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Coronavirus Conspiracies

Updated on April 10, 2020



Conspiracy No.1

So, the basic one and the most common reason we heard and read about in the last few months is that the source of the virus is an eaten animal by someone from Wuhan, China.

Where did the virus come from? Mutation. Coronavirus was already known in the early of 2000. For example, in a scientific article "Identification of a new human coronavirus" from 2004, they already discussed the symptoms, reasons and rest of the infection-related subjects.

Same as many other viruses, the coronavirus just mutated and that's why it became so deadly.

In other words, it's just another mutated virus, no one involved, it's all happened naturally.



Conspiracy No.2

The second option for the conspiracy is similar to the first one except the ending - it did not happen naturally and it was not mutated.

Chinese scientists engineered this virus for several unknown purposes such as education, health-related reasons, biological weapon, etc.

Accidently the virus was leaked by someone or one of the laboratory animals simply escaped.



Conspiracy No.3

The third conspiracy is much more interesting and it reminds me of the conspiracies media was spreading after the trade center terror in the United States in 2001.

China is well known with her population, a good ally of Russian and they have economy-related issues with the United States.

The virus was leaked in purpose, let's focus in the next important thoughts:

  1. China knew that the virus mostly will be deadly for a specific range of ages, adult people, let's keep the young population and get rid of the old people so it will still look like an accident.
  2. By the end, they lost people, not many compared to other countries. They established from zero a dedicated hospital where they took care of infected citizens.
  3. They are the first recovering from the virus now while rest of the world is in the middle of this disaster.
  4. The economy is affected all over the world, China slowly is recovering while in parallel United States is far from recovery.

Is it possible we are in a middle of the experiment? Biological war? Who knows.

Nowadays when someone is declaring about facts in media, it doesn't mean it's a true fact.


As I mentioned in the last paragraph - declared facts are not supposed to be the truth.

Remember what happened in Chernobyl, the government was hiding it from the entire world, and no one knew what happened. Of course, the Chernobyl disaster happened many years ago, the media was not so well developed.

I bet that in a few years (or maybe much sooner), we will have a documentary film which will explain the facts. Unless if they will be hidden from the world until someone will decide to talk about it.

If this thing happened naturally, it means that this virus might come back to us with a much deadly version in the next years.

I pray for all the lost people and those who are still fighting.


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