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Coping with Bereavement when your dog dies

Updated on June 23, 2011

Copyright: David the Dogman

When our dog dies we feel we have lost a relationship based on mutual trust, unconditional love and understanding.

Our dogs understand us better than our closest human companions, they read our body language and their sense of smell lets them know whether we are ill or indeed about to become ill. Unlike humans dogs do not have negative characteristics. They never betray us they do not talk about us behind our backs, never answer back.

Those who have shared a deep bond with their pet must expect to feel its loss very deeply and they will enter a grieving period. Common symptoms of grief include crying, feelings of anxiety and isolation. Loss of appetite and generally disinterested in life. It is not uncommon for physical symptoms to occur as well. Often just seeing other people with their pets can provoke the thought � Why is that dog alive and mine isn�t?

These reactions and feelings are normal and a natural part of grieving. Once you can accept that your pet has gone forever you could well be able to get on with your life.

If you find it difficult to talk to someone about your pet it may help you to write about your pet and remember the happy times you had together, or just put down the words how you feel about your loss.

* Let yourself mourn your loss.

* Don�t fight the pain when it occurs.

* Take it into your heart and let it rest there with happy memories.

* Take your time. Grief can last for days, weeks, months or years.

* Share your emotions with someone.

* Face up to the fact that your dog will not return.

* Don�t be embarrassed about seeking professional help.

A new dog or cat

Sometime the loss of your beloved pet is so devastating that you are unable to contemplate having another pet. You just couldn�t face going through all the trauma again but you know you might have to one day. Some people replace their pet immediately, feeling that something is missing in their lives without a canine companion.

It is often wise to wait a little while before taking on a new dog or cat because you may in your grief, be trying to find a substitute for your pet. All dogs and cats have their own personality and you will not be able to stamp your old pets personality onto a new one. Some people feel they will not be able to love a new dog as much as their previous pet. If you feel this way you should not have another pet for a while.

Eventually as time passes, the pain of loosing your pet will heal. Then you may start to think of all the dogs in rescue centers waiting for new homes and may consider opening your home and heart to one of these.

Do not feel guilty or disloyal to the memory of your previous pet and give wholeheartedly to your new dog- he deserves it. He will bring happiness to your world.

Commitment, Firmness, but kindness.


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    • profile image

      dogfond 5 years ago

      We lost three dogs in all. Our lab retriever died a couple of years ago and we still miss him so much until now.

    • profile image

      eric 5 years ago

      my life of my world was my dogs.every day i go home there always happy to see you!now thats all gone for me.lost my little girl in 06/02/11 she was 12 yrs old,pampered!!!!lost my boy in 05/12/12 he was 12 1/2 yrs old also so pampered!always slept by me going to just like my world turn upside down over nite,i dont know what to do without them,i feel peralized!i dont feel rite!!!!!

    • profile image

      Wendy 6 years ago

      I had to have my beloved cocker spaniel Willow put to sleep 4 days ago. He was 12 1/2 but had been such a huge part of my adult life,growing up with me from when I was 22 and travelling with me through the highs and lows of jobs,love and life. He was with me when I first met my husband and was the older brother to our new arrival Grace 2 1/2 years ago.

      He licked tears from my cheeks when I was sad and stole his fair share of bread and chocolate throughout his life!

      We also have a lab called George who is still here but also's hard to know how everyone's feeling. George has spent most of the time on his own these last 4 days and I have told Grace that Willow has become a star and that the angels walk him now,when ever he wants! She can see him in the sky at night if it's clear and has his photos in her room.

      It's killing me not having here. I am due back to work today and not sure if I'll hold it together!

      I held Willow in my arms as the vet administered the medicine,he was totally blind in his last few months of life and incredibly anxious,it was a lovely release for him and so nice to see him at rest.

      The hardest thing I found was having to make the decision to put him to sleep,he wasn't in pain but his quality of life wasn't great. You always assume that the decision is going to be made by the vet, or because they have given you news that the dog is in pain, or that they will pass in their sleep but not that you name the date and time and book it in!

      I have no doubt that this was the right decision but the lead up to 10/11/11 was awful.

      I miss you Willow but I am glad you are at peace with full sight and youth again. RIP. Xxx

    • profile image

      denise 6 years ago

      I rescued a beautiful puppy from a spanish bar as the perpective new owner said if they didn't want it their Mum would kill it for them.He was a real hienz variety, knee high to a grasshopper and we called him in "can you tell what it is yet! He was a real pest to our other rescued dog tatty but, she bonded with him and they played for hours. We only had him for 3 and a half months before a neighbour ran him over on the track just outside our gate. I feel so guilty that i thought I was giving him a better life and i let him down in a moment when i was distracted and not protecting him. It was 3 days ago and I feel distaught. He was such a loving little chap and I am really struggling to find sense in it all. I have never done any posting like this before, but just wanted to share the memory of a wonderully exhuberant and joyful if all too short life...sorry little boy i let you down. xx

    • profile image

      clare 6 years ago

      Not sure what to say as I am finding it so hard to cope with the loss of my beautiful cocker spaniel ollie who was only 2 and a half. On Sunday took him to the vets as not well and on Monday was told he had leaukemia and his prognosis was not good so we had to put him to sleep. I miss him so much as he was such an important part in our family. I feal so desparately sad as he was such a fabulous companion and feel so deprived he was not able to spend more time with us. He loved his walks and people - I will never get over him, my heart is broken.

    • kvargas816 profile image

      kvargas816 6 years ago from New York, NY

      When a dog passes, it is so hard to deal with everything. My family has had many dogs and sad to say they have all passed but nothing compares to when YOUR dog passes. I have a 5 year old Boxer who is my life and I know one day he will go and no matter how much you try to prepare yourself, you will never be fully prepared. To all those above who have lost their faithful K9 companion, my heart goes out to you.

    • profile image

      wilma 6 years ago

      I can't believe that i'm writing about my wee pup on this site exactly a year after writing about my lovely old girl Kes. We lost Kes last year and managed 6 weeks without a hairy baby..then Dee Dee bounced into our lives. She was 9 weeks old, a bearded collie and full of mischief and fun. No-one was an enemy, she loved everyone and everyone loved her. We nearly lost her at 4 months old to gastroenteritis, the vet said that because she slept with us it saved her life as we knew instantly when she became sick. She never really recovered from this illness and we found out that her breeder had been breeding litters with known devastating conditions and that other litters had died at very young ages. We told out vet and spent a fortune making sure she was ok. They told us she was fine and that all the tests were clear. I think i always knew they were wrong. Deep down i knew things weren't right. She never put on weight, was tiny for her breed and age, but they didn't listen. She became really ill 4 weeks ago. We had her at the vet 4 times over 2 days and ended up leaving her there to be put on a drip as she was bleeding from everywhere. I last saw her trotting away from me at the vets at midnight on a Sunday. They advised me not to visit as it would upset her and me. I don't know why i didn't insist. She was only a baby and had never even been left alone in the house since we got her. I let her down when she really needed me. I called the vet every hour to make sure they were looking after her ok. I got a call at midnight on the Monday and i knew before answering that she was gone. She was found dead when they went to give her medication. She died all alone. No mummy to hug her and tell her it was ok. No kisses. She must have thought we had abandoned her. I'll never forgive myself. I'll never forgive the breeder. I would have taken her even knowing about her condition but why do people breed poor wee things knowing that they die from awful conditions no matter how much treatment they get. It's been four weeks tonight since she died. I look at pictures, i remember the weight of her on my knee, but nothings there anymore. I've taken steps to make sure that no other puppies or owners go through what we have but anger only lasts so long and then the crushing pain of loss thunders back. I loved her so much. She was supposed to be my little ray of sunshine and happiness. I know that she was probably suffering and that she couldn't go on any more, she probably should have died at 4 months, but i just can't believe i've lost two girls in 1 year. Life is cruel, i let her down and i'll never ever forgive myself. My wee Dee Dee, my hairy baby, mummy's wee angel, sleep tight.xxxxx

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      She was born in the middle of a gun fight at Woodstock, one of nine puppys born under a porch. From the word go we called her agressor as she was the first to do everything long before all the other pups. I've had the pleasure of her company for the last fourteen years. Becky-Boo McGoo was born Aug 18th 1997, I do not believe she will make it to the 18th of Aug. She is near total blindness and has a great deal of trouble walking, she has fallen several times, now she has slowed her eating habits, the time is nigh. I've know it was comming for a time and thought I could manage it all, but as this horrible and wonderful moment of release nears I find I am totally unprepared. The lump in my throat grows and my eyes water, I cannot stop the tears anymore. I want to thank every who posted as it has helped. The time is nigh. I love you my Becky-Boo McGoo.

    • profile image

      Marisa 6 years ago

      My canary died suddenly 10 years ago. Don't know how old he was when we got him but we had him for 10 years. He was treated well with lots of love. Once he flew out the window on a warm summers afternoon & was waiting by the kitchen window to be let in again, & he flew back into the house. He was my buddy & would start singing when I came home from work (Mom would say). We had no indication he was sick. The night before he died, he gave me extra attention & extra kisses then usual and would stare over my shoulder with a weird look in his eyes. Don't know what he was looking at. The next day at work I just decided to close my eyes at my desk & I saw him all black, not his usual green colour. Felt something was wrong & ran home after work. There was no singing when I entered the house & I found him dead. I still miss him to this day & dream about him from time to time.

    • profile image

      louise 7 years ago

      lost poor chip on december 2 2010. miss her sooooo much even thought we used to call her the devils dog. such a heartrenching decision to put her to sleep after 14 good years. hope shes ok now. my parents have just had molly put to sleep after 17 years and 6 months. so lost and lonley lets hope there up there playing together. rest in peace and free from pain girls. love and kisses xxxx

    • profile image

      Michael Murphy 7 years ago

      We farewelled our seven year old labrador Bonnie this morning.She was having her spleen removed and the cancer had spread to her other organs.The heart breaking decision

      was to not wake her up from the anaesthetic.She is the second dog to leave us in six months.Too much cancer for Bonnie to handle.More grief than We can handle.God look out for Bonnie Please

    • profile image

      Mark cassar 7 years ago

      I am so devastated , I lost my boxer dog after 11 1/2 years , he was my soul mate and was always there for me, it happen so quickly he had a hart condition , and that's what took him away. RIP my soulmate.

    • profile image

      Catey 7 years ago

      I meant to say Prowler's hairy tummy, sorry.

    • profile image

      Catey 7 years ago

      Last night I lost my son and mine's best friend, Prowler, a beautiful, extremely intelligent and devoted Australian Shepherd we'd had since he was a puppy. He was so beautiful, and ran so fast. He loved life, and he loved my son and I so dearly. He was almost 11. I'd given him some vegetables, and thought it had made him sick, as he didn't seem to want to eat much in the days following. He walked slower, although he was still super excited when he saw his leash in my hand, ready for a walk. I took him to the vet, and to my utter shock, it was discovered he had internal bleeding, severe anemia, and tumors in his spleen, liver, and more. Devastated, my son and I had to have him put down 5 hours later, so he wouldn't bleed to death. I still can't believe it. We stayed with him for about 3 hours to say goodbye, alone with him in an emergency vet hospital room. It was a complete shock and last night I couldn't sleep at all, and I alternate between anger at death and utter despair that's he got those tumors and could have died any day. The symptoms only showed up this week. I don't feel like eating and I feel so horrible I wonder if it will ever go away. As I held him, he gave me, in his weakened state after all the tests and shaving of my long, beautiful tummy hair, (ugh), he gave me several small licks on my hand. It was so precious, like him saying, I Love You. He used to lick so much it got irritating, lol. How I wish he could have been with us will never be the same. I just went back to college a day before this, and I think I'm going to have to drop out. I can't concentrate on learning, and I don't want to. I feel guilty too, that we let the vet put her to sleep, although the vet said it was the most humane thing to do, as he could bleed to death overnight or within days. It was a hard decision. How can a dog look healthy but be full of cancer? I hate death! I'm angry, feel horrible and sad, and keep crying. We do have another dog, his companion of a decade, and she is depressed, too. I'm going to take her out for a walk right now, as we do daily, but I also know exercise is as a good as antidepressants if you're really sad and stressed out. My heart goes out to all of you. There really is no way to describe how wonderful of a dog our Aussie was. He would put his paw on your knee when he wanted something -- he would never bark at you about it or anything like that, he would wait patiently, and use his paw gently to tell you, "I need something." My heart is breaking into a million little pieces. Thanks for letting me share through my tears. A part of my heart is now gone forever.....I know I'll never completely get over this.

    • profile image

      Irene 7 years ago

      Two days ago I had to put down my loyal friend and shadow - Molly. She had been on this earth for fifteen years and five months. She has been with me through so much and I cannot bear to think of life without her. She would follow me everywhere, when I was in the kitchen she would lie in the most awkward place and I would step over her. Waiting for a titbit like a piece of carrot. The house seems so empty without her. I had her put to sleep at home on her bed. Then someone from the pet crem came and took her away. I can't wait to go and pick her up, maybe I can get some comfort from the fact that a small part of her is with me. I feel so guilty that I had to let her go, but I could not bear to watch her suffer anymore as each day became more painful for her. I made up my mind that the day had come when I could no longer persuade her to eat anymore. Also I do not think she was drinking enough. She seemed to be getting more and more confused. Her back legs would give out on her more and more often. I hope she can forgive me for doing what I hope was best for her. It is the worst feeling in the world and no matter how often I have to do it, it never gets any better. RIP my Molly dog. xx

    • profile image

      Ronald 7 years ago

      Today Dec 13 I have to put down my beloved midnight a loyal female black lab mix. I am so heart broke, she is the only reason I survived a horrible divorce. I wish my wife was half as loyal as she is. It is 10:47 am and my appointment is at 11:30. I love her so much she is 16 years old but she can't walk I have been carrying her for the past week, and I would carry her for ever if I could.

    • profile image

      Lynn Cpt 7 years ago

      Freeway Milnerton May-Hammond


      01.01.1998 ~ 28.09.2010

      The story begins in 1998 when I was driving home one day I saw a terrified dog trying to chew his way through the fencing on the freeway. I called Rhett and asked him to please help as a few weeks earlier I had tried to save a dog in a similar position and it was run down. Needless to say Freeway Milnerton May-Hammond was rescued. He was in very bad condition with rope and wire growing in his neck and he was so terrified - even afraid of our 6 week old kitten Oliver.

      The bull terrier society said we should put him down immediately as he was a cross breed and they are always vicious. Well anyone who knows me and who came to know Freeway knows that he was the gentlest of souls. The sweetest doggie and the most loyal and most protecive friend.

      In the past week Freeway became ill and my worst fear came true today. I had to do the unthinkable - I had to say goodbye to my friend - one of my babies.

      Free - you were a good boy! I have lit your candle so you can find your way over the "Rainbow Bridge" - its just the other side of Heavan. There are meadows and hills where you can run and play and plenty of food and water to drink. You will be restored to health and there my loyal friend you will be happy and content and will be with your brothers and sisters. One day we will meet again and I will be able to look into your trusting eyes and we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

      God Bless you and forgive me for what I had to do today. You will always be in my heart. x

    • profile image

      Sherri 7 years ago

      I lost my beloved girl 6 months ago and I still cry daily. I often wonder if that is normal or if I need professional help.The longing for her is almost unbearable at times. I still see that pink fluid going into her and my mind screaming "Nooooooo"... Like so many others here, she was my daughter. Sometimes I just can't believe this happened. I keep hope I am living a bad dream and will wake up.

      In January she went off her feed slightly for a couple of days- but I changed her food and she went right back to her normal voracious eating. And then the next night I was rubbing her as I always did and felt lumps in her neck - enlarged lymph nodes. My heart sank when I went on the internet. I had her at the vet the next morning thinking/hoping she was fighting a little infection - instead I got a Lymphoma diagnosis. After biopsies, chest x rays, ultrasounds, etc we elected to treat her with chemotherapy to try to extend her life 1-2 yrs. She was "healthy" in that she was not exhibiting any symptoms and was a good candidate for treatment.

      This nightmarish day was January 16th. I would just sit and look at her and scared at how the chemo would be on her. I asked her to try for me - and if she couldn't do it, to let me know and we would stop. She looked right at me and wagged her tail.

      We tried 3 chemo treatments and 2 out of 3 were just horrendous - she got every side effect and was so so sick. She had to be hospitalized twice she reacted so poorly. She never came out of the hospital the last time- I knew when I went to visit her and blood dripped out of her nose, the cancer had spread in spite of the chemo....and it had. Her last night home she vomited every 2 hours and didn't sleep a wink - she laid awake all night just staring at haunts me to this day.

      The whole ordeal lasted 7 weeks - I never thought I would lose her so soon - especially after going with the was suppose to extend her life

      I have to say, I am glad I tried or I would be beating myself up with guilt - she wasn't sick long, had the best of medical care and had many good days (walks, playing, etc).....but I would never go the chemo route again......its one of those life experiences one has to go through to truly understand.

      I too have tremendous guilt over many of the aspects of this nightmare - it kills me she spent her last 2 nights alone in the hospital without her family - but really thought she would rebound......or I never would have left her overnight. This was a dog who never spent a night away from home in her 10.5 yrs.......I sobbed uncontrollably when I would leave her for chemo treatments for the day, never mind over night.

      The crying at least is down from 10 times a day, to 5 times a day to probably about 3 now.......I almost think this is my life now, that I will never truly be over this......she was my life - part of me died with her that day.....she was my first dog I got at age 29 after never being allowed to have one as a child......I don't think I can be broken again by a dog like this ever again...

    • profile image

      wilma 7 years ago

      Today we took our beloved kes to the vet to be put to sleep. She was 13 years old and my best friend. I feel I have betrayed her unconditional love. She had been slowly becoming more and more frail, unable to go for a walk or even go up and downstairs even with pain medication. We hoped she would fall asleep in our arms but it wasn't to be. She fell in the garden a few days ago and I knew it was time but I feel I have let her down so badly and I can't forgive myself. My heart has been ripped out. Sleep tight angel, I'm so sorry. I love you now and always.

    • profile image

      kathy  7 years ago

      4 days ago I had to say goodbye to Charlie who was 19. He's been my close buddy for 18 years. I can't stop going out for a walk just to bring a stick back for him - he's buried in the garden. I don't know how long it takes to feel better but right now it's a knife into my stomach. I'm so lost without him.

    • profile image

      Yorkiegirl 7 years ago

      Good advice - I lost my dog 2 years ago and just had tears in my eyes reading that - it brings it all back to you. My brother has lost his dog this year and has bottled up a lot of his grief which is coming back at him now - I thought these words of advice might help him.

    • profile image

      Peggy 7 years ago

      In memory of Kiara. My gentle, loving girl suddenly died two days ago. I am so sad that she was alone when it happened. She was my constant companion. I miss her so much.

    • profile image

      Kim 7 years ago

      I came home from work yesterday to find my beloved rottweiler Gatti had passed away. When I opened the door to go outside he didn't jump up to greet me like he normally does and I knew he was gone. My husky Zena looked at him and barked as if to say "get up"! But of course he did not. He was only 7.5 yrs old, and did not have any health problems that we know of. I do not know what happened. He had a bloody nose and that was the only sign of trauma. His eyes were closed so I am hoping he was asleep but of course I will never know. I cannot stop crying at work today, or last night. He was such a big caring guy. He did not know he weighed 110 pounds, he would jump in my lap and leave bruises on my legs, but he just wanted to be as close to me as possible. He always wanted me, no matter what...before his food, playing with Zena, anything. He was a loyal friend, I don't know what we will do without him. Zena will be so lonely, they have grown up together, and now she is alone. Rest in Peace my lovely friend...we will miss you forever.

    • profile image

      Keith Brocklehurst 7 years ago

      I lost my CKCS 2 years ago, age 8. He had been an 'always there' factor, regardless of my mood, and it hurt so much when he died that I wrote my own book about it....called 'I had a Dog in Alkrington', and published by Author House, who will supply a free copy for you to review and see if it is of any help to others/your site...e-mail them at it really helped me greatly to examine my bereavement in writing.Feel free to e-mail me if I can be on any help to you or anyone going through such a painful seperation/bereavement.

    • profile image

      Tony1965 7 years ago

      Last Sunday we lost our best friend. I cannot stop crying..

      Daisy was only 7 nearly 8. She had ben like a child to us and then along came my son Ashton and daughter Jasmyne. Daisy taught Ashton to walk and was his best friend. His horse, his thowing/catching ball friend. Every day Daisy protected and looked after the whole family. Making sure everyone was all tucked in at night. Sleeping between rooms making sure all exist were covered. All she ever wanted was a quick hug and with two toddlers I now feel guilty I sometimes pushed her away as we atended to the toddlers.

      Sally our other dog just thinks about food so is very different but was Daisys best freind and they were inseperable.

      Two weeks ago Daisy became suddenly lethargic with yellow eyes.

      I rushed her to the emergency vets where she was put on a drip. Her temp was 107 and was diagnosed with IMHA. a Nasty nasty thing. She did not become much better, but last Friday the vets released her to be home for the weekend. I had a presentation to do for work the next monday, so sat with her with my laptop (I feel so guilty not realising it was the last time) working throughout saturday. Making sure she was loved and her needs were attended too. I cannot remember telling anyone how much I loved them as at last weekend.

      That night was horrible. With a blood count less than normal she could hardly breathe. On Sunday lunchtime we let our friend go. It was horrible and will haunt me forever.

      I cannot stop crying. 24 hours to the minute I did my presentation. I did it for daisy, it went down well. However just as I started two of her hairs were sat on my enter key. I nearly lost it...

      I feel so guilty. I spent the whole week at work as I should have been at home. I have cried as I drove to work I cried on the way home, I cried at home. I somehow managed to stop myself at work. I tried talking to someone and they were of the opinion "its just a dog".

      I do not know how we are going to get over this. My last words were "See you up there". I really really want to believe this. I do not want to go to heaven if my little Daisy, my best friend, the kids big sister/nanny cannot be with us. I need to know that she is ok now, that she knows how much we will always love her.

      It's still unbearable, but I have started eating again in small amounts. I need to be there for my children.

      I just wish I could be with her again in this lifetime and it is eating me up. She was never "just a dog", but my eldest daughter who looked after everyone...

    • profile image

      Diane Brittell Whitehead 8 years ago

      In Memory of Vida............. 2003 - Died March 13, 2010

      It’s been five weeks since I last snuggled with her. As I gaze upon her grave in the backyard, there is such a yearning to see her again. I believe God put dogs on this earth to show mankind what unconditional love is all about. Let me explain.

      Two years ago as I was undergoing treatment for cancer, I was racked with nausia and vomiting after chemo. I would be stretched out over my bed, sick and weary. Vida would sit on my bed with me, sometimes licking tears off my face as I complained how aweful I felt. Weeks turned into months, and my lethargic body lay limp with fatigue. And then there was Vida-stretched out next to me, snuggling closer and closer by the hours. She was a vital dog, strong and powerful. Her breed was a Presa Canarie Mastif, rumored to be a violent type of dog. But Vida was gentle and powerfully loyal, and I loved her so much. She could have been playing and romping in the backyard, but she stayed by my side like a loving friend. There were times I would swear she could read both my feelings and my thoughts. The sicker I was, the closer she became.

      Animals don’t demand much. Just returned love, food, water and shelter. In turn, they give so much more. When I looked into her eyes, I could feel the love she returned to me.

      Three months before her death, she was diagnosed with acute renal failure. She was only seven years old, so the diagnosis was hard to take. We expected to have her five to seven years longer. She was nursed by my daughters and son, as well as us. She had IV drips and a special diet. She never complained. She went between my home and my daughters home. We worked closely with our vet to help expand her life as long as possible. For awhile, she didn’t even seem sick. But then the day came when she could not eat or drink water. She was sick and nauseaded and threw up anything we tried to feed her. The doctor did blood work, and comfirmed the worse.

      We knew we had only one thing left we could do for her. We placed her in my bed, the same bed where she layed with me through my sickness, and made her comfortable. We gave her eyedroppers of water and snuggled closely with her. We looked into her intent eyes and sent her love. We talked to her, and whispered affectionate words of gratitude to her. Someone was with her for the next few days around the clock. She was never alone. The final morning arrived, and each one in the family sat on the bed rubbing her sick body. The tears began to fall. She was too weak this time to lick them, but she gazed at us in loving thankfulness. The time had come for the doctor to injet her with the medicine that would end her final day. With heavy hearts, we watched as the morphine did its job. Her body was lifeless. She was gone. My son wrapped her in her favorite blanket, and lifted her body from the bed.

      Her grave had been dug. Jesse gently walked her down to her final resting place. It was over. She was gone from us, but remains in our hearts forever. She was a blessing from God, a gift to show our family what unconditional love really looked like.

    • Rick1789 profile image

      Rick1789 8 years ago from County Durham

      A few days ago I wrote a hubpage in memory of my beloved dog who died on Sunday. I must say after reading this I do feel better, I know that it's normal to have these feelings of loss and sadness and hopefully sometime soon I won't feel so bad.

    • profile image

      Lmarie 8 years ago

      My dog my best friend had to be put to sleep yesterday she was 13 years old I love and miss her so much x rip baby girl

    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 8 years ago from California

      So sorry to hear your loss Ingrid. Please write a hub about Karen and your happiest moments together. This is one of the best ways to relieve the pain of loss.

    • profile image

      ingrid 8 years ago

      I am devasted rite now my tea cup poodle Karen died today and I want her back!! I don't know how to deal with her loss!!

    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 8 years ago from California

      I am so sorry to hear about you loss Jo-Ann

      I hope you feel better soon...

    • profile image

      Jo-Ann 8 years ago

      I've just lost my dog on monday.She was the great joy of my life.It's like I have a hole in my heart.

    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 10 years ago from California

      Hi rsrring,

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is always nice to hear from other pet lovers.


    • profile image

      rsrring 10 years ago from Michigan

      Great advice. I remember the first dog I lost as a child and it felt like losing a parent. It never gets easy for pet lovers when they lose a beloved pet.