Does your nose always run?

Does your nose drip, drip, drip, even if you don't have a cold or have a problem with allergies? I do, and I finally found something to solve it: Ipratropium Bromide spray (Atrovent).

My doctor gave it to me years ago, and said I could use it whenever I wanted. I asked him if it was habit-forming, and he said no. He said, though, that if I did have concerns abou using it every day, then to just use it on those days/evenings when I wanted to keep my nose dry.

How does it work? The pharmacokinetic pathways are complex, but here goes: it blocks the breakdown of cyclic GMP, an intracellular transmitter, having an effect on calcium levels within cells, and thereby reducing the secretion of mucus. Because of its large, complex structure (it's a quaternary amine), it does not cross the blood-brain barrier, so it's unable to affect your nervous system.

I spray twice in each nose every morning, and my nose is dry (read: normal) for the rest of the day. The days I forget? People ask me if I have a cold.

The only strange thing is a vaguely sweet flavor that I can "taste" in the back of my throat when I use it.

Bausch & Lomb (the company that makes a lot of contact lens stuff) makes this in 2 strengths: 0.03% and 0.06%. My doctor prescribes the 0.03% for me.

Something definitely worth asking your doctor about if you're sick of carrying around tissues with you wherever you go.


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    • profile image

      Daniel 6 years ago

      I got this lady at work that won't stop her GD snorting - Can I get this stuff on the black market?! Please help

    • profile image

      affed 6 years ago

      yo ma this work ma

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      can you get this over the counter

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 8 years ago from San Francisco

      solarcaptain: there probably is a connection. I had surgery for a deviated septum in 1992 and have had problems ever since. I would talk to a doctor, and ask if this would be appropriate for you.

    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 8 years ago from california

      I hope it works. I had surgery for diviated septum amd after that my nose runs after I eat, before I eat, hot foods, cold foods, before and after a kiss, well when I used to kiss, but it really is a pain, especially when I don't realize it is going like a fountain. So I should give this a try er? Thanks I'm willing to try anything at this point.\By the way, the deviated septum is caused by an accident which also damaged my eye also.

      Take care. Good hubbing.Thanx

    • djsartin profile image

      djsartin 9 years ago from Missouri Ozarks

      My pharmacist shared information with me about a spray mist called NasalCrom.

      He said it was perscription only but the time had run out and now can be purchased over the counter. It's around eleven dollars with tax where I live and that size bottle lasts me two or three months. What a Godsend this has been. Very fine mist, no smell or taste.

      Takes a few days when first using to get the full benefit, but after that all I've had to do is spray into each nostril each morning...once and have had no sinus problems since I started using this wonderful product Terry told me about!

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 10 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I'm always sneezing every morning when I wake up. And sometimes when I am in the grocery store and its really dusty... I sneeze all the way to the counter. Geesh...thanks for sharing this..will ask more about it.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      Absolutely. When the weather is hot and dry, I don't find it necessary, but on cold/wet days, when my nose normally runs out of control, it's a miracle.

    • SunSeven profile image

      SunSeven 10 years ago from Singapore / India

      Does it really work livelonger?