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Lemon Master Cleanse Cost

Updated on March 17, 2009

I have been receiving some questions about the cost of the Master Cleanse so I figured I would respond here where everyone can see it. Many are latching onto the Master Cleanse and the advertisements for it as a "diet" or "fad" etc. The reality is that it is none of these. While yes, you will lose weight while you are on it (you are detoxifying your body and removing things that have been caked on your intestines your entire life so you do the math!) this is NOT a solution to lose weight.

What it does is reset your system to get rid of your addictions to the chemicals and junk they put in our foods. Gasp, shock, disbelief I know! Can you believe that the multi million dollar corporations would put things in our food that is addictive and bad for us? Just so they can make some extra money?!?! I know it is hard to believe!

Seriously though, the fad diets and diet programs you see related to the Master Cleanse run literally hundreds of dollars. If you think about that the "Book" cost $10, and the dehydrated mixes run $40-100 for 24 servings, and you need to drink 12 servings a day... yes that would get expensive.

Reality is this though you can do the whole diet on $8 a day. Here is how:

Go to your local grocery and get 6 lemons for each day (I got mine in 5 day increments), and with a little looking I found them for 50 cents each. So we are at $3 per day there.

Call your local grocery stores and find one that sells Grade B Maple Syrup. I say to call because not everyone carries it and it also depends on the store not the chain. I found that Publix was the cheapest here in FL at $4 per bottle. You will use about 3/4 of a bottle a day.

Go to your local health food store and get liquid Cheyenne. This is much better than the gritty kind and it runs about $9.95 so lets round up to $10 for a bottle that will last you at least 10 days. (I liked the Cheyenne so I used a little more.)

So you will use about $4 in grade B maple syrup, $3 in lemons, and $1 in Cheyenne a day. Totaling $8 per day.

The uniodized sea salt for the salt water flush is about $4.45 for a big container and you will use it for years to come on your food, so I don't count this. Sea salt is better for you anyway!

The book you can find online many places here is a link if you want to just click it: Lemon Master Cleanse Link. (This link takes you to all the info you need, no charge at all!) I came off by just making smart choices with no problems personally, but you can follow this if you want as well.

You can not eat ANYTHING while doing the cleanse so take out all your normal food costs. Pretty simple really. Yes you can read any of the links you want and I am sure you can find someone who will charge you an arm and a leg but that is today's world. The people who are highly against this often are the ones that have suffered headaches and such from doing something similar.

The reality is that if you make the choice to do this, you will be detoxing your body. The same as any addict when you detox you go through withdrawals. Those are the headaches, hunger pains, and cravings that you read about. Please read the other links in this thread to read about my experience and keep in mind that I have not edited anything. (Honestly I have not even read them because if I do I will want to edit them and I wanted it to be a true journal of how I felt and how I was doing mentally which cannot be done accurately if I am changing what I wrote!)

If you have any questions please leave them in comments and I will answer as candidly as possible!


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    • profile image

      MarianG 7 years ago

      I did the cleanse for 10 days. It was challenging but surprisingly not as much so as I would have thought! It made me think that food is not as necessary as we tend to believe it to be!

    • profile image

      lemon juice cleanse 8 years ago

      I think this diet is great and really can help you

    • profile image

      lemon juice cleanse 8 years ago

      Great work. This clenase is really good. Thank you