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Coping Grief with G-R-I-E-F

Updated on July 4, 2017

Grief is one of the most difficult ways of experiencing pain. It is caused by losing someone you love. Coping with grief is a process and it is a choice. It has to start within you. You have to make a choice to stay in grief or to move on. When you start to move on it is not really easy and fast. That's why I wrote some ways on how you can cope up with grief.

I myself has been in grief for a many times when my father died and soon after my mother died as well. Losing two of my most precious loved ones has caused so much grief and pain in me. Those times I wasn't sure how could I cope up with it or am I ever be free from grief. Not until our Pastor said in one of his sermon that Happiness is a choice. That time I told myself "Lord, I want to be happy again and I want to move on. These were the ways I did to help myself cope up with grief I hope these will help you too who is experiencing grief.

Gather all your strenght

Gather all your strength and have a choice to move on. Moving on with your life after a grief is not simple you need to make a choice. Choose to be move on or choose to be in grief. No one can help you unless you help your self. Sometimes it really takes time or shorter. It all depends depends on your will. The Bible says there's a right time for everything,a time to grief and a time to laugh. look at yourself in the mirror and talk to the person you see. Ask that person how long would you like to be in grief. Going thru grief is a normal process but if you are staying too long in grief, pause, think and make a choice.

Remember there are still people around you who loves you

Remember there are a lot of people around you who loves you and cares for you. They are waiting for you to be back on your feet and see you happy again. Look around you, it might be your son, daughter, husband, wife, sister, brother or your friends waiting for your attention and love. Maybe its time to move on.

Be Inspired and inspired others

Read some books or articles that will inspires you to move on and have a happier life or attend some events and activities dealing with the same situation. Turn your experience into a testimony to others who has been in that situation too. We will not forget and erased all our memories with our parted loved ones (good or bad) but instead let it be our inspiration as well. Let our memories with them be our teacher, let us learn from our experiences with them to have a better life ahead.

Embrace the new chapter of your life

Its time to embrace the new chapters of your life. You have a life of your own. There is always hope and a brighter future awaits you. God will send people to help you move on. Give them opportunity to be a part of the new characters in your life. Cheer up! there's always a rainbow after the rain.

Find a place of refuge

Finally find a place of refuge, and there's no better place that with God. He is our fortress, He knows what's been happening with you and He knows how He will comfort you just allow God to help you be healed and have a better life.

Are you in grief right now? Are you ready to move on? You have a choice. Choose to be in grief or choose to move on. If you think you ready to move on try these simple ways it might help you move on. Gather your strength, Remember the people who loves you, be Inspired and inspired others, Embrace the new chapter of your life and Find a refuge in God.

Grief can be healed. Make a choice now.


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    • Rhoda Jose profile image

      Rhoda Jose 7 months ago from Taytay,,Rizal

      Thank you Denise W Anderson, I have experienced it by myself. It was really hard at the beginning but we have to face the reality that we have to move on with other people waiting to journey with us in the new chapter of our life. :)

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 7 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      These are great tips! Grief is one of the most difficult experiences we will ever face in our lives. In order for us to move on, we have to re-frame our world without out the person in it that we are grieving for. Once we are able to see our world without them, and move on in their honor, then we will be able to choose happiness once again.