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Craving Salt? Migraines? Your Sodium Balance could be to Blame!

Updated on February 3, 2012
Marlene McPherson profile image

Marlene is a Natural Health Practitioner of 18 years of experience and have helped hundreds of clients to regain their balance in health.

Himalayan Rock Salt
Himalayan Rock Salt

Thanks to global transportation, our modern society has access to everything, including lots of salt. And this is not necessarily a good thing!

Salt used to be precious and scarce, expensive and worth (literally) it’s weight in gold. Life is not possible without salt, but by salt, we mean Sea Salt, with all the minerals and trace elements present in it, not just Sodium Chloride!

Table Salt is a Poison

Our modern diet includes Table Salt, derived from Sea Salt, in vast quantities, and not just added when we cook our food or sprinkled on top afterwards, but hidden and present in just about all processed foods we consume on a daily basis. Our bodies literally cannot handle so much sodium chloride, as we are potassium based - a healthy ratio of potassium to chloride intake is 16:1! Sodium in excess is regarded instead as a cellular poison, and our body wants to eliminate it as quickly as possible in order to protect itself. This places a constant overburden on our organs of excretion.

Table salt contains only two minerals, not all of the natural elements - these are removed as “impurities” - the result of industrial development (!). It also often has toxic additives such as iodine and fluoride, and preservatives like calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate as well as aluminium hydroxide to improve the pouring ability. Aluminium can be deposited in the brain and is known to be one of the causes of Altzheimer's disease!

Ionic or Water Balance is Vitally important

Too much sodium chloride present in our bodies results in the disturbance of our ionic balance. The Kidneys maintain the ionic balance in our bodies and therefore filters out any mineral ions that disturb that balance. If they cannot handle an excess, the build-up of toxins or ion imbalance can be fatal. Dark urine is an indication of too many toxins or too little water intake to maintain adequate filtration. We need at least one to two glasses of pure water daily for our kidneys and gut to filter out toxins, otherwise our ionic balance will be disturbed resulting in a myriad of possible problems, including Headaches, Migraines and Hormone Imbalances. Drinking too much water can, vice versa, also strip out needed ions and disturb your ionic balance. Similarly, sweating out too much of your minerals can also cause an imbalance. You need to not only replace the water you’ve lost, but also the minerals. However, it needs to be in a form that your body can utilize!

Craving salt is one of the indications that you have an ionic imbalance. A salty taste in the mouth, dry eyes, dry skin, calf muscle cramps and migraines are also symptoms of a sodium imbalance.

Liquid Sunlight from the Sea

Our blood is a sole ("sou-lay"), a fluid consisting of water and salt and it also has the same ratio of concentration as the primal sea. This sole flows in blood vessels throughout our organism and regulates and balances the functions of our body.Sole comes from the Latin term sol (the sun), meaning “liquid sunlight”, the liquid materialisation of the sun's energy, liquid light energy, bound into a geometrical structure, capable of creating and sustaining life. This literally explains where life on Earth came from - the sole of the primal oceans. Small wonder then that the sea regenerates and recharges us when we walk next to it or swim in it!

Crystal Rock Salt is layers of sea salt deposits that were compressed millions of years ago into rock layers, so it is the purest, most unpolluted form of salt available today. Its specific particle size is due to the considerable pressure it underwent and it can easily transcend to an ional or colloidal state. This is important because our cells can only absorb what is available organically or ionic-colloidal. Crystal salt contains all of the periodic table's 84 minerals and trace elements that are also found in the human body.

Sole is a saturated solution of Crystal Salt in pure living spring water. In its liquid crystalline form, Sole is highly absorbable by the body. Taken a teaspoon in a glass of spring water every morning, it rebalances the homeostasis of the body as well as the pH, normalizes blood pressure and gets rid of toxic overloads in the cells and tissues, including heavy metals, difficult to break down animal proteins and calcium (which can lead to various forms of rheumatism like arthritis, and kidney and gall bladder stones). It can also lower the craving for addictive desires. It obviously helps with skin diseases because it cleanses from the inside out.

Lying immersed in a bath of warm water with sea salt or rock salt dissolved in it for about 20 minutes, will also allow the body to absorb the minerals it needs. You might need to do this 2 – 3 times a week until the body is back in balance. The warm water also relaxes the muscles!

Sole supplies the body with the natural vibrational energy of its crystal structure which lasts for over 24 hours. Taken regularly, it improves digestion and metabolism by stimulating the whole stomach and intestines at the biochemical level. The overall availability of electrolytes is built up and the conductivity of the body is increased, which in turn stimulates the circulation and nervous systems.

Mineral Salt Supplements

Another way of naturally returning your body’s ionic balance, is to take the Mineral Biochemic Tissue Salt No. 9 - NatMur (Natrum Muraticum) formulated by Dr. Scheussler. It is usually available in tablet form, as a homeopathic D6 preparation, and is taken under the tongue where it is absorbed immediately into the body and rectifies the imbalance. If your body is holding a lot of water in its tissues, the Tissue Salt No. 11 - NatSulph will help to eliminate it.

Look at the bigger picture

You have to keep in mind that, as with everything else, nothing exists in isolation, so there is never just one cause for something. Our systems and nature as a whole is a very complex, integrated unit and usually there are lots of other factors to consider too when looking at solving problems.

Take Migraines, for instance. If you have tight neck muscles, this will impair blood and nerve flow to your head, and this combined with an ionic imbalance are the main causes for most migraines.

The muscles in the neck usually become tense from stress, too much focus on mental work, and wrong posture, as well as the body trying to protect nerves coming out between misaligned vertebrae of the neck that are being pinched. Due to the tension in the neck and the pressure on the nerves running down the arms, the body tries to protect these nerves too by the muscles in the shoulders and upper arms tightening around the nerve, blocking the flow even more, like a dam wall, especially over a period of time. This results in more pressure building up in the neck area as the channels of release are no longer active down the arms, resulting in a major build-up in the head, causing migraine.

Another possible cause for migraines is the overload of toxins in the body because of the liver, kidneys and digestive system being overburdened or not functioning properly. Detox Baths and herbal supplements to detoxify the liver will alleviate the causes in this instance. More here.

One of the other causes of migraines, especially in women, is hormonal imbalances, caused by the dysfunction of the female hormonal system due to its feeding nerves being pinched in the lower back over a long period of time, mostly due to skew hips.

Solutions to Eliminate the Causes of Migraines

Pressure point release in the shoulders of the flow down the arms is vital, combined with a deep massage of the muscles of the neck, shoulders and arms. Deep breathing from the core (stomach) helps to release the build-up of mental energy in the head and allows the muscles to stay relaxed. Addressing the chemical imbalance of sodium (as discussed above) to bring the body back to homeostasis ensures the elimination of this type of migraine.

A relaxing Epsom Salts or Mustard Bath after a massage will allow the muscles to relax even further and loosened toxins will be eliminated through the pores of the skin by sweating.

Female Hormonal type migraines need to be addressed by looking at rectifying the alignment of the pelvic bones. Massaging the muscles of the lower back, buttocks and upper legs will release the pressure on the nerves originating in the spine and flowing down into the hips and down the legs. The digestive system‘s nerves also come out of the same area, and therefore its balance will also need to be addressed, as it certainly would have been under pressure too. The absorption and availability of nutrients influences the balance of all the various systems in the body, including the hormonal system.

Healthy Food

Of course, if your intake of the right nutrients are in question, this also needs to be addressed by looking at your diet and eliminating all the foods that will lead to placing the body under pressure. This includes processed and refined foods, additives, colorants, MSG and other flavorants.

Eliminate table salt from your diet and replace it with sea salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, celery salt or vegetable salt. Read labels to eliminate hidden sources of salt and rather eat unrefined and non-processed raw, organic and free range foods. Use herbs and spices to naturally add flavour to food.

In Summary

So, if you’re craving salt, it’s a signal from your body that there is an imbalance.

Understanding what the imbalance is enables you to rectify it in the proper way that will assist your body to rebalance properly without causing it even more discomfort.


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    • Arachnea profile image

      Tanya Jones 

      7 years ago from Texas USA

      Very interesting hub. The discussion of sole is most educational for me as I'd never heard of it before. Great hub.

    • Marlene McPherson profile imageAUTHOR

      Marlene McPherson 

      9 years ago from Worcester, Western Cape

      OOO,mountain top, sugar snap peas, that sounds FANTASTIC!!!

      Thanks Sally!

      I'm loving it here and hope to write lots still!

    • Sally's Trove profile image


      9 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      What an informative article. Just recently, we replaced Morton's table salt with Himalayan salt. In a way, that's not a big thing, because we are not added salt eaters in any way. However, on the rare occasions that we might like some salt (like sprinkled over a serving of sugar snap peas), the taste is amazing! It's like being on a mountain top and sucking air up through the mouth. I think you know what I mean.

      Super hub, and I hope you continue to write here. You have so much to offer.

    • Marlene McPherson profile imageAUTHOR

      Marlene McPherson 

      9 years ago from Worcester, Western Cape

      Great! Perfect! Glad to be of Help!

    • jresch21 profile image


      9 years ago from New York

      I was just hopping hub pages and came across yours. It really piqued my interest. I crave and consume salt often and never drink enough water. I'm also getting bad headaches/migraines and really dry itchy skin lately.

      I know that salt isn't good for you but never thought it could do this much damage.

      Now I think I found what my problem was and can fix it. Thank you for posting this page. Very helpful!!


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