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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Precautions

Updated on March 18, 2020
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Ms. Millar has been an online writer for 13 years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone who can make use of it.

My COVID-19 rendition
My COVID-19 rendition | Source

I Am Not A Doctor

I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to have any expertise in the field, but I am an informed citizen. I have followed the COVID-19 virus, which I will refer to as just the virus here on out, ever since it began to become an issue weeks ago.

Information from trusted news outlets are your only safe avenue for information on the virus. Posts from friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and the like are not the best source of information. There is a lot of false information being passed around on these sites. If you read something that just doesn't sound right your best bet will be to look for backup information on trusted news sites.

Wearing A Mask

"I'll wear a mask when I go into public." That's good to think about doing something to prevent contamination but the masks most people purchase, paper and un-conforming to the face, will not stop the virus. Experts say the only kind of mask that will prevent the virus from infecting a person is a full fledged gas mask.

More Falsehoods and Facts

  1. "When I go into public I just avoid people." Avoiding people is a good start. What about situations like using the restroom for example? Let's imagine you need to use the facilities and head for the nearest restroom. There's nobody around so you're feeling safe. The door opens to the restroom and someone walks out. Phew, you were several yards away when they exited the restroom, you're good to go. What you don't realize is that person just covered a cough with their hand in the restroom. Now, they opened the door, the door handle that you have your hand on to open the door with right now has the virus on it. You touch your face and there it is.
  2. "Hardly anyone is at the store, gas station, market, whatever, so it's safe for me to go there." No. The virus can live on door handles, gas pump handles, railings, etc.
  3. "I'm stuck at home! I can't go anywhere!" This is not true. There are several things you can do! You can go for a walk. It is advised that you walk alone or with someone within your household, but walking is fine. It's good for your mind, body and soul as well! I've pulled out my old Wii games. What fun! And great for exercise!
  4. "I can't get my mail or food for my pets!" Untrue. You can get your mail or food for you and your pets. You can even take care of someone's pets. You just need to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with 99% alcohol or wipes and use them!

Important To Remember

It's important for everyone to remember, we will get through this. A loved one may contract the virus and pass away, but we must carry on for ourselves and those we love and love us. This virus may look like it is breaking down the social structure of our lives but, in a way, it can bring us even closer together as we help each other to avoid contamination. Providing moral support through social media (not passing on false news) is one of the best ways we can help and support each other. Reminding each other to sanitize when we do have to go to a public place. Designating one person to be the go between for mail, food, gas, etc. outings. Making sure that person washes their hands well when they return (wash with soap for at least 20 second).

Most important of all is don't panic. Yes, the toilet paper shelves are cleaned out today. But tomorrow more will be brought in. The trucking industry will not stop moving products needed by the public. Manufacturers will not stop manufacturing. They all have put into place precautions to protect their workers, but the industries that the public relies on heavily will not shut down. Food will not disappear. You may need to come up with new recipes to take advantage of what is on your grocers shelves, but the food is not going to disappear completely.

People that have gone into panic mode have run to the store and cleaned off the shelves. That's fine, more is on its way if not already being delivered.

This could be a blessing in disguise for some people. Bringing people home that are usually out and about all the time with our busy world we've created. Family and home will become an important safe haven again as it once was.

Be safe, use sanitizing products and prayers to you and your family for a safe journey through this virus.


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