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Coregasm - Female Orgasm Through Exercise

Updated on November 20, 2012
Group Of Women Running On Treadmill
Group Of Women Running On Treadmill | Source
Debra Herbenick, Assistant Research Scientist and Lecturer, Applied Health Science Department
Debra Herbenick, Assistant Research Scientist and Lecturer, Applied Health Science Department | Source

Coregasm: Female Orgasm only by Exercising?

A recent study by scientist Debra Herbenick from Indiana University (The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex) has revealed that some women can reach orgasm only through exercising alone. This phenomenon of female orgasm through exercising had been first found when Alfred Kinsey conducted his interviews in 1953. However, back then, this phenomenon called coregasm, wasn't interviewed or studied exclusively, but rather shared voluntarily by 5% of the female participants.

Herbenick's research team has conducted a study on two groups of females, 124 females who have experienced coregasm, and 246 females who have experienced some sexual pleasure while exercising. The age of the female participants was between 18-63, and the average age was 30. 40% of all participants said that they have experienced coregasm or some sexual pleasure while exercising, at least 11 times in their lifetime. Those who had those experiences also said that they were baffled when such phenomenon happened because they were in public places.

Types of Exercise that Causes Coregasm or Some Sexual Pleasures:

  • Abe exercise (47%)
  • Biking or rowing (19%)
  • Rope climbing (9.3%)
  • Weight lifting (7%)
  • Yoga, swimming, aerobics (others)

Herbenick said that "the real cause of coregasm is unknown." "However, it can be said that exercise is not only good for females' health, but their sexual health, too," said Herbenick.

More information can be found on Volume 26, Issue 4 of "Sexual and Relationship Therapy," published in 2011, with the title: "Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women."

What About You, Ladies?

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