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Cookie Diet Review For Dr. Siegals Cookie Diet

Updated on February 5, 2010

Dr. Sanford Siegal devised a rather unique diet in 1975 that still remains popular to this very day. The diet plan is known as The Cookie Diet. As the name implies, this is a diet that integrates cookies into a helpful calorie restriction weight loss plan. Now, some may find this particular diet plan to be considered somewhat incredulous. However, when you actually break down the numbers of how the diet works, you will discover this is no where near as incredulous as it sounds.

How does the Cookie Diet work? Here is the breakdown....

Siegal realized that the main problem people cannot lose weight is because they are constantly battling hunger pangs. This leads to cheating during the hunger periods which, in turn, lead to the outright collapse of the diet. To avoid such a scenario, it is best to look towards eating cookies while keeping calorie counts down.

At the core of the diet is eating a single cookie six times a day. You would also drink a full glass of water with the cookie. Such a combination throughout the day would lead to controlling your hunger pangs. When dinner time arrives, you then would eat a low calorie meal. At the end of the day, the total amount of calories will end up being a lot less than you would initially assume possible. No, cookies are not all that high in calories. They just become problematic when they are snacked on in between meals. This leads to the acquisition of a ton of extra calories which leads to all that massive weight gain. But, when used as a filler snack and a glass of water, it can be quite effective in terms of the ability to deliver an effective diet.

It is best to purchase the cookies directly from the Dr. Siegal Company since they provide the proper cookies to help facilitate such a diet. They are covered in a deep chocolate which adds to their ability to be filling. It is not advisable to try this diet plan with regular store bought cookies of low nutritional value and a high content of processed sugar. And yes, you can purchase direct from the company quite easily.

Dr. Siegal's weight loss Cookie Diet is not a very expensive program to get involved with. One week's worth of cookies costs about $59 which is less than what it would cost to purchase a number of common junk food items that certainly would not help the cause of improving diet and nutrition. There are also shakes and even green tea available. This should prove most definitely helpful to those that may be looking for a complete series of snack and beverage items to get them through the week while also being able to drop a number of excess pounds.

The key here is not to cheat on the Cookie Diet or else you will end up ingesting a ton of excess calories which will undermine your ability to create a calorie deficit. While some may get away with sneaking a cheat meal here and there, if you make a habit of it you will gain weight.


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